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How to Train Your Dragon

Amazing On All Fronts
I have seen most of the Pixar/CGI-style family movies that have been considered "very good" by popular opinion and I must say that "How to Train You Dragon" may very well be one of the best.

Whether you are male or female, young or old, I believe that this picture will appeal to you. The action is very solid throughout the movie. The outline of the film is described early on and everything flows at a wonderful pace through the duration of the film.

The plot is also one of the best things about this movie. I really like the idea of a nobody telling all of the big shots that they "have it all wrong". Hiccup's character progression is done superbly throughout the story. He changes immensely, but it all makes a lot of sense.

This movie does not lack action in it's conclusion either. The final battle against the massive queen is reminiscent to a final battle in a video game. She is so big and powerful that she seems unstoppable.

If you are privileged enough to see this in 3D, you will be treated to some great 3D action. I've seen four or five movies in 3D now, including Avatar, and without doubt, this takes advantage of the new 3D technology over anything else that I have seen.

This movie has heart, compassion, intelligence, action, humor, and a terrific plot. One of the best animated family movies I've seen in quite some time.

The Yes Men

Expectations Come Up Very Short
When I initially heard about this documentary, I thought that it would be, first and foremost, really funny. However, I felt that almost all of the humor in this movie falls as flat as their body suit prank did.

If I was a member of this Yes Men group, one of the first goals would be to make an impact. With the pranks that were carried out, an impact was hardly made. Rather, the audiences were kind of lost with what the Yes Men were trying to convey. Were they joking around or kind of serious? Is their speech engaging at all or is it just a bore? Did their messages even make sense at all?

I thought their first farce with the body suit was really bad and lost on everyone who viewed it. The second go with the recycled burgers was much better, but once the question and answer session began the Yes Men seemed very lost. I would think they could have thought on their feet a bit better than that. The final prank was alright again, but it seemed that with the spotlight that they were given, they really could have accomplished more.

As for the documentary itself, I did not think it was put together very well. There was nothing creative about it. There was nothing added to this by it being a documentary rather than an hour long television show spotlighting what the group actually did.

After I finished watching this and began reflecting upon what I just saw, I was really left wondering how much this group was really able to accomplish. It feels to me that the people who put this documentary together really tried to make it seem that the Yes Men made more of an impact than they really did.

I definitely agree with what the Yes Men set out to accomplish, but I'm not sure if their story really deserved to be made into a feature length documentary.

Alice in Wonderland

Way Better Than I Was Expecting
Going into this movie, I was really not expecting to like it much, as it had been getting pretty poor reviews. Upon seeing it, I found myself to really enjoy it. I don't really understand why this movie had been receiving such mediocre to poor reviews.

Actually, I take that last statement back. I actually DO know why it has been getting rather poor reviews. The reason is because people who grew up knowing the original Alice in Wonderland story were disappointed that this movie was not the same exact rehashing of that classic tale. I do not understand why many people are unsatisfied with an alternative look at an old story. Why would anyone want to see the same movie over, and over again anyways?

The characters in this movie were really well done. I was not expecting to care much for Depp's Mad Hatter going into the film, but I found myself really liking what he did with the character. I also think that Carter did a nice job with all of the obnoxious yelling, a very important characteristic for the Red Queen to posses.

With all of the unique characters (many of which seem to lack common sense), I was a bit worried that the plot would not be there. However I found myself pleasantly surprised that it was a lot better than I thought it would be. The story had a kind of a "Chronicles of Narnia" feel to it. All characters were gearing up for a big battle at the end of Alice's journey.

Needless to say, the look of the film was incredible. There was really almost too much to take in with just one viewing. Even little things, like when I noticed the birds holding up the chandelier in the Red Queen's quarters, really added to the movie.

With unique characters, amazing visuals, and a solid plot, I thought that this movie is a great one to watch.

The Man with the Golden Gun

Too Wacky. Should Have Been A Bit More Serious.
I have never really been one who likes Bond films. I have only seen a few of them and I should say that this one is probably one of my least favorites.

I'm going to start with the worst. The silliness of this movie sticks out like a sore thumb. I would have rated this movie a whole point higher, then I saw the chase scene that looked exactly like something straight out of "The Duke's of Hazard", complete with an outrageous car jump with a sound wacky effect. That was really bad.

I also feel like this movie tried to fit way too much into it. You have a funhouse, a car chase, a casino, a boxing match, a bayou boat chase, a karate sparing event, and a private island all serving as locations throughout this movie. That is way too many. Had they just stuck with some of those and improved the action that occurred in them, I think it would have made for a more successful plot.

For the positives, I did really like the villain in this movie. An assassin who uses a golden gun is a very good Bond enemy. Christopher Lee does a good job with that character. The rest of the characters in this movie, from Nick Nack, to Goodnight, to Bond himself, all work well.

With all the different locations, you would really not think this movie would be boring, but it did indeed bore me at times. The plot is a big problem throughout the film. Someone who really likes the Bond genre would probably like this movie more than I did. If I was to make a suggestion I would advise someone to seek out a better 007 film. I'm sure they would not have to look very long to find one.

The Maltese Falcon

This Is The Stuff That Great Movies Are Made Of.
Being born in 1983, "The Maltese Falcon" proves to be a tricky movie to review. Obviously the movie is great, but I find it tough to review because is was so monumental at the time (and still to this day) and changed how many movies are made. Since I was not around in 1941, I could not experience the grandeur of "The Maltese Falcon" when it initially hit the scene.

Beyond the cultural impact of this movie, I like it because there is a very interesting plot surrounding a very mysterious object. I continually give these types of mystery-thrillers positive reviews and this movie may very well be one of the best.

The ending of this movie really makes you look back at everything that transpired and really makes you think of the movie as a whole in a very different light. On the surface it is just about some greedy people trying to obtain something very valuable. If we look deeper, it shows human ambition and the chasing of a dream.

Beyond the wonderful story that this movie tells, "The Maltese Falcon" hits a home run with the acting, characters, set, and lighting.

"The Maltese Falcon" is definitely a must see.

The Ghost Writer

Many Questions Throughout. Some Come Off In A Good Way, Others Are Not As Successful.
It felt as though "The Ghost Writer" had all the components of a really good movie, but when it concluded I felt as though it missed the mark by just a little bit.

Throughout this movie, the audience is left in the dark about almost everything. What is really going on with Lang? What are the motives of his wife and her party? Who is chasing the ghost writer? What was the prior ghost on the verge of discovering? These are just a couple of questions you'll find yourself asking. Once the movie concluded I still was wondering a bit about what was exactly fact and why things transpired the way that they did. I think I have it all straight now (I will not divulge any answers here), but it is definitely a bit confusing.

I liked Ewan's character throughout the film. He was clever and played his part well. I only just realized that we never found out his name throughout the entire movie. That's a pretty cool metaphor for a ghost writer.

This came out only one week after "Shutter Island" and it is definitely an inferior mystery- thriller. "The Ghost Writer" is good, but "Shutter Island" will show how this genre of film should really be done.

The Informant!

Great Character And An Interesting Story
I have been reading a number of reviews and I'm really surprised at how many people think that this movie was boring.

I thought that this movie took a subject that could have been quite dull and made a very enjoyable film out of it. I was interested to see what was going to happen to Mark at the conclusion of the action. He kept digging himself deeper and deeper in his mess, I was really curious to see where it would all lead and what the outcome would be.

Not only did the line of events keep me engrossed but there were a lot of laughs throughout the film. Mark Whitacre proved to be quite an interesting character. He was dimwitted as well as clever all at the same time. That's a tough character trait to pull off. He also delivered many classic, hilarious lines throughout the coarse of the movie.

I have always been a fan of Matt Damon, but this may have been his best role to date. Even when he portrayed Whitacre as an older man, I thought Damon really captured the character.

I thought this was a really good film and one that really steps outside the box.

Shutter Island

If You Like A Good Mystery, You'll Like This
Just when it seems like Hollywood is out of good, original movie plots, a film such as "Shutter Island" comes out and proves me wrong. I know that it was a book originally, but they did a wonderful job adapting it to fit the big screen.

This is a movie that I really enjoyed. The majority of the film plays as a mystery where the audience, as well as the main character, is trying to figure out what is really going on on Shutter Island.

I was glued to the screen throughout the movie. There was a lot of mystery, but there was a lot of intensity and anticipation as well. At first glance, I thought that I had this movie figured out, but later found out that I was wrong.

The look of the film was really cool too. The dark, frightening structure that was Block C overlooking everything from high on the bluff was nicely done. We knew that the action would eventually lead us there and it served for a good looming destination. A lot of times when a movie is set in dark weather, such as a hurricane, I find it a bit obtrusive to see exactly what is going on with the action. This was not the case here. The weather added to the plot of the movie and was not distracting at all.

The acting and characters were all very good as well. The lead psychologists all add to the mystery of the island and you never know the true motives of anyone.

This is an awesome mystery movie and anyone who likes a movie in that form will really like this one.

American Movie

Hilarious Documentary With Excellent Characters
One look at this movie and there is no way that you would believe that it is a documentary. The stars of this film are not just people in a documentary, but they are characters. After a few minutes of watching this, I had to double check that it was indeed a documentary and not a mockumentary.

If there is a real-life incarnation of Jay and Silent Bob, it is Mark and Mike. The duo works great together and really compliment each other quite nicely. The cast of characters feel like they are straight out of a film such as "Napoleon Dynamite". Uncle Bill is another character who really adds to the movie every time he is on screen.

The goals and dreams of Mark, that drive the plot of the documentary, seem destined to fail. Mark has hopes of directing and producing a film. Without the necessary resources to achieve a feature length one, he settles on one that is to be approximately a half-hour in length.

Mark does not seem like the most intelligent individual who has ever aspired to make a film. He drinks many beers throughout the film and does not seem as though he's got anywhere near the necessary resources to make a movie, which is a difficult task even for someone with an abundant amount of resources and intelligence.

Mark, Mike, Uncle Bill, and the rest of the characters all add a vast amount of humor throughout the run of the movie. My favorite line is when Mark was talking about "sucking down Schnapps and calling Morocco at 2:00 am". I can relate. The scene of Uncle Bill attempting to deliver his line is a home run as well.

Uncle Bill's monologue at the end of the film is a nice touch. It had meaning, Bill was trying to say something, but at the same time he is thoroughly confused. However, it came off as a good, meaningful rant of an old, dying man.

This movie has a lot of laughs and some great characters. It is a very successful documentary.

The Wolfman

Predictable, Lousy Story With 2001-Looking Special Effects
When I went to go see "The Wolfman" I had pretty low expectations. This movie was sure not to surpass them.

In fact, one high expectation that I had for this movie was towards the special effects. I was not expecting much in the way of story, but I was certain that the effects would be quite good. The first thing that stuck out like a sore thumb was the bear at the gypsy commune. It looked really bad. It felt as though they were using techniques from a decade ago. Beyond the terrible looking bear, I thought the deer looked very bad and the werewolves did not look as good as they should have.

I feel as though it is pretty tricky to make a movie about a werewolf. There is only so much you can do with a character that is only a monster one night a month. I believe that it is possible to make a successful wolfman movie, but the creators of this production did not think out the box enough. Instead, they went for a standard issue script that had little imagination throughout. Everything seemed to follow a formula and was very, very predictable.

The dialogue throughout the first half of the movie did not mean anything for me. It felt more like space filler before they really took off with the action. The characters were mindlessly talking about curses and fate and God forsaking people, but none of it really felt like anything was actually being said. Bad, bad writing.

The cast were all A listers, but all performances seemed uninspired. I felt like I have seen Anthony Hopkins in this very same role before.

After walking out of the theater I really felt that I just wasted almost two hours.

The Incredible Hulk

Awesome Superhero Film. Wipes Out All Bad Memories Of 2003's "Hulk"
For everything that was wrong with 2003's "Hulk", 2008's "The Incredible Hulk" does right.

It's kind of too bad that this movie came out right after the blockbuster "Iron Man" because it kind of became a bit overlooked. I did like "Iron Man" just a tad more than this, but only by a small amount. This was every bit as much an awesome superhero movie that "Iron Man" was.

Most people are somewhat familiar with Hulk, so they did not start this story with the birth of the Hulk character. Instead they could really start the story off quickly. I think that was a good idea. We saw that in "Hulk" and it was not necessary to show it again.

I thought Edward Norton played a great Bruce Banner. Liv Tyler also played a very good Betty Ross.

Unlike the 2003 Hulk, this one really looked much, much better. Not only did his look improve, but his actions had more power than the 2003 version. The Hulk character is a tough one to make a story around since his power only works when he is angry, so I was impressed that this story really made sense and was very good.

The Abomination character was also done very well. To me, it might take a certain kind of enemy for the Hulk character to have and they nailed it with him.

The final scene of the film definitely made me very anxious to see more Marvel films, especially the one that will cap them all off: The Avengers.

The Devil's Advocate

Awesome Story To Be Told With Top Notch Characters
This movie has come on television quite often ever since it came out and many times I happen to catch it I start watching because it is a movie that I can watch over and over again. I've probably seen this movie seven or eight times fully, not to mention several bits and pieces here or there.

This is probably the best performance that Keanu Reeves has ever given. I'm sure it helped that he was acting alongside Al Pacino, who gives an awesome performance as the devil. He plays his part wonderfully.

The way that the movie progresses from a small, religious, Texas town to a large, sinful city is done very well. The plot rolls along at a very good speed.

The ending of the film is great as well. A lot of times an ending such as this one might seem cheap, but not here. It makes sense and really works here.

I really love this movie and highly recommend it.

The Dark Knight

The Joker. Little More Needs To Be Said About This Film.
I'm not sure what can be said about this movie that has not been said dozens of times already. This will probably be remembered as one of the best and biggest movies of the decade.

I really loved this movie and, like everyone else, it was mostly due to the Joker character. The Joker is such an excellent character to begin with and this version of him may be the best. He was just so mad in an intelligent way.

The dark setting of this movie was done very nicely and I thought the plot was much better than "Batman Begins".

"The Dark Night" definitely has some poor spots throughout. Christian Bale is back with another less than stellar performance. Not only does the Batman character not compare to the Joker, but he is downright goofy. The voice is atrocious and I do not feel he is right as Bruce Wayne either.

This movie would be just okay without the Joker, but there has never been a movie succeed on such a large scale ever before due to just one character's inclusion.

Hopefully the sequel will have another memorable villain.

The Brothers Bloom

Fun Con Man Movie
I thought that this was a very fun film with interesting characters involved in an interesting plot.

"The Brothers Bloom" reminded me a lot of a Wes Anderson movie. Wes Anderson is one of my favorite directors, so I did enjoy the fact that this movie struck me as one of his.

The movie not only showed good character development, but also had an interesting plot. It kept the audience with the action the whole way through. The cons also added to the interest of the plot. We were never really sure if what was happening was fact or if it was yet another con.

I liked the setting of this movie being in Europe as well. It seemed like this movie could work being set there a lot better than if it had been set in the United States.

This is a fun movie and one that I would really like to see again.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Descent Yet Goofy Horror Movie With An Unforgettable Villain
I finally viewed the original "A Nightmare on Elm Street" in 2010 and for what it was I thought it was a pretty descent horror movie. I kind of lump this in with "Halloween" and "Friday the 13th". Of the three, I think "A Nightmare on Elm Street" is superior. It is less one dimensional than the other two movies.

This movie is headlined by the character of Freddy Krueger, who not only has a unique appearance, but also has a unique personality. He is not all about business, such as Jason or Michael, but he is more about fun. His weapon of choice is also quite unique and adds a lot to his character.

This idea that he is able to kill in people's dreams is a neat take on a slasher film. How do you beat the need to sleep?

There was definitely a lot of silliness in this movie and even so much that it bordered and crossed into the realm of stupid. When Freddy was walking into all of the booby traps it felt as though I was watching "Home Alone" rather than a horror movie. I also really hated the end. The "Freddy's not really dead" ending was fine, but he was a convertible car? I just felt like they should have went out in a more frightening kind of way rather than a goofy one.

Paper Moon

Wonderful Story With The Best Child Actor I Have Ever Seen
I feel that it takes a lot for me to give a film a ten for a rating, but I really feel that "Paper Moon" deserves a ten in my eyes. It is probably the best film that I have seen in about a year's time.

First of all, I have never seen a child actor give such an outstanding performance before. She acted so adult and was great throughout the picture. Her relationship with Moze is really neat throughout as well. It was cool to see a relationship like that played out in a movie.

The story was very neat as well. I tend to like movies that show me people acting in a way, or doing something that is not possible for me to ever be able to do. Of course, I am not going to be a con man and live as recklessly as they did in this movie, so that made for a very enjoyable story for me.

Everything that went on in this film really made me want to see more. It was very enjoyable and had some amazing dynamic between a small girl and an adult criminal. I highly recommend this film.

Encounters at the End of the World

A Lot Of Interesting Moments To Someone Unfamiliar With Antarctica
I thought that "Encounters at the End of the World" was a very good look at several different people's lives who live in Antarctica. One of my favorite things about this movie is how it does not focus on only one group of people in Antarctica, but instead sheds a little bit of light on many different aspects. It shows everyone from truck drivers, to seal researchers, to divers, to construction workers.

There are a lot of interesting things that the audience gets to view in this film. From how life in McMurdo looks, to the divers and the creatures that they see under the water, to how some of the penguins run around and act; it is all really neat to get a look at.

Of the negative reviews that I have read about this movie, many stated that he did not focus enough on all the in-depth science that was occurring. It's true that he did not, but that was not the point of this film. This film was meant to give a basic, on the surface overview of one man's experience of his trip to Antarctica.

Other negative reviews that I read said that Herzog had his own agenda in Antarctica and spent too much time with his own voice overs and opinions. Again, this film focuses on Herzog's experience and views. I felt like his voice overs were appropriate. I like his thoughts shared throughout the course of the movie.

This movie does not play like a show you might see on the Discovery Channel. It does not deeply focus on any one thing, but instead shows a little about a lot of different things. If you do not know much about life in Antarctica and want to see a broad scope of it, this is a very good movie to see.

Big Fan

Had A Lot Of Potential Until The Final Five Minutes
I thought that this movie started off very, very well. How many of us know someone who idolizes celebrities like Paul does in this movie? And the thing is, many of these sports stars who people idolize are scum who don't care about all the average Joes who look up to them. I liked seeing that aspect of the film a lot. I liked how Paul got beat by his hero, it's something I have never seen in a movie before and it was really interesting to see how his character would respond and react. I liked his initial reaction to what happened as well. His crappy life was getting even crappier and even though much of it was his own fault, I really rooted for him.

Then came the ending. It was like a slap in the face to anyone who was taking this movie seriously. It felt like the producers strung the audience along with a serious movie about human emotion, and then at the end said, "this was all a joke." They might have had aliens all of a sudden invade the earth, it would have had the same impact.

Now I'm not saying that I wanted Paul to shoot the Philadelphia fan, or sue QB, or even stop being a Giants fan. There was not any outcome I was necessarily hoping for. But I did want something more than, "I just got beat into a coma by my hero. No biggie, I'll just keep going on with my life as if it never happened."

King of California

Treasure Hunt In Modern Times
I thought this was a pretty good little movie when I watched it in 2010. For some reason, I had never really heard of it prior to 2010, so it was a good one to stumble across.

Quite early in the adventure, I began suspecting that Charlie was just stringing Miranda along on his mission for the sole purpose of spending time with her, all the while doing something that would free her from her mundane life as a McDonalds employee. I guess the end of the movie does not really make it 100% clear as to if that was the case, or if he was really just crazy, or if he was correct and there was really treasure and he was on the verge of obtaining it.

It felt to me that this film attempted to be a treasure hunting movie, something that would not normally take place in current times, and set it in the twenty-first century. I think that is pretty daring because it is a difficult thing to achieve. I feel that this movie did it pretty well. The troubles of a Costco over the dig site made sense in reality and also added some humor and a roadblock to the action.

There were a number of times when you kind of had to ignore reality and just go with what was happening (example: the cops just ignored the initial break-in as a gas leak), but I was okay with that.

I really enjoyed this movie and would actually give it a 7.5 if I could.

The Breakfast Club

Timeless Film With Many Classic Moments
"The Breakfast Club" is an extremely fun movie that makes me smile to just think about it. I remember the first time I saw it, I did not know what to think going into a film entitled "The Breakfast Club", but I was very satisfied once it got rolling along.

It is cool to see all of the different types of high school groups represented and to see them interact in a Saturday detention. Throughout the film they all slowly realized that despite the very noticeable differences on the outside, the all have a lot in common on the inside.

I don't feel that this movie is outdated. High school life really breaks kids up into different groups like this, but when you get down to it and the groups disappear the different seeming individuals can coexist nicely.

This movie is filled with many classic scenes, but, of course, the best scene is the final one with the bully character walking through the football field while "Don't You Forget About Me" plays loudly. Everyone who has seen this movie will always associate that song with it.

Thank You for Smoking

Fun, Smart Movie On A Unique Subject
"Thank You for Smoking" took a subject that could have been a little iffy and really made a smart, fun movie out of it. The idea of a lobbyist for smoking companies fighting for smoking rights is a good idea for a movie. Everyone these days knows that smoking is bad for you, but some people still desire to smoke, so it really makes sense.

It is funny enough, yet serious enough to play towards a couple different emotions successfully. We root for Nick Naylor throughout the film, whether he is fighting for the tobacco companies or whether he denounces them. I like his character and I like the way that he deals with his kid. He is not going to win any parent of the year awards, but he speaks to him with intelligence and as an equal.

I like the cast of this movie as well. I have always found Aaron Eckhart to be likable and he continues to be in this role. I'm not usually a fan of kid actors, but I thought that Cameron Bright did a pretty decent job as Nick's son. I also really like JK Simmons in most every role he is in, this one included.

This is a very fun movie on a subject that could have easily failed. I highly recommend it.


Awesome Idea For A Vampire Movie
"Daybreakers" took a subject that has been done to death and put the most unique spin on it that I can recall. The concept for this movie was very well thought out and the execution was pretty good as well.

Instead of monsters, vampires, who control the planet, are pretty normal people. They have jobs, have homes, have relationships, and really live the way that normal people live with only one difference; they need human blood to survive. The problem with that is that the human race is on the verge of being extinct. Therefore, any humans (who have gone into hiding) who can be found are being sadistically farmed for their blood.

The movie follows a compassionate vampire who does not agree with the farming that is going on who is out to find an alternative to human blood so the farming does not have to continue. Instead, he stumbles upon a cure and he fights to cure the vampires of their virus.

I wanted to include that brief summary because it is very important to understand exactly what is going on in this movie. And that is only the top layer. There are other well thought out components within this film as well, such as the way that normal vampires can transform into monster ones and how the cure can be spread.

I almost gave this movie a seven rating, but the idea is so brilliant that I had to bump it up a point.

The Jerk

Mostly Smart Humor And Quite Funny
I can't figure out why flat out comedies these days are not funny like "The Jerk". I think of today's comedies as Will Ferrell movies. I hate Will Ferrell movies. I simply do not find them funny.

With "The Jerk" I laughed out loud a number of times throughout the movie. I rarely do that when I am watching anything aside from "Seinfeld". The comedy in "The Jerk" seems dumb on the outside, but if you really think about it, it is quite clever and smart. Lines such as "he really hates those cans" and "the phonebook is here!" are really nicely done.

However, there are a number of times that we get some really stupid comedy. The head spinning around is the most obvious. There are several others that really should not have been in this movie.

The character of Navis is very good as well. I liked the way how he excitedly yelled most everything throughout the movie. His obliviousness and naïvety really drive all of his actions and make for a lot of funny moments.

"The Jerk" is a great comedy with a lot of smart humor and a touch of some stupid, bad humor as well. I definitely recommend it.

Brokeback Mountain

Lots Of Emotion And Depression
This movie turned out to be quite a bit better than I thought it was going to be. When it began, and for the first twenty-five minutes afterward, I thought that this was going to be just a movie about Ennis and Jake having troubles herding sheep together and being gay. That would have been incredibly boring. To my surprise and joy, it changed after the first half hour and the story really picked up.

The way that this movie showed the characters emotions was very nicely done. Above anything else, that is probably this film's greatest achievement.

To say that the closing of this movie is sad is a gross understatement. Even more than the closing of it actually, a large percentage of this is very depressing. Neither one of the main characters (or supporting characters, for that matter) are happy in this film. This movie is so depressing at times that it turns into something that I would rather not be watching.

I am very glad I saw this movie to understand what all the buzz was about, and it was much better than I was expecting. If you feel up for a depressing kind of movie, this is a pretty good one with a lot of character emotion shown.

Youth in Revolt

Had Some Downfalls, But One Of The Better Ones Of It's Genre
I typically don't care to see teen comedy movies such as "Youth in Revolt", but for some reason I thought that it looked very funny from the trailers and I liked the idea of the split personality. There were indeed some funny parts to this movie, but not enough for me to give a really glowing review.

It was decent, which is why I rated it as a six, or, "slightly above average, but I really thought it could have been better. First off, I have a real problem with the original motive which is a concern throughout most of the movie; that being the desire to lose one's virginity through any means necessary. Why? Why have that such a focal point? I don't really think teenagers as so concerned with it these days. Sure, everyone wants to lose their virginity sometime in their life, but I think people know it will come when it does and have no need to make some kind of "American Pie" pact of needing to lose it as soon as possible.

Beyond the whole virgin thing, I also wished they would have spent more time with Francois and the interaction between him and Nick. Those were the funniest parts of the movie and it was neat to see those two characters face situations.

I don't typically like films of this genre, but I did like this one, so I think that does say something positive about "Youth in Revolt". If you typically like movies of this genre I think you'll like this quite a bit.

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