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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

What s disappointment
I loved Dr. Strange, and I loved the character Mordo. When I heard this movie was being made, I just assumed it would be with Mordo as the villain (assumed due to the post-credit Dr. Strange scene). Much to my disappointment this movie was a rehash of Wanda Vision with the introduction of a teenage girl supe being primed for a Disney+ series, and whoever Charlize Theron will become in future movies. So literally it was about nothing.

Spider-Man: No Way Home

Just don't like Holland as Spiderman
I guess I should preface this review by saying I just don't like Tom Holland as Spiderman and in general I'm disappointed with these new silly Marvel movies. It was nice to see the actors playing villains reprise their roles, especially William DeFoe. It was also nice to see my favorite Spiderman, Andrew Garfield. But, as a movie and a story, I didn't care for it.

The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey

Samuel L out did himself in this wonderful drama, its an award winning performance and an award winning screenplay. His performance and his co-stars were the highlight of this moving story of a man trying to remember the important things in his past. All of the characters were well fleshed out, especially Robyn. Though I wish the ending had been different, I enjoyed that the movie talked about the inability of Black people to leave a legacy and wealth to our families and our community.


Most boring supers ever
I can understand Marvel wanting to expand its universe; all you have to do is look at the dollars to understand it. But, the thing about superheroes, they have to be super beyond their powers. I didn't know anything about these characters and frankly after watching this movie I don't want to know anymore. I thought Justice league and Batman versus Superman were bad. But nothing has been as boring as this movie. It's cheesy and preachy with no interesting characters except Sprite and the Deviant. I think they may need to stop cause superhero overload can cause bad movie making decisions.

The Matrix Resurrections

A wasted attempt at what could have been great
After Reloaded, which was okay, and Revolutions which was awful, I hesitated to believe that Resurrections could bring the Matrix back to the level of the first film. I was right to be hesitant, because this was really, really bad. I feel sorry for Carrie Ann Moss and Keanu Reeves because I know they loved these characters and to have them placed in this terrible story was criminal. Just so you know I kind of liked the idea of a Trinity/Neo love story told against a resurgent Matrix. The characterization of the Analyst and Jada Pinkett's reappearance were some of the high points. The new city and some of the other ideas concerning humans and machines were on point. But the low points were really low. The silly Agent Smith and the other barely fleshed out, unintentionally unnecessary side characters really got on my nerves. Unfortunately, these side characters include the new Morpheus. Where was Fishburne when they needed him.

Also, I agree with playing homage to something great but there was far too much repetition which means there was a serious lack of new writing ideas. It's really a shame because this could have been a great, kickass, love story instead of the slow, cheesy thing I watched.

Red Notice

Really wanted to like this but just not good
I really wanted to like this movie since I love Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot, but the script, dialog and acting was dumb. Also I really just don't like anything Ryan Reynolds is in. This movie dragged on all around the world with one dumb situation after another, by the end I didn't care. I hear they already want to make a second one. Maybe it will be better.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Just okay
I guess it's good to have an Asian superhero. This movie follows the Marvel formula to infinity. Reluctant hero, comic relief (two of them), messed up family, hidden ancient city, monsters trying to end the world, fight scenes that last too long, etc, etc, etc. What I really liked was seeing Juan.

Dune: Part One

Disjointed attempt to make a great book
I was extremely excited when I heard this movie was being remade. Though I enjoyed the 80's version I thought with todays' movie magic it could be improved. But after seeing the trailers I had my doubts, which were well founded. I was glad I hadn't paid money to see this and waited for it to come to HBOmax. What Peter Jackson got right with the LOTR movie adaptations this movie gets all wrong. The movie is disjointed and confusing. The only reason I understood was because I read the books. I had to keep explaining the way things should have gone to my husband who was bored halfway through. To make a movie like this you have to be faithful and really understand the important things about the story, the 80's version at least understood that. I will probably do the same thing with part 2 wait till its on a streaming service. Too bad, really sad about this one.


Jennifer is great but its really not a story
I was reluctant to watch Respect after the reviews, but I have to watch for Jennifer Hudson. She does a fabulous job of inhabiting Aretha, but the script lacks a cohesive story. Coodles to Forest Whitaker and Wayons for their performances and I wish Audra McDonald could have placed a bigger role (beautiful voice). I feel back to Jennifer Hudson, hopefully in the future she'll use her star-power to demand a better script.


Just okay
Interesting take on the Cinderella story. Modern songs were fun but I kinda missed the original ones. Cast was good but the star just didn't have enough voice for Cinderella.

The Underground Railroad

Could have been really imaginative
I had been meaning to start this series as soon as I heard about it on Amazon. It was billed as a reimagination of the underground railroad with a real train. Well there is a train but real imagination is interrupted constantly by terrible, unnecessary, repetitive reality that we know. That reality undoes all of the imaginative elements of the story. Too much time is spent on stereotypical characters (the overseer, the slave master, the slave hunter) when what we are really interested in is the story of Black people, where they would go on their journey and how they might see their world change or not change. That story come in bits and pieces and is jerky and sometimes difficult to follow. I did finish the first season, now that they have gotten rid (I hope they got rid of) an annoying character, they can concentrate on an imaginative Black story if they have another season.

Batman: The Long Halloween, Part Two

I really was pumped after Part One of Batman the Long Halloween. The story was interesting, the animation stellar and the cast especially Jensen Ackles as Batman was great. But sadly the second part is not as good. Part II is disjointed, with some really poor use of Ackles as Batman. He has almost no dialog, leaving us just a drawn, lifeless character. The other characters, evolve, Dent, Gordon, Carmine, even Catwoman but not Bruce Wayne or Batman. It's ashame. I really wanted this to be iconic. I will have to read the original comic and see where they missed the mark.

Summer of Soul (...Or, When the Revolution Could Not Be Televised)

This film is a must see. It brought back so many memories for has a black person who grew up with these artist. Another important film that highlights how much things haven changed for us.

Batman: The Long Halloween, Part One

Now this is Batman
Now this is the Batman I've been waiting for, take some notes DC live action films. Though it's a little shy on dialog the animation is great and the characters very fleshed out. I agree with the casts when they said "Jensen Ackles was born to play Batman." Too bad it came too late for all the terrible movies. He has the Kevin Conroy voice and that's the Batman I know and love. The rest of the voiced cast is great as well. I'm not sure exactly where the story is going but I'm along for the ride. I wish Jensen could be Batman for a JLA movie, that would be great.

Sweet Tooth

Boy is this kid annoying
Sweet Tooth is just another overly narrated show about an apocalyptical world. Some of the characters are interesting and I understand the premise. The problem is the adults are more interesting than most of the child characters. The Big Man especially has an interesting story and the doctor. I have a problem with Gus/Sweet Tooth. The way he was raised you'd think he would have come out smarter, like Wendy; but instead they made him naïve and annoying. I also don't really like Bear though she has an interesting backstory. I will probably keep on watching to see what happens to Wendy, Big Man, the Doctor and his wife, but not for Gus.

In the Heights

Just okay
Watched this with my daughter and frankly I didn't think it was going to be so hot just from the previews. The casts did their jobs, Good singers and dancers. But the story and the music was not that engaging. I understand trying to bring this vibrant Latino community to life just didn't come off very well.

To the issue of colorism, I think it was overblown, I saw a lot of darker skinned characters, but yes the main characters were mostly light. That's a minor issue, the major one was lack of good music and story.

Shadow and Bone

Watched this to see if it would be my new favorite fantasy; not so much. The premise is interesting but the shifting from one character story to another was jarring and difficult to follow. It seemed rushed trying to get through a whole story in one season. The other problem was very troubling. It is always an issue when the villains are so much more interesting than the heroes.

Coming 2 America

a missed opportunity
I watched this movie anticipating it to be just okay and it was, but it missed it's opportunity to be more than good. Her is the Eddie Murphy, the King, with lovely, capable daughters and he goes out to find his son by an American woman to take the throne. Also, why does his son have to take it, well because the king's father (nice to see James Earl Jones again) doesn't think he can handle it. Now in comes the villain, Wesley Snipes, in the stereotypical African General bad guy role. The story lacked imagination because they were too busy revisiting all of the comedic tropes they could find. Too bad.

Warrior Nun

started interesting, turned out to be stupid
This series was suggested to me because of some other things I'd watched on Netflix. It was interesting in the beginning. Not so much for the main character Eva but for the Nuns (warrior and orphanage characters) themselves. I would have appreciated knowing more of their backstories. Eva's backstory just wasn't interesting and she was annoying as a character. Well I watched till the end of the season which turned out to be kind of silly and somewhat predictable.

Fast Color

A little better than average
I've had this on my watchlist for a while the synopsis was interesting. Too bad the writers didn't do a better job. This show would have been better as a one season Netflix series like Raising Deon than a movie. There was not enough information given about the characters and the history to sustain a movie. Too bad.


Nice take on a historical piece, Shondaliscious
For the most part I enjoyed this little romp into history with its unusual take on the drama of the time. I liked the mix of characters and casting choices. Some of the characters were great, some were not. I like the fact that women again proved much smarter than men. Some of it dragged and there was way too much sex (unnecessary sex). If you let go of some of the boring parts and some ridiculous characters, its good for a girlfriend binge.

Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey

I applaud the effort but could have been better
I applaud the effort to bring a Black cast together for a non-traditional Christmas musical story, but it the story really could have been much better. The musical numbers really didn't connect that well with the story they were trying to tell. All of the performing singers were good but it was just disjointed.

The Christmas Chronicles: Part Two

Better than the first one
The second installment of the Christmas Chronicles was slightly better than the first. Really did like the story much better and Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn acting together was worth it.


This is an interesting, different take on the Santa Claus story. Really think the animation was great and it was a good story.


Really awful
I wish I could have given it a zero. This was really awful and it a shame that Disney didn't do better by this wonderful story. They should've just stuck to the original Disney animated storyline instead of adding the other female character. The dialog was also really bad. Really missed opportunity.

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