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Like opening a Highly anticipated Christmas Presents to find out you got ugly socks.
Non-Stop is the latest thrill ride action movie starring Liam Neeson. I will keep this review short and straight-forward, something I wish the director had done as well.

This film is not bad, but it certainly has some problems. It's almost as if the writers suddenly ran out of ideas, and decided to throw darts at the very high list of suspects in order to just end it all. The film's main strength is the fact that it does a remarkable job at building up the suspense. It really does keep you guessing all throughout the movie. Everyone is a suspect, it's entertaining, suspenseful and it works like a charm. It reminded me of the old-school Hollywood mystery thrillers. The action was certainly there, but none of it was over the top or too silly at first. So far so good. By the time the ending comes along though, the plot is slapped together in a half-assed, rushed and very unimaginative way. The main motive behind all of it was weak, didn't make sense and felt like a rushed, lame and very standard way to tie things together. By the time Liam Neeson starts fighting someone with an oxygen mask, I was done with this film. As stated above, the main strength is the anticipation, rather than the actual pay-off. Like a big Christmas present lurking from under the tree. You see it, envision it, the anticipation and excitement is overwhelming. And then you open the present.....And it's barely so-so.

The movie is not without merits either. The acting is good, mainly from Neeson, Moore and Dockery. Lupita is great as well but her character added nothing to the film. In fact, most secondary characters added nothing to the film. Some characters are used as a plot device but mostly they come across as filler, which makes you care less about any of them. On the flip side, the acting is very good all-round. The director keeps things steady for a good run. In the end however, as the chaos on the flight progresses, so does the chaos behind the camera.

All in all, this movie was, for me, quite forgettable. Not good, not bad, just so-so. But by all means, see this in the cinema. It's still an action flick on a plane. You could do worse.

The Reef

Really good and suspenseful
I'll keep this short for you, I hate long reviews.

The Reef was a very pleasant surprise. It was well-acted, very well shot with nice cinematography and it was extremely suspenseful.

The characters do not have much depth to them, but just enough character development to keep things interesting for the viewers.

For me, the pacing was just about perfect, and the scares were very well coordinated throughout the film. Just when you think the characters are safe, something happens, and vice versa.

All in all, I think considering the budget everyone involved did a very good job. I recommend this movie for lovers of killer shark flicks, which there aren't very many (good ones) of. It is the best one since 'Jaws' if you ask me.

The Unborn

shock after shock, but a terrible lack of suspense
Just saw The Unborn, when I saw the trailer I thought well this might actually be a good little horror flick. While I would not say this was a terrible movie, it unfortunately did have some mistakes.

This entire film is basically a marathon of shocks, crazy situations and (some) pretty creepy ghosts/demons, so I guess, being a horror fan, thats a good thing, right? well, in this case, its not. The Unborn certainly does not lack in the horror department, showcasing some rather creepy moments, but unfortunately the movie lacks of any suspense, buildup, character development, nor does it have a good script.

Odette Yustman does pretty good, but it's not her fault her performance comes through less, its the script. The movie, from the exact second it begins, delivers 'scare' after scare after scare, but the sad thing is, its not that scary because you don't care about the characters or the story, and there's no buildup whatsoever to speak of.

Its actually a terrible waste, because this movie could have been a solid genre effort, too bad the director/ writer chose the easy way out, and delivered what is one the laziest, been-there-done-that productions of the year.

Entertaining it is to some degree, but its not a full recommendation

Gran Torino

Im very sorry Clint, but this was excruciatingly bad!
One could very well compare Gran Torino with a steaming pile of sheep excrement.

Basically, I do not need to say more, as this really sums up how I feel about this film, but alas, I will need to comment, don't I? Oh well, here goes nothing: the acting is horrible, in fact, horrible doesn't even come close to it, its cringe-worthy, especially in the scene where Toad is locked in Clints Basement.

The story is cliché, uninteresting, cheesy and predictable. And I found this movie to be plain boring at many times.

I did however give it two stars, because in every turd there is something to appreciate, in this one, it's the acting of Clint Eastwood, which is -stil- excellent, as always, and the second star is there purely because I WAS wondering how this piece of crap would end.

overall, I loved The Changeling, and perhaps with a better script, better directing, better acting, (or, in fact, a complete re-casting) and at least half an hour cut off of the movie, this could be almost as good as The Changeling.....Sadly, its not. Its Crap.

Scream 2

Scream all over again, only bigger and bloodier
I thought Scream 2 wasn't really a bad movie, but It did remind of the original (and better) Scream a little bit too much, making it VERY predictable, plus I definitely think they should have killed off a lot more key characters.

But the overall setting is good, the acting is 'okey' and the murders are definitely the highlight of this film, few and far apart, but the kills were more graphic and gory then the first! You get all your stabbings, head stabbings, head impalings, slashed throat and bullet wounds.Nice job! This one might just also have one of the coolest and suspenseful chase scenes EVER involving the character of Gale.

Watch it for the gore, but don't expect a slasher classic like the first.

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