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Ray Donovan

Ray never eats.
I have watched every episode and find it funny since season 1 Ray basically spends his day with a coffee at home then to the gym for a whisky,then to the office for a whisky,then to various potential clients for a whisky.Then comes home at night and has a whisky and nurses various wounds he got throughout his day and then wakes up and repeats again the next day. So in summation tough guys can get stabbed,beat up,and shot and they can just go home and take off the bloody clothes and have drinks and be recovered by morning all on an empty stomach.Too funny.

Tony Rome

Awful and dated
Revisited this recently after remembering it as pretty good when I was a kid. Boy has this not dated well.From the opening cringe inducing theme song from his daughter Nancy..I knew I was in for trouble.I am a big Sinatra fan but this was about as hard boiled and action packed as an episode of Adam-12. It is so square and lame it is laughable. Let's face it..if Jill Saint-John looks like she could kick Frank's ass..all bets are off.You see Frank drinking beer,smoking and playing Gin now and then. Snore. He also comes off as He thinks he is gods gift to women.Lying on the beach in a beach chair with a black gangster suite is a howl with his stick thin legs sticking out.

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