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Bring It On

This is a classic guys!
This movie brought a whole knew meaning to competitive sports! Just a classic! Give me a 10!

Sierra Burgess Is a Loser

Couldn't follow
I don't like giving movies such a low review but I really couldn't follow what was going on nor was I believing anyone's performance. I guess I had high expectations after watching "All the Boys I've Loved Before" but you can't compare the two movies: night and day.


Simple plot ?
I don't know anything about the books but I watched it on Netflix UK and glad I didn't have to pay to see the film. With very little plot mimicking a teen version of "Fifty Shades Of Grey", I'm assuming the book is a lot of sex and no story? The book seems to imply a lot of sex or scene for the sake of setting up a sex scene but not much story. Like I didn't understand why Hardin was meant to be a bad boy we were supposed to sympathize with? Okay so his dad wasn't so nice too him... so this is why he can be a bully? Can someone explain? Because the casting was well done and I like Hero Fiennes performance, I give this movie a 6 instead of a 5.

Instant Family

I appreciate the explanation...
I appreciate the explanation of what goes on in the adoption process but didn't really see an actual story there... just a lot of justifying. I walked out of the theater halfway thru and asked for my money back. It just was like an info session. I do work with foster kids and it could have been better.


Like the music and visuals.
I fell hell over heels with this story. It's cute and a lot of culture. India looks beautiful, Amitash is easy on the eyes. I'd love to go to India someday - maybe I'll get invited to an Indian wedding! It was great to understand more of the customs as I didn't know India could relate to western culture - the dancing was nice. Great music too! Maybe more like "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" but for a younger audience.


Nailbiting mystery drama
Maybe it's the similar drum beats in the composer that reminds me AMC's "The Killing" but fans of the show is sure to like this one. The two very different partners are interesting to watch. The breadcrumbs they follow lead to an eventual discovery of a much bigger Erin Brockovich like coverup.... it starts out slow but the well developed story arcs draw you in. I'm a huge fan of Nurmi's character just the subtleties in his character development (him asking her to try the espresso from his machine and Karppi's reaction... priceless). Cannot wait for season 2.

The Five

Interesting mystery marred by weird directing style.
The weird music video like directing style really distracted me from following the otherwise interesting story. I felt the story could have been presented better.

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