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Base on what I'm reading about your article. I am a Latina born

and was raised in East Los Angeles CA .I also have some native American-Navajo and I'm very proud of my bloods and my people.I attended.Garfield high school, and I am very proud of where i came from and let me further say how many famous people attended East l.a. schools

many famous actors ,sport alumni Edward j. Olmos,Oscar Delahoya Mike Garret Rosie Grier,Anthony Quinn, Antonio Veragosa,Los Lobos and many more.Edward J.Olmos was a neighbor of mine.Hes a man with great pride, respect for his work and his people. we are proud Chicanos And to answer your question about restrooms being close during lunch? YES they were my uncles and my cousin attended both Roosevelt high and Garfield high and restrooms were locked during lunch. At Belevedere Jr. high the boys were swatted with a belt if there shirts were not tucked in by the dean Mr.Subriskey,Mrs Flores the dean of girls was a very mean woman.Girls were not allowed to wear pants in the 60's, this woman would come into the classes daily to measure the girls skirts with a yard stick from the knee. And if they were above the knee even an inch, you were hit with that yard stick. These were real events which also started the east L.A. riots. You brag about the Asian's being high achievers ?Let me say native American Indian's do not like to be classified with Asian's at all.Virgil high school was not in East Los Angeles Ca. This movie is based on our community schools.Hispanics have dreams of moving forward,United We Stand support our troops.

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