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The Chosen

It's okay to take liberties but be careful
The show is definitely not a literal interpretation of the four Gospels. It takes quite a number of liberties which is okay EXCEPT when it doesn't reflect true Judaism and culture. Women are often seen with their hair showing which was forbidden in that time period unless you were showing your hair to your husband in private. Jewish women did not wear earrings. The only women who wore earrings were either prostitutes or pagans. The show reflects that women were a part of the synagogue but that's not historically accurate either. Women were commonly just outside of the synagogue during service. And probably the biggest issue I have with the show is that they are making it seem common that Mary Magdalene was one of the 12 disciples when that wasn't true either. All 12 disciples were men. That's not to say Jesus did not have women who followed his ministry. But they certainly wouldn't have been camping with the men as the show portrays as that was not culturally appropriate. And Mary certainly wouldn't have been with them 24/7 as the show portrays as well. We see two women as now part of the disciples in season 2 but where is Judas?

It's hard for me to focus on the positives of the show when the producers can't even accurately portray the culture of the time period.


What turned into a great season was quickly lost by the second
I don't watch many comedies because most of them are just stupid. I happened to run across this one and from the first episode thought it was hilarious! Especially the characters of the aunt, grandfather and the youngest child. As someone who was in school in the 80s, I never thought about what life could be like for somebody of a mixed race. Love how they developed Rainbow's character and focused on her finding her identity as both a black and a white person.

But then suddenly all of the things that made season one great were ruined with season 2's focus on racism. Now the show is all about being black and suddenly being partially white no longer matters. Themes are more focused on the parents and less on the children which also ruined what made the first season so great. Really disappointed with the direction the producers took this show. This is why I can only give it a five-star rating instead of 10.

Mixed-ish: Brand New Funk
Episode 2, Season 2

What happened to the Innocence of season 1?
Once again this episode is all about being black. Season 2 is quickly going down the tubes and lost the Innocence that was there in season 1 which concentrated on the family's readjustment to society and the teenage daughter trying to find her identity.

Mixed-ish: Sweet Child O' Mine
Episode 1, Season 2

Let the racism begin
This episode reflects many in the second season that are based on racism. I mean the son is taught to embrace the blackness in him but totally ignores the fact that he's half white. Guess that doesn't matter when you have an agenda to push.

Home Fires

It was great until episode 4
Why does every good show get ruined because producers feel the need to push the LGBTQ agenda? Especially in a time period where such relationships we're not prevalent. Disappointed. if this continues I will stop watching the show.

The Crown: Fairytale
Episode 3, Season 4

So far I've been very disappointed with the season. All the attention is on Diana and Margaret Thatcher and the shows are dragging out for too much with tedious boring scenes. Was there seriously nothing going on with England at this time period besides the royal wedding? I find it hard to believe. what happened to all the history from the first three seasons which made this show so great?

Logan's Run

A Sci-fi Classic
I remember seeing this movie as a child. Freaked me out! I couldn't imagine a time where you were chosen to die at a certain age and then be killed by floating in the air and being blown up. I saw it again recently and it still is the classic it's always been. However now as an adult I can definitely see some flukes the movie had including the main couple walking through an ice corridor and soaking wet clothes and take them off to put on furs yet they run around in bare feet in snow. And a gecko crawling up her thigh in Washington DC? Not believable. Other than that still a great movie.

12 Rounds 3: Lockdown

Unbelievable just like wrestling
Too many unbelievable things in this movie. The main character gets shot at continuously through the front of his car windshield and escapes like he barely got hurt. The bad guys throw a smoke bomb and eventually take off their masks and breathe the toxic air like it's nothing. This movie is as fake as wrestling is.

Stargate SG-1: Past and Present
Episode 11, Season 3

This episode makes no sense
They make a cure for the amnesia the people are suffering but yet Kera gets sent back and she has no memory and she's going to just accept that when everybody else on the planet gets theirs back? Not believable. Also what is up with her wearing that fake wig?

From the Heart

Poor portrayal of real Amish life
The writers of this movie have obviously never lived near or know any Amish from the terrible way they were portrayed in the movie. First off, the main character knew the conservative way Amish women dress, esp. when they are around Amish men yet choose to wear a sleeveless dress to the reading of her father's will? When trying to fit in by putting on an Amish dress, the character also should have known that she would have needed to pull back her bangs and tuck/clip them under her bonnet and didn't bother. An Amish woman knows that no one sees her hair unless it is her husband. The community was portrayed as being conservative yet the main character's sister wore a short sleeve dress? That's not realistic. Amish women wear long sleeve dresses at all times and possible 3/4" if it's a more modern community. But never short sleeve.

Let's talk about the main male character now... married Amish men let their beards grow yet his was short? That's not realistic either. And at the end of the movie, he is shown without a hat and has a modern hairstyle? Again, not realistic. Amish men have their hair cut with bangs in a straight, bowl style cut.

Amish use oil lamps for lighting but not once do you see the Bed and Breakfast have any of those. Only candles. Hello Hallmark? This is a movie about Amish life, not life in the 16th century!

The movie wasn't even realistic. It's very hard to believe the Amish sister would have encouraged her sister to go back to living in the modern world instead of rejoining the church. Esp. since they now had a good relationship and knowing if they left he would be shunned permanently. It was hard to believe the main character would ask/expect him to leave the Amish community to marry her knowing he would be shunned and could never return to visit any family or friends. Meaning if she ever came back to visit her sister in private, he would never be allowed to join her. And we are to believe that love would truly be enough for him to waltz right into the modern world and accept it for both his daughter and himself? Doubtful.

A better and more realistic ending would have been for her to come back and rejoin the church. She already admitted in the movie that she saw the world through travel and experience and still felt empty. It didn't take much for her to be comfortable in that lifestyle again. Then she would have community and he would have not been shunned. She could also have a closer relationship with her sister which she was wanting anyway.

Then Came You

Movie trailer better than the actual movie
Saw the movie trailer and thought it looked really good and funny but it was.. well.. okay. Dragged a bit at times. Also, did Kathy Lee Gifford's values change? I thought she was a Christian but she wrote the screenplay for this movie which contained sexual jokes, drinking including drunkeness, premarital sex and profanity of which Gifford used the f word among other profanities. Could have been a good wholesome movie but she decided to trash it. Really disappointing.

Mercy Street: The Haversack
Episode 2, Season 1

Was looking forward to the show as it seemed to have some good aspects to it. But then it was entirely ruined in episode 2 when an unmarried couple were shown in bed together which doesn't fit the time period nor wasn't realistic because they were having sex in a house full of people and sick soldiers. Then a rape scene is implied. No longer interested in watching the show.

Victoria: The Luxury of Conscience
Episode 8, Season 2

After seeing episode after episode of the Duchess of Buccleuch criticizing everything from other cultures to African children we are suddenly to believe that she was so accepting of homosexuality? Unbelievable. Homosexuality at that time was illegal. Another good TV show ruined by pushing the gay agenda in a historically inaccurate way.

Scorpion: A Lie in the Sand
Episode 22, Season 4

Worst season finale ever
My husband and I really enjoyed watching all four seasons of the show even though it could be downright unbelievable at times. What was really unbelievable is how crappy the last episode was which was supposed to be the season finale and ended up being the last episode of the show since it wasn't renewed.

The writers could have had Gabe marry his girlfriend. And Sylvester and Florence could have ended up together finally. In fact they could have done a whole intense episode around those two so Florence could finally see how much Sylvester liked her. And why did it take Toby and Happy this long to figure out they could adopt? I thought they were geniuses? The worst part of this episode is Page's pettiness. Yeah she sure loves him no matter what. Obviously not. The whole team has stuck by Walter when he has done the dumbest things but now they suddenly walk out? And they go and create another team? Why wasn't Page just as mad at the rest of the team for keeping Walter's secret? This episode was just unbelievable and totally ruined what could have been a beautiful ending for the show.

Defending Jacob

Good show until the last episode
It moved at a slow pace but kept my interest. Then I felt like binge watching. Loved Chris Evans. Found it interesting that he helped produce the show. However I was very disappointed with the last episode and it left me hanging.

Rambo: Last Blood

Too much gory violence and unbelievable content
I'm all for a good adventure movie and enjoyed the first Rambo movie made. However, this movie goes way off and has little to do with the main character's actual experience in Vietnam. The only interest Stallone had was his excitement that it actually got a Rated R rating. I think he cared about little else as was obvious by the very gory violence at the end of the movie. And he would have most likely had to have found an illegal way to get into Mexico with a knife and gun as it's doubtful U.S. or Mexican border patrol would not have looked for this in his vehicle and then arrested him. Same with the Mexican sex trafficking gang who came to the U.S. to hunt him down with all kinds of various weapons. Just not believable. Also find it hard to believe that after the numerous bombs he set off on his farm property that a neighbor wouldn't have called the police. The ending was also unbelievable. Here he was shot and thus injured yet he has the strength to get on a horse and ride off into the sunset. Give me a break.

Scorpion: Extinction
Episode 1, Season 4

This show keeps getting dumber
Well I guess it was only a matter of time until they featured an episode allowing Katharine McPhee to show off her singing talents. Unfortunately it doesn't fit with this show and this episode proves it by characters breaking out in song not just once but twice. Even though I know there are some very farfetched things in this show, I have enjoyed the first couple of seasons but now the show is just getting stupid.

Blue Bloods: The Real Deal
Episode 1, Season 10

Disappointed in all the profanity
They have increased the profanity so far this season. Why do the need to sink that? I mean such profanity that IMDb won't even let me publish it in my review.

Seven Seconds

Very slow and dark. Police detectives didn't seem realistic and we're constantly using the f word and acting in an unprofessional manner. Couldn't watch more than a couple of episodes.

The Musketeers

One of our favorite shows ever
This show is definitely a favorite of both my husband and myself. So much so that we are watching the entire series for the second time. Lots of action, romance, plots, etc. Ryan Gage is by far the best actor we've ever seen play King Louis. It's amazing that the writers came up with 3 seasons of script for this show considering most replicas are in movie form. Probably the oddest thing though is this is set in France yet all the actors are British and speak English.

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