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All the Queen's Horses

Every Business, City, Partnership and Bank Must Watch & Learn
We studied this story in a Corruption class of how Rita Crundwell stole over 50 million dollars from her tiny hometown over 20 years. This documentary laid it all out so well though. With the actual people who worked beside her (hat off to coworker Kathe Swanson who discovered the massive theft!) telling the story plain and simple. That is the importance of this documentary. It was so easy for Rita to do this. We all need to learn from this. I really appreciated how this story was told start to finish seamlessly. The selling of the quarter horses was heartbreaking. The actual footage really made this film.


Would give 11 Stars!
This was just amazing. So well done. Not only did we get the story laid out easily to follow, this team actually got the two horrible owners to sit down and be interviewed! They acted like they were God's (or the Morman's Joseph Smith wink wink) gift to the universe. Then just watch what happens. This was a brilliant, entertaining and extremely well done documentary on a deceitful, predatory business family. Watch it and learn to stay away from pyramid schemes. My heart goes out to the bottom tier of people that lost their savings.

On the Verge

Watch Anything Else
I cannot believe women wrote this drivel. It was so pathetic. I could not relate to any character and actually hated them all. They were all over the place. The meltdown of Yasmine in the middle of the first episode was very weird. Where did that come from? It was not a believable scene at all. And don't get me started on the blow job. Skip this. You're welcome.

The Chair

This is Brilliant
Finally. A real show. The writing is amazingly real, witty, genuine and fresh. Husband and wife Amanda Peet and David Benioff (Game of Thrones writer) teamed up and created a brilliant series along with a slew of other talent. Holland Taylor is hilarious in this. It sets on the college campus 'Pembroke' and weaves the lives of college professors and family together in a heart touching way. Just watch it. We deserve a show like this after all we've been through. Run don't walk.

The Undoing

This was bad....really bad
Omg. This story was so horrible I am sure we will see memes from it but not in a good way. First and foremost- What the heck happened to Nicole Kidman? She was stiff as a board (I kept thinking giraffe in every scene that had her moving.) Her face had 2 expressions. If this was her first movie, she would have no career. I don't care how pretty you think you are, if you just look at the camera with the same expression, we will notice and become bored. Anyway, this plays like a Real Housewives show and everyone involved should go back to the drawing board. Skip it and watch Mare of Easttown. Or Hacks. Hacks is the wittiest series to come down the pike. It deserves all zillion nominations.

Small Town Crime

Really really good! Acting, story, everything.
This was such a good movie. Just sit back and watch as the amazing John Hawkes takes you on his ride. His acting is just pure talent. I can't tell if this guy is actually like this or is his acting just on another level. Anyway, the story is very entertaining and engrossing and does not disappoint. Bravo to Octavia Spenser for producing this. She certainly can pick good ones. Why am I just hearing about this movie in 2021?

Lazy Susan

Little Piece of Talent Heaven
I loved this movie. Sean Hayes was outstanding. Genius quirky story that was pitch perfect. All star cast as well slipped into scenes. This movie was a collaborative effort that exceeded my expectations. Just sit back and watch the story unfold. Not too sicky sweet, not too overdone, not too outlandish. It was just right. Bravo!

The Kindness of Strangers

A Beautiful Piece
I loved this movie. Zoe Kazan was amazing but she always is. This is a story that takes you on the journey of little acts of kindness. The acting in it is formidable. It grows on you until you feel vested in the characters. That's what a good story does. It's not a shoot 'em up film, not a comedy, not a sci-fi tale. It's just old fashioned storytelling that lets you escape for two hours.


Subtlety at its Finest
This movie was beautiful. The acting, the story and the music wove together to show the relationship between the young child and old man. Both Brian Dennehy (RIP) and the young actor were marvelous. Everyone in this movie played their parts perfectly. Kudos to the director. A beautiful piece of art. Watch this is you appreciate subtlety and a sweet little story of two lonely souls.

The Unicorn

A Three out of Respect for Walton
Oh Walton. You are so much better than this. You are an artist! An amazingly talented actor in 'real' parts. You, my Dear, are not a unicorn. Fire the writers, lose the friends, get rid of the black hair (eek!) and go find another show, movie, anything other than this silly drivel. Where have all the writers gone? Damn the torpedoes!


Excellent Show!! Brilliant Writing & Acting!
Just binge watched this. Why aren't there more shows like this? Great story, great actors and great entertainment. So glad I happened on this by chance! Watch it!

Lodge 49

When Nepotism Happens
This is what happens when a Star makes a network hire their kid. Wyatt Russel cannot act, I'm sorry. It was painful and I just cannot get past poor performance. It's such a shame qualified and talented actors were looked over. I guess when your parents are rich and famous anything can happen but ouch! Bad!


Watching it During Covid -19
I wanted something uplifting and I love true stories that go unheard of. This movie is delightful, heartwarming and the perfect thing this gal needed on a quiet, boring Sunday. It is a hidden gem. Just watch it. I loved everyone in it (except I do think the beloved Dominic West was wrongly cast- I kept expecting him to say "Alison". 😉)

Military Wives

I LOVED this movie!
This movie is so good and well done. A story of life, love, loss and how sisterhood can get you through it all. The acting was brilliant and the story did not drag on with useless details. It is very emotional and heartfelt so grab a tissue and be entertained. We need more feel good movies (in these times especially.) Make sure you watch through to the end.

How to Fix a Drug Scandal

Liars and Addicts Putting People in Prison
What an amazing story. Two separate and very troubled chemical/drug testers for the state of Massachusetts wreak havoc on a system that needed to be looked at actually. As wrong as those two women were, they actually ended up doing that state an immense favor. My heart and admiration go out to defense lawyers. The two (as well as the ACLU) highlighted here were so dignified, diligent and ethical. Especially Luke Ryan. What an amazing and kind man. Great story. Is it a bit drawn out? Maybe but it went on for over a dozen years so it needed to be all told.

Crip Camp

Uplifting and Beautifully Done
Wow. What an amazing story this was documenting the struggles and lives of the disabled in America culminating with Bush number 1 signing the Americans with Dissabilities Act (ADA). Beginning with the story of a camp for the disabled which empowered and planted the seeds in the activists minds to their powerful marathons of trying to get the US government to listen to them. This documentary was so well done with beautiful, heartfelt and at times heartbreaking video footage of the lives of these warriors fighting for just the opportunity to live normal lives and contribute to society. No wonder this brought down the house at Sundance. It is an art piece dedicated to those who society shunned rising up to change the world for everyone. It was beautiful. Just sit back and let them tell the story. You will be amazed and most likely changed. Powerful.


Watch The Loudest Voice instead
What was this movie trying to say? It was all over the place to the point it was almost comical. I cannot believe this was the way they decided to tell the story of the takedown of Roger Ailes. The Loudest Voice in the Room was so much better. Russell Crowe was amazing. In this movie I could not tell what they were trying to say and I actually came to despise Megan Kelly's character. Her 'agony' over whether to tell or not bored me to tears and I had zero sympathy for her. Anyway, skip this and watch Russell Crowe As he makes your skin crawl and you literally wince at his depiction of Creepy Ailes. He was outstanding.


Horrible and Insulting to Viewers
This show is bad. I adore Dan Levy but what happened? The story line is stupid, the actors overact, the deafening silence where in the old days would be a laugh track...yikes! You don't like any character. Everything is exaggerated and totally unreal. Even the costumes were silly. How many jackets does Adam have to wear to let us know he is 'in construction'? Who lives like this? It was an insult to viewers. Period. Next.

Catherine the Great

This was so bad that I actually feel insulted. Wasn't this the show where at the premiere, Helen Mirren was carried in by men as a grand entrance? She should have kept on going. The writing was atrocious, the acting (With the exception of Mirren) was comical. The fight scene in the first episode was embarrassing. Superfluous sex scenes that were so silly. And Potemkin? I cringed when he acted and spoke his lines. I'll look the actor up just to see where the heck they got him from. Who wrote this? Horrible.

Last Christmas

Just Go and Watch This Refreshing Movie
I loved this. It is pure entertainment woven around great life lessons and values. It is all about love of the heart. Kind of reminded me of Love Actually. And boy did George Michael's voice and music soar in the theatre.

Party Down

Brilliant Writing & Acting!
I didn't stumble on this hidden gem until 2019 but am I glad I did! This show is amazing, creative, funny, witty and always kept a tight story line that played out perfectly in 30 minutes. All of the players were awesome. Professional actors given brilliant writing- a perfect storm. I will add that I had to go and look up Ken Marino because he was out of this world perfect in his part. And besides the flip phones, everything in these two seasons aged very well ( maybe with the exception of the football draft episode). Watch this and be entertained.

The Amazing Johnathan Documentary

This "documentary" really wasted my time. The Jonathan in it is atrocious and a meth addict and did I say atrocious. 'Supposedly' the point of this documentary is to be a critique on the vast number of documentaries and everyone jumping on the bandwagon. Go watch a documentary that is indeed something worth watching and you actually learn something along the way. I gained zero by this. May I suggest Chernobyl (actually a drama series but fascinating and superb acting!) and Woodstock (2019). I learned so much from these two new docs. Also both Fyres were enlightening. This thing a waste of time.

Late Night

Good movie to kill some time but that's all
Emma Thompson's character in this movie says that funny is just funny. It doesn't matter where or who it comes from. Well I feel the same about writing for movies. It's good or it isn't. This movie had amazing talent (Emma Thompson and John Lithgow!!) and Reid Scott from Veep fame is just a brilliant actor. BUT, it doesn't matter who says what line if it isn't good. The writing fell flat and the story couldn't be told smoothly. It was funny at times but not enough to carry a movie. This passed the time for me because Emma is just so captivating but it isn't going to win any awards. It's cute. That's what it is. Cute.


Ding Dong the King is Dead
This documentary explains the story behind the New York Times article as well as Ronan Farrow's The New Yorker article detailing the abuse, harassment, threats and rape that Harvey Weinstein allegedly committed for decades. Decades! It goes way back to his school years with interviews, photos and videos piecing his rise and then his fall. I thought it was going to be too slow when the documentary began but then it wraps you up and takes you on a ride telling a heartbreaking, appalling story. Using interviews from actual women who were attacked, as well as former employees, it bolsters its case perfectly. Most likely Harvey will either plead or be imprisoned or both ( innocent until proven guilty) but in the meantime this story made me know what wrath he caused and know that women are safer with this 'man' gone. My heart breaks for the damage he caused so many. Thank you for telling your stories.

American Factory

Fascinating and brilliant piece
I loved this documentary. It was all told beautifully and simply by the players themselves- the owner of the factory, the American workers and the Chinese. This is not a political doc at all so do not let that stop you- in fact it tells both sides of the story. I applaud the filmmakers. Bravo!

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