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On a Clear Day

Swim the English Channel, drive a bus...I loved it...
I saw this movie at Sundance, and it was brilliant. Beautiful shots, wonderful acting and such a moving story! It made me cry, it made me laugh (with Billy Boyd as much of the comic relief!), it made me want to see it again! Gaby Dellal's direction was spot on, and the emotions from each of the characters was so true, that I wanted to cheer Frank (Peter Mullen) on while swimming the English Channel and console him when he felt like he couldn't do anything.

The only thing that I had an "issue" with, was that at a few moments, the Scottish accent was so thick that I missed what was said. :P Oops!!! Otherwise, I hope this gets picked up and distributed, and I will DEFINITELY buy the DVD.

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

Brilliant and incredible! No words to describe it accurately!
Incredible and Brilliant! There are no other adjectives to describe the magnificence of this film! Peter Jackson has brought Tolkien's truth to the screen, and I can't wait for Return of the King. This trilogy will quickly become one of the classic films of cinema history! I saw the flick three times on Opening Day, and will definitely be seeing it many more times! (And I obviously can't stop using exclamation marks!) The acting was superb! Elijah Wood just sucked all the energy out of me, because my heart went out to this poor hobbit over and over and over! What a talented young actor! Andy Serkis deserves any and all awards he receives in the future, because he brought Gollum to life in a way I never thought possible. The elves are just incredible. The Ents were just stupendous! I did feel at times that a few of them were a little cartoony (Dark Crystal-ish even), but who knows what real walking talking trees look like! I felt that the movie WAS sorely lacking in Merry and Pippin scenes and action, and yet it worked. However, I do expect more in the DVD! :) The stunning eye candy that this movie throws at you is just reason enough to see it a million times, and the story is another million. the cast and crew definitely deserve all praise they get, because they have accomplished a masterpiece. Although I found that the music wasn't as memorable as the first, it picked up on all the beautiful themes and underscored all the emotion perfectly. I sat at the end of the credits and just yearned for Return of the King to be placed before me. One more year??? Yeah...we can do it. Incredible...did I mention that?

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