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Silent Night

Esp in current times. A highly original story I've not seen ever before. What would u do if the inevitable is only a silent night away? It has some light(er) moments which make u and the friends/Familie almost forget what's foreboding...a clever & unconventional yet important & controversial topic for a movie. Very well done!


The story seems good, not brand new, but still fine enough to make something out of it. Mythology is usually always a good source of inspiration... But it hardly unfolds with very limited suspense in my pov.


Never mess with Christine
Christine is the undisputed star of this movie & even after 40 yrs she's absolutely fascinating. When she pushes herself into the dead end street, attacks the other car or drives engulfed in flames down the street... and of course once she restores herself - this is what makes this movie special. You can almost feel the darkness, the envy, the diabolic entity. A modern classic with a 8/10 for the movie and the novel it's based on a 10/10.


Lie to me
Right from the get go. Let's create a movie where everything is just mocked up/imagined/ false.... Nothing actually happened.

I've seen really strong movies (identity 9/10) where a similar approach was embedded into a fascinating, twisted and dark journey. Not here, here it falls flat and left me betrayed and disappointed.

The Sonata

Something dark is going on
To put music into the center of a movie is an interesting attempt. Here, the sonata once played correctly, summons a dark entity after several riddles have been solved. I liked how the story unfolds, the secrets which lead to the finale and towards the end , the movie picked up speed and suspense. Would have liked to see more of it earlier...

Tom à la ferme

Tense & raw
Definitely not just another LGTB themed movie (u just watch for fun), nor a movie easily to forget. It's tense, raw, disturbing, unpleasant and all of this packed into an unconventional & great thriller. The chemistry esp between the two male Leads is remarkable and strange (sort of Stockholm Syndrom). The motives, why the two guys act and I interact the way they do unfolds in a terrifying way.


Great CGI and yet little magic
Hands down visually it's spectacular. The CGI dpt did an amazing job and the attention to detail re buildings, setting, costume, characters etc is awesome. And still it lacks magic. This very spark which engulfs u once u watch it. It does not have the chemistry of LOTR - which remains clearly as the benchmark.

Películas para no dormir: La habitación del niño

One additional star for the idea
Which is a slight update to the young couple moves into old house and soon strange things happen flick. But adding just a dark portal idea does not help in my opinion.

Labor Day

a drama, a thriller, a love story and much more.
Mrs. Kate Winslet, yet again absolutely wonderful, giving us a natural & nuanced performance. The hospital scene alone should have earned her another academy award. Absolutely heartbreaking.

Labor Day has tense moments, heartfelt and light phases and towards the end it might break your heart. A movie, unfortunately overseen in many ways, touched me deeply and reminded me what's truly important in life.

The Loft

And captivating. A gripping and meandered story with plenty of motives, shocking moments & twists. The way some of the characters were portrayed was not always my cup of tea (eg all men wanna have affairs?) but if u put this aside u get a strong who done it mystery thriller which kept me guessing till the end.


Seen similar ones
It has very clever moments, esp towards the end when the multiple versions appear and interact - sort of - with each other & change the future for the good... this said, there're other movies out there with a similar plot. Some worse and some clearly better. Reminded me in parts of butterfly effect (7/10) timecrimes (3/10) and triangle... the last one mentioned in my pov superior in all aspects (9/10).

The Cave

Worth to be explored
SPOILER: I found it a smart move, that the creatures are the humans who explored the very cave decades ago and got turned by an parasite into the winged demons. A different take on than the usual. Production quality, setting, camera as well as effects create an entertaining and good looking action/creature movie. It's not as tense, rough or terrifying as the descent, which came out in the same year, but the cave is in my opinions worth to be explored. Great movie poster / tag line.

Black Water: Abyss

Actually I was not expecting too much
... probably just another bunch of guys vs creature flick. I was wrong - well at least for the majority of the running time. Black water abyss turned out to be a tense survival thriller. The camera work, the setting, the precise use of minimal sound effects was convincing and contributed to the real feel, the hopelessness, the fear ... great level of tension - esp in the underwater sequences. Towards the end it became in my pov however unnecessarily melodramatic and esp the showdown in the car felt unrealistic.

I Met a Girl

A very well told tale about a young guy suffering from schizophrenia... what I loved the most was the unconventional way it's told. It's funny, despite the heavy topic, innovative (maybe for my taste a bit too comical at parts), heartfelt & optimistic as well as sad & tragic however always genuine. Should reach a much bigger audience as it has definitely something profound to say: The importance of family & love.

Into the Wild

Maybe once or twice in a lifetime
A movie might cross your way and manages what no one else can/could. Brings you to tears, let u reflect on your personal life and maybe has the power to actually change something for the good. All this and more is into the wild. A movie based on Christopher McCandless life, death & ultimately his dream... I applaud Jon Krakauer for the novel, Sean Penn for his vision, Emile Hirsch for his nuanced portray and Eddie Vedder for one of the most profound scores and deep lyrics (esp guaranteed).

Personally I think it came too early onto the big screen. Critics, audience and awards where probably not ready back then. Not sure if / when they would be though...


Some effects are good but clearly not enough to create something memorable. Too many stereotypes and the lack of a truly captivating & Innovative story left my rather bored.


Hands down, the alien creature from H. R. Giger won't be matched - it's surreal, terrifying and became the Oscar crowned epitome of sci-fi. But that doesn't mean any other movies (or creatures) in this genre fall flat. LIFE is a hell of ride. Thrilling, emotional, suspenseful and with a crafty little fellow giving the top actors enough to interact with. Special callout to Mr. Gyllenhaal's Performance esp in the ultra tense scene towards the end - a disturbing and unexpected twist literally in the last seconds (underlined with a perfectly matching score)

The Night House

A fresh version of
SPOILER: A ghost story. The movies biggest plus is the story. To add something new to the mystery genre is quite seldom. Hence I appreciated the night house' clever, eerie and slowly revealed storyline. The twists and red herrings are nicely embedded into the overall flow and link all pieces together rather being solely used as cheap tricks. It could have ended a bit sharper in my pov. All elements are there but it gets a bit fuzzy towards the end.

No Exit

Gave it away too early
A well paced and solid thriller. Builds up nicely tension & atmosphere but revealed -for my taste- too much too early. Suspense was exchanged from this point on with rather standard shooting etc.

The Amityville Murders

Movies with the background of true events do have a certain fascination. How much is real, creative freedom or hear say - well it's gets blurry. Obviously in the mystery genre even more...ultimately I missed suspense in this specific case. Nonetheless a tragic & sad story.

The Manor

The twist makes it special
I would have rated this slow burn mystery thriller a good but somewhat generic 5-6, if we'll if it wasn't for the unorthodox and (agreed) controversial ending. A dark mansion where strange things happen is certainly not new. However what's new is the moral question it raises towards the end. SPOILER: would u rather join the wicked circle and choose life & youth or are u willing to die with your head held high?


To watch, this alone is nowadays already quite an achievement. Venom is non PC, dark and rough and at the time with just the right amount of humor and emotion. Mr. Hardy just nailed the Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hide ambiguity! Ultimately the long needed anti hero.

The Wretched

Nothing new really.
Take a small town, some teenagers, a generic party, add some sort of dark entity, a bit of possession, stir it with lore - done.

A pity, the wendigo' esqu inspiration could have been used in a more innovative way. But the most disappointing aspect in my pov was the complete lack of tension.

Été 85

3.628.800 seconds.
A vibrant, emotional and genuine coming of age story. You can actually feel the joy and effortlessness this very summer had for the two main characters. You're part of the innocence, the longing but also the loneliness, frustration and ultimately the broken dream and tragedy. A memorable movie with convincing acting esp from Mr. Lefebvre.

Lights Out

Genuinely creepy
It manages what countless other movies in this genre try - and most of the time fail to do. Scare the hell out of u. It's as simple as effective. The primal fear of darkness is put into the center and be prepared whenever the lights go out - fear will crawl in. I've seen quite some horror / mystery movies but this one really has strong scenes.

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