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  • The amount of political and social ideologies in the show is waaay too much. Show is define as 'comedy', yet there's only one good joke on the entirety of Season 1.

    The production is well done, I will give that you; but the acting, the jokes, the drama, the political controversies, the script are just uninteresting; not worth your time.
  • I didnt watch it on the theater, waited for it to be on prime. Probably that was my mistake. Didnt read or heard spoilers of it, but people keep mentioning that this was a masterpiece of a movie.

    Well, it isnt, actors were superb, same for the screen writing and character development, overall, it could be a true 8.5. But there's a voice on the back of my head that tells me that it wasnt enough to reach that.

    The selling point of the movie is the rawness and the edgyness as basis and ends. IMO those traits/tools are not enough to make a movie that could be call 10/10 or masterpiece.
  • I thought this movie was going to work on the basis that both main characters werent honest with themselves and their partners. Instead non of their personal issues get fix; this movie is not about love, but about money and a touch of sentimentalism.

    Towards the end, male MC realizes that either he could be in a relationship with a woman that will pamper him with money and love, seriously??? is a no brainer to not go for it. You could call me cynical, but... the only thing that was making him doubt about the decision to move to new york with her was his pride. From the beginning of the movie, he was afraid to try, so why would he kid himself on his band being successful or have a life in san francisco when he could just have the support from a rich woman that loves him?

    Seriously... Imagine yourself in that position, you happen to meet an attractive person that loves you and wants to support you financially while your career hasnt even lift up at all... would you decline that offer?

    Anyways... to the writers, try to do it better next time. This wasnt a romantic comedy, change the title to 'Always be my sugar daddy/mommy', actually that's a great idea; you could make a prequel but with the genders switched.
  • Dont waste your time. Is pretty awful.

    Bad screen writing, the characters have zero personality, unreal stuff happening all around, seriously avoid this.
  • The trailer might trap you but this drama isnt well written or well edit.

    -The drama of this show, consists of one formula: Female or male main character will have to choose between 2 "complicated" situations that are happening at the same time in different places.

    -The female character, in order to stop the drama and her apparent "anxiety" attacks, is to confess her love, that's it... that's literally it, but she cant because then there would be no show.

    -The male main character, in order to be happy or have a normal life, is to quit his job, but he cant because then, there would be no drama to built into, ergo no show.

    -The main source of drama in this show, is the male main character's family. I dont know why but seems like the author is incredibly lazy to make actual human characters. They are out of this world, seriously, I havent seen characters that 'pure' of how dumb and evil they are, that they feel so unrealistic.

    In short, this show is a pain to watch, most of the time, you would ask yourself what happened in certain scene, since they will cut into an important that the spectator actually needs to watch, to understand the personality of a character. Is also worth notice that they will move back and forward in the timeline in order to give more "punch" to the climax of the drama of an episode. Dont bother to watch this, seriously.

    -Bad characters -Bad editing -Awfully writing
  • Plot all over the place... You have Stark, have Fury, you have spider-man struggle, you have an antagonist, you have the constant reminder that spider-man's friends are at risk, you have the girl that spider-man likes; imagine following all of that. All these things, felt with no substance or impact enough, because you have all this stuff in a 2hour movie, that's not enough screen time to deliver all that.

    -The antagonist felt flat in the end...

    -The romantic part was cringey, not because of the traits of the characters, but because it feels stupidly force.

    -Tony Stark shouldnt be a big part of spider-man's story overall, but... Disney cant let him go and stop making him a plot tool to generate stories.

    -Spider-man's friends are such a waste of screen time, like... seriously, they dont give any input to the story at all.
  • I will not focus on the controversial topics or political agenda, but the story. The story went from being a good idea for a movie or show, to... we should ramble about geographical politics, religious and social problems and NON EXISTENT plot, story or characters.

    To put it simply, the main character(Eva); is bad written and she is not an important part of the story. She's simply a point of view, which makes her scenes worthless and pointless to watch. In the entirety of the season(1), her "contributions" and outbursts are so meaningless that is better to skip her scenes.

    Most of the scenes, probably like 75% of them are not worth putting on the final edition; same for secondary characters. IMO, the director or author wanted a story about a CIA agent figuring out if someone was the real messiah or not, but instead the writers for each episode went and ramble about nonsense, and the final product didnt deliver the expectations of the author.

    Wouldnt recommend watching this to anyone, I pity the person that looked for a mystery show, this isnt it.
  • The story line was well done, plot is not bad a little confusing at times.

    When it comes to the political part, is not too invasive or overuse, which makes the remarks easy to digest. My only 3 problems is how the 'knot' and 'denouement' of the story were aboard; and how Maggie Millikin behave and had no chance to redeem her crappy attitude.
  • If it wasnt for the fact that it hasnt ended or that Breaking Bad exists, this one could be right at the top.

    The character development it's exquisite. The dark humor and the way they present hard situations is very memorable. I really hope this show keeps going strong like it is now.
  • Do they changed writers? Like seriously the quality dropped quite a bit.

    I would recommend people watching season 1, but season 2 it's a constant eyerolling.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    PROS: -Out of the bat, I would say that, they made an amazing job at giving us little peeks of other earths and the future, gadgets and props they use, look really good. Shout outs to the team that made the props. -A relationship between parents and their children, they 90% nailed this department. -Ralph is a pretty good addition to the dynamic of the group they call "family". He's the perfect portrait of a friend. -CGI and 3D work, is pretty damn good. Bravo!!

    CONS: -Uninteresting story of Cicada and his niece. All about this plot is incredibly bad and dull. And to top this, Cicada its basically the main villain of this season. -I should stress out this a little bit more. The antagonists and their reasons to do what they do, is just incredibly hard to watch, specially the point of view of the niece. -The actor playing Cicada, is possibly one of the worst actors to play a villain. His voice, his face and the script he had to work with were baaaaaad!! -Talking about acting; secondary characters, mostly meta-human villains were also weak when performing at this season. -Flash's daughter should be tagged as the villain of this season. Not because she's actually the bad guy on this, but because everything surrounding her character, is so badly written, her lines, her attitude towards problems and the main conflict, her way of victimizing herself in order to get what she wants from everyone, she has the classic attitude of teenagers on teen flicks "I KNOW BETTER THAN ANY OTHER PERSON AND EVERYONE IS STUPID" type(she's on her early 20's btw). -POLITICS. Following the Hollywood politic agenda, they gave a "twist" of some of the topics of today. This time was PRO-CHOICE(? or something like that). basically asking the person if he wants a procedure or not, regardless if this procedure could end up saving someone from the team while in combat. Still have the full diversity of races from previous seasons and women empowerment.

    This season, was pretty much a filler. Might as well call it a non-canon from the TheCW version of flash. Everything about the story/plot feels forced, dull and unnecessary, specially Cicada.
  • The power of Batman, comes mostly from his CQC techniques and skill. Apart from all the freaking money in the world, the best technology there is and the creativity to make gadgets work while in combat. This lady, is actually a dropout from military academy and as soon as she puts on the costume, she's actually good using a grappling hook, wut(?). Bruce Wayne, spent more than 10years training various martial arts, and all kinds of things and this girl actually thinks she can pull it off as a batwoman in arkham city... wuuuut!!

    In regards to this episode, it reeks of political agenda. Like I can actually feel it while she's saying this cringey lines. Everyone that rates this episode as 10/10, either she/he hasnt see any good shows, she/he it's actually madly supporting political agenda or they are bots or secondary accounts of supporters of the agenda.

    Although, the production of the show, is top notch. You get a high five on that one.
  • Iko Uwais, his fighting scenes and the fighting choreography direction are the only things worth saving, otherwise this show could be 1/10.

    If you like bad acting, awful dialogues, such a mediocre plot that would be a compliment to call it a cliche; then, this show has it all.