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American Beauty

Exceptional and original look at the American Dream gone sour
Exceptional and original look at the American Dream gone sour. Spacey is having a midlife crisis, and decides to throw caution to the winds; his wife, Bening, who´s forsaken him for her real estate career, seeks sexual fulfillment elsewhere. And their alienated teenage daughter is attracted to a strange young man next door. Amusing, bittersweet and insightful script by Alan Ball is perfectly realized by a superb cast and first-time film director.

Rain Man

Movie about growing relationship of two men.
Young, self-centered man goes home to the Midwest for his father funeral and learns not only that he´s been cut out of his inheritance, but that he has a grown brother who´s autistic, and who´s been kept in an insitution for most of his life. The Balance of the film details the growing relationship between the two man. Oscars winner for Best Picture, Directing (Barry Lewinson), Actor (Hoffman) and writing (Ronald Bass.

Saving Private Ryan

Excellent World War II drama
Trenchant World War II drama about an army captain (Tom Hanks) assigned to take his squad of seven men into France, locate a private whose three brothers have been killed in combat and let him go home. Conventional elements in the script are balanced by a genuinely complex examination of heroism in the field and over powered by the most realistic, relentlessy harrowing battle footage ever committed to a fiction film.

The Silence of the Lambs

Great psychology thriller
FBI trainee (Jodie Foster) is recruited to attempt to get through to a brilliant psychotic criminal Dr. Hannibal Lecter (Anthony Hopkins), in the hope that he may help catch a serial killer. Almost unbearably intense brilliantly acted (by Foster and Hopkins. Based on the same named Thomas Harris novel. Oscar winner for Pest Picture, actor (Hopkins) Actress (Foster) Directing (Jonathan Demme) and adapting screenplay (Ted Tally).

To Kill a Mockingbird

One of the best Black and White film
Peck won Oscar as Southern lawyer who defends a black man (Brock Peters) accused of rape, and tries to explain proceedings to his children and their friend. Leisurely paced, flavorful adaptation of Harper Lee novel; Horton Foote´s also earned an oscar. To Kill a Mockingbird is one of the best Black and White film I´ve seen.

Save the Last Dance

Unsucessfull dance movie
A girl aspiring to be a dancer moves to Chicago South side to live with her father, where she gets her first taste of hip-hop, and a chance to dance again. This movie is very boring and very poor but Julia Stiles and Sean Patrich Thomas are fine.

O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Great Odyssey Movie
This excellent movie is one of the greatest movie I have seen. A trio of escaped convicts embarks on the adventure of a lifetime as they set out the pursue their freedom and the promise of sharing in the division of a fortune in buried treasure. George Clooney and more actors are great in this Movie!


Great lifestory
Charlton Heston stars in this epic about chariots and friendship at the time of Christ. If you´ve never seen this film you´ve missed a great story and gripping action scenes that can be appreciated. Charlton Heston is excellent in this movie wich is 3 hours and 32 minutes long.

Englar alheimsins

Good Movie
Englar Alheimsins are very good movie. She happen on a mental home in Iceland. Ingvar E. Sigurdsson is in a leading role and is good. Other good actors in this movie are Baltasar Kormákur and Bjorn Jorundur. I like this movie she is very good. I voice with this movie.

Kevin & Perry Go Large

This movie sucks
This movie is miserable. She is never funny and the actor and the actress which are in leading role sucks to like the movie. The movie is about tvo DJ´s wich go to Ibiza and hope to meet some girl. They meet two very ugly girls and their favourite DJ (Paul). They start working with Paul and Kevins parents wich come with them where to very much trouble. This is one of the worst movie I have seen so I´m not gonna write more about her.

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