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Thor: Love and Thunder

WOW! The MCU Is Dead. But, Women Love It! LOL!
This Made Me Re-Think That New Doctor Strange Movie Was The Worst Movie and Final Nail In The Coffin Of The MCU. For Intelligent Male Fans Anyway. Women and Not So Smart Men Are Still Loving It. HAHA!

And ALL You Need Know About This Sadly Written, Directed and Acted Wannabe Movie Is That IF You Don't Shut It Off In The First 20 Minutes, It Was Made For You And Your People. ;) There Is NOTHING Good About This Movie. The Jokes Are Terrible, The Effects Are Even Worse and The Disney/Marvel/Star Wars PC Machine That Is Ruining Every Once Good Franchise, Is Alive And Well.

Also, Keep In Mind That The Villain Is Mad At Gods Because He Was a Moron and Believed In Children's Stories/Prayed. Thus, It's The Gods Fault He Did Nothing, Except Pray. Which IS Doing Nothing.

Great Villain.

And Jane, Selfishly Looking For Mjolnir and MAGICLY Being So Worthy, It Puts Itself Back Together. So, She Lives. Is REALLY Pathetic. LOL!

Keep Up The GREAT Work, Marvel.

Storytelling Is Now At The Level Of Children's Books.

The Batman

Wow. Batman is DEAD.
If you can make it past the opening kill scene, with "The Riddler", I guess. And the Terribly Written, Awfully Spoken Narration. AND the First time you see *Cough* "Batman", without Laughing so hard you need to turn off this crapfest. I know you will LOVE this terrible movie.

Eight for Silver

One Terrible, Mess of a Movie.
Firstly, Let me say that ONLY good thing about this movie was the Dead Birds ripoff Werewolves.

The movie starts in World War I, And then we flashback to 30 years earlier. Where a bunch of idiots want "Their" land back. Gotta love how Modern Writers AKA Idiots can't hide their Political crap.

They don't get "Their" land back and a cursed is unleashed. Blah, blah, blah.

This movies main character and Hero is a Werewolf Hunting Pathologist. Yes, You read that right. Stupid, huh?

And since this is ALL a flashback, We are waiting to see the moment everything connects. And when we do, The director doesn't trust those watching to be Smart enough, to remember this. So, He slaps you across the face with it, while PROVING he has no idea what he is doing.

Terrible movie, Terrible Writing, Terrible Directing.

Halloween Kills

Panderfest 2021
Firstly, The best thing about this movie was Dr. Loomis being brought back to the screen. Even though the voice impersonator was terrible.

Now, On to a Halloween Sequel that makes Part 6 look like part 1.

Everything from the lines, to the cameos, to the easter eggs are nothing but pandering. The Filmmaker's may say it's Homage, but in the end, they didn't even try. So much is senseless.

For example, The Townspeople coming together to fight for their town. I'm sure it was meant to be inspirational, on some level, before they fail in everyway possible. But, it was insanely hamfisted, cheesy and laughable. In a Hands Across America way.

This movie made me laugh more than a good stand up routine.

Plus, there was a Flashback to 1978 and a subplot that did nothing.

But, As always, it's good to see Michael doing what he does best, even though the story has really sucked in the past two movies.

Free Guy

Great movie, when it's about Reynolds.
I loved this movie for the first 20 minutes. Then we're dropped into a subplot about a chick suing the game because they stole her AI. Even though she is NEVER shown being smart and her partner is. So, this chick just wants money from a Man's work. Age old story.

This movie would be great, if not for this chick and the story outside of the game.

Also, like all Hollywood movies now, this is PC to the max. So it's very stupid. Women will love it.

Harvest Season

Thank You, Real Life Bond Villains.
This is a great, beautiful and must see show, about the people responsible for the lack of drinking water in the near future.

As your children murder each other for a drop of water in 30 years, We now have this document of who to blame.

Thank You.


I wish i watched this Laugh Fest earlier.
This is nothing more than a movie about a family of selfish, delusional, stupid, psychos who have bad things happen to them. Mostly self induced. And we are somehow meant to feel bad for these people, who we know nothing about other than being terrible people.

There are some insanely funny, outrageous and over the top scenes. They aren't meant to be funny, but since once again, we can't feel anything for these idiots, it's just laugh out loud funny.

This is easily the closest thing to a sequel to The Room we will ever get.

Blood Moon

Two Stupid Guys and a Crazy Girl.
This was an insanely idiotic movie. Nothing in this movie could or would happen. The Main Character is shown as Highly Intelligent, yet makes mistakes no one with just a High School Education would make.

And then, We're supposed to feel bad for what happened to this Woman, but she's clearly crazy. And her friends help her, meaning they too are crazy.

A complete waste of time.

Scary Stories

Like All Documentaries now.
This simply didn't focus on it's topic enough and bored the hell out of me with just talking to the guys family, about how great they think he was.

Army of the Dead

Please Zack Synder, Stop Making Movies.
The movie opens with two Army guys, driving a truck that is carrying a secret payload (I wonder what it is?) and cutting back and forth between a Just Married couple (Who is an obvious Gold Digger and Tubby guy with Money). The Army guys talk back and forth about what they could be carrying, throwing out every pop culture reference they can. Because Zack Synder is Smart and Witty. While doing this they hit the car of Newlyweds, Somehow. Their payload shoots of the truck and the car explodes. A few seconds later, the door on the payload opens, because, ya. And the Army guys decide to get close to it, while One of the Two Drivers calls for what to do. Keep in mind, the door is open and whatever is inside is just hanging out, while Army guys point guns inside and stare. As soon as they're told to retreat, a Zombie jumps out and kills them all, within seconds (He was waiting for the suspense music, as we all do). The two Army drivers run for it, but get caught and killed. And now the three of them go to Vegas for a Buffet. Don't worry about what happened to all the other Army guys. The Zombie "Venom" didn't work on them, I guess.

I only described the opening like this to show you the level of incompetence we are dealing with.

Now onto the Opening Credit Montage, Synder is legally required to have in every movie. And b y the end of the opening credits, you're slapped with 110% Snyder. Nothing but stupid and action, also a cliched and not so subtle song choice. Of course.

As soon as the movie opens, Synder goes into high gear with the purely Expositional Character, asking our Main Character to "Come out of retirement for one last job". Then we go into the "Toxic Male" who treats Women like crap. So far, Synder is showing us how great he always is at character development.

Cut to the Synder Nightmare scene in every one of his movies, where more exposition is told for multiple characters at once, insanely sloppy and amateurish. Batista wakes up, it was his nightmare and we get to see him crying like a big scary baby in it. He then makes the call to accept the job, but making sure loudly say "I don't like you!", so we know he's the good guy. Keep up the great work Zack.

Now, It's time to get the team together. And since it's 2021, you know it's full of tiny, but unbelievably tough Women and Badass Minorities. Sometimes both at once. And now it's time to get the eccentric but quirky and lovable safecracker. Yes, That's right. Zack Synder read Filmmaking for Dummies and memorized it cover to cover.

Immediately after, cut to the another terrible, cliched cover song over a montage. Ya, yet one more Montage. Synder can't tell anyone anything about a character without a montage or dream sequence. Well or an expendable expositional character.

Now that the team is assembled, time to get everyone in a room and tell everyone the plan and reason it's hard to get in, but easy to get out.

Now, Keep in mind, except for there being Zombies, this could honestly being one of any 10 different movies, beat for beat. The fact this came out on Netflix and was made by Zack Synder mean that this movie could never have been good. But, This is even beyond any level of terrible and blatantly unoriginal that we come to except from BOTH Zack Synder and NetFlix. It's only been 34 minutes of two and a half hours and I think this movie was made on a bet. Because, can even Zack Synder be this oblivious and delusional to his complete lack of talent?

By the 40 minute mark and the "I'm Head of Security and I'm going with you. Whether you like it or not" Character, that this movie wasn't complete without. Oh, and also the "I was terrible Father and I'm getting this money for you. But I need your help" scene. I'm out. This movie is just everything we all knew about Zack Synder since 300, He can ONLY direct action scenes.

Now i'm just skipping through the rest, hoping to be entertained by Zombie Carnage. Because I need to be entertained by something in this overlong mess.

I hope this helped you decide not to watch this movie and just stare at a wall for two and half hours.

The Toll

Interesting Premise.
Firstly, I must say that main Female character is stupid, annoying, selfish, spoiled, entitled and an all around bad person. Very realistic to Modern Women, But I really wish a writer would write a likeable Female Character and stop making them so true to life. And the movie obviously wants us to be on her side, but other than just being a Woman, we're given no reason to remotely like her. Maybe Women will. :)

The main Male is an awkward, probably virgin. And he does grow on you. Mainly from being treated so bad by Annoying Girl.

The story itself is rather interesting, even if the Toll Man looks like the Tall Man. And i'll give the filmmakers credit for coming up with a mostly original idea. I don't need to recap, you can read the Synopsis above.

Asides from a scene with a purely expositional character, who shows up to tell the characters what's going on, an ending that is barely justified and of course Annoying Girl. This was a very enjoyable movie. Maybe not worth a second watch, but it a sequel came out, i'd watch it.

So long as their is a likeable Female Character in it.

Mortal Kombat

Makes the Original look like Casablanca.
Let's sum this up.

The fight scenes are stupid and make no sense. During the MMA scene, had the writers or choreographers ever even seen an MMA fight? Sad.

The writing is insanely sloppy and constantly contradicts itself.

The acting is terrible. Could they not a find an Asian person who could speak english AND act?

And those were the three strikes needed to make this movie a complete pile of crap.

HBO Max keeps up it's track record of releasing terrible, HUGE budget movies.

Wonder Woman 1984, Crap. The Snyder Cut, Crap, Godzilla VS. Kong, Crap.

It's all just crap.

Entity Project

Women Might Like It...
This movie was like being locked in a room, with a bunch of very stupid and incredibly annoying Women.

I doubt there was an actual script, as everything said was so vapid, it had to be real, between the Women.

As for the Horror. A few cheap jump scares and some by the book possession crap.

I can normally make it through the worst of movies by making fun of it and the characters, but this was almost impossible and i really wish i smoked a bowl beforehand.

All that being said, Women might enjoy and relate to the dialogue and even find the "Horror" entertaining. But, as a Guy, who is a huge Horror fan. This movie was pure torture.

Godzilla vs. Kong

Makes the Snyder Cut look like coherent, logical storytelling.
This is the only movie i've ever seen that get dumber by the minute and i've seen most Michael Bay movies.

The only reason to see this movie is the effects and action. If you turn your brain off. It's like the Science in this movie was proofed by the average person.

The "Human" Characters are all one dimensional and annoying as hell. They also only exist to stumble over plot points or know things they couldn't know.

Godzilla is finally the best, almost Real Godzilla like it's ever been. Too bad it's in this movie.

Kong, Wow. Kong was terrible. Great effects but just a complete simp. The movie tried to get across how Smart he was, but damn was He stupid. And femmy. He would go from ripping the heads off of monsters, being badass and then going right back to acting like a little girl. Sad.

And the less said about Mecha-Godzilla the better.

The only way you will like this movie is if you really like The Fast and Furious and Transformers movies.

Zack Snyder's Justice League

Zack Snyder to the MAX! Meaning, It REALLY Sucks.
The first 5 minutes of this movie is a perfect example of the rest. It could have been told in a fraction of the time and Zack Snyder is really trying hard to prove He's An Artist and fails on ALL levels.


Perfectly Captures 13-25 year old Women.
This movie did what it set out to do. Realistically capture what teenage girls are like and from moment one, I hated the main character.

There is no way to like or feel bad for these characters, they're just so annoying. It's like watching real Teenage Girls on social media. And as such, You just want to see them get murdered And get very happy when bad things happen to them.

Was that the point of the movie?

The Rental

Terrible PC Characters who show people today are the worst.
The main characters and their blind PC crap ruined this movie for me within minutes. A "Middle Eastern" chick has a chip on her shoulder for being who she is and makes it everyone else's problem, to the point you hate her. Like most under 30 PC idiots.

I am now just fast forwarding, hoping she dies a terrible death. That she deserves,

Bill & Ted Face the Music

Couldn't make it past 25 minutes.
I was very excited for this movie.But in the first 25 minutes, Female Diversity made it almost as unwatchable as the two TERRIBLE Daughters.

It may have gotten great, But the Ghostbuster's 2016 beginning killed it. Bill and Ted were great though and stole every scene they were in, in the first 25 minutes.

The Haunting of Hill House

As good as Netflix gets.
By the end of the first episode, I thought i was going to like this show. But, By halfway through the 3rd episode this show devolved into nothing but Women arguing, crying and just being all around unlikable. And like Stanger Things, i don't care if it picks up, the characters are just to unlikable.

Within the Woods of Undead County

Why was this made?
Short and sweet. This movie had nothing to it. There was no story and the acting was worse than 7th grade drama club. That's all you need to know. I could get into technical issues, but i'd be here all day.

This is a less than generic Zombie movie, Troma's Redneck Zombies is a masterpiece compared to this.

War Wolves

Don't Listen To Critic Wannabes
This movie wasn't great, but unlike other people making reviews so they can feel special. This movie was good. Most people see a movie and try to compare it to another movie so they don't have to think for themselves or they hear what other people say and go into the movie hating it before they have seen it, without thinking for themselves and come out trying to agree with what they read.

I never read anything about this movie before I saw it, and with not reading anything beforehand I enjoyed this movie.

Was it great, NO, was it entertaining and enjoyable, YES.

The complaints I have read on IMDb make me wonder if people have seen this movie or just want to make themselves feel like someone is listening to them.

The only complaint I have is the two hunting leads, they were too old and moved like it, I understand needing a name, but when someone needs a shotgun to help himself up or runs like my grandpa being chased by a mouse, you have to wonder if a name is worth making your movie funny at a seniors expense.

All in all without telling you what the movie is about or trying to spoil it, this is a good movie with funny moments and a message, even if said message made me want to turn it off.

Don't listen to the Ebert wannabes on this site, watch and enjoy.

And if you agree with them, go watch Transformers 2; you'll enjoy it as much as they did.

*This Message was Dictated, but Not Read*

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