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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

A real surprise, this is one to watch.
While I am not a huge fan of anything that comes after the illustrious first (and only) Terminator film, I thouroughly enjoyed this. Terminator 2 was visually great, toned down immesely from the first but had big bangs and good characters that made it work. The paradox (the first Terminator's CPU being used to design Skynet is hogwash) and the cop out finish with the refinery shoved in to top off the T1000) making the story moot it still delivered an entertaining film. T3 was underrated. Enjoyed that one. Salvation was a mixed bag, dialogue was awful. Genysis I enjoyed and again, Dark Fate same. But TSCC was engaging, Headey was the best Sarah Connor since Linda and Dekker was excellent as John Connor. Brian Austin Green was great in it Dillahunt was also excellent as the Terminator. Give this a chance to gain momentum, when it does I hope it's enjoyed as much as it was by me.

X: First Class

I tend to approach prequels with caution. Caprica is seriously lacking as are many others. Without dragging things out, this film has a first rate cast and engaging storyline. Something I believe the other X Men films lacked. They were all good films with amazing actors, the third film being a bit weak but they were all character stuff and wafer thin story lines. This has plots, ideas and many gap fillers of Mutants' introduction into society and provides a wonderful sub plot staged around a very significant part of American history. The script, action and characters are all excellent and so many idiots are watching this on download or computer screens. Do so at your own peril as this is one for the big screen. Restored a lot of faith in Marvel movies.... Oh, and I have a whole new respect for Kevin Bacon after seeing this!!


Sweet, sexy and fun!!!
This was on late TV one night and it was amusing enough at the start with some violence leading to a small bit of intrigue which kept me watching. It is only when Anna/Natasha gets to England the story gets moving and is quite funny in places. Watching her integration into school and English life presents a lot of smiles and surprises. It is a typical rural English village and Anna/Natasha raises quite a few eyebrows in the town but is well able to look after herself! The scenes within the Vicar's house, especially the ones with the son, are very funny. Anna/Natasha is clever, oozes sex appeal and is so watchable, providing a lot of surprisingly good moments. The story in this film is OK, but is definitely a B movie but I thoroughly enjoyed it and recorded it the next time it was on! Probably one of the sexiest movies I have ever seen which more than makes up for anything people might find missing...

Sleeping with the Enemy

I have just watched this for the umpteenth time on late night TV. The story is choreographed and told in a perfect fashion. Julia Roberts and Patrick Bergin are superb in their respective roles of the victim and the persecutor. The acting is first rate and the story of how Laura escapes from her evil husband and fakes her death is told in perfect pace. The supporting cast is excellent and the film is a perfect example of the material from which superstars are made. Julia Roberts and Patrick Bergin are first rate and should not be differentiated between as both deserved every award that was given. Trivia note: Patrick Bergin was the first Irish actor to star in a film that grossed over $100 million

The A-Team

What a shock!
I went to this with low expectations. Remake after remake was getting tiresome. Knight Rider was pitiful, the 80s one had it's own class. Battlestar was good to start then fizzled out in the last two seasons and V is good but is yet to really get moving. This is full throttle from the opening. I was really awestruck by how perfectly cast it was. The support is superb too and the story is original and up to date with the present era. It is absurd in a funny way at times but never stupid. I enjoyed this a lot more than any other I have seen in a long time. It's like a roller-coaster ride. When it's over you want to go back to the start!!

Iron Man 2

Top notch Marvel
I have to laugh at the amount of obviously stupid people who ran this film down and only went to it to find something wrong. I really enjoyed the first installment and it was the best kick off Marvel film to date but it presented an all too 'obviously going to be the bad guy' Stane. But little else to complain about. This film portrayed an unstable Stark played by the masterful Downey and showed his battles with drink, technology and public life in a real watchable fashion. Pepper Potts was wonderful and, as always Paltrow delivers a fine performance. Mickey Rourke was spine shiveringly amazing in his portrayal as Whiplash and was secretly deceptive in his intentions and abilities. Justin Hammer provides comic support too. Terrence Howard is forgotten in the blink of an eye and Cheadle is even better as Rhodie. The whole arms race and the military row over the Iron Man weapon is a great story and there is slow points in the middle of the film but when watched in full it's obvious that the entire film cannot be in fast forward. Nick Fury and Black Widow are played in superb form by Jackson and Johansson, providing blistering support and many surprises. The showdown at end is as always fantastic. The dialogue and action are all in true comic book style and I for one am looking forward to many more like this to come!

Star Trek: Mudd's Women
Episode 6, Season 1

I am watching the superb digitally remastered episodes of this amazing show and it's like watching for the first time again! This episode opened with the Enterprise chasing a space vessel, all brand new space shots and even the screen on the bridge is reworked to show a clearer picture of the fleeing vessel. Harry Mudd is beamed aboard and is under an alias for a period of time. He has 3 pretty women with him, all of whom have the men, bar Spock of course, virtually entranced. Enterprise eventually malfunctions due to the chase earlier. Eventually a mining station is reached and the ship repaired and the women remain with the miners. Average episode but good fun

Bionic Woman: Sisterhood
Episode 3, Season 1

Whilst still in it's infancy this show had a lot more good about it than bad. The babysitting side story was a bad idea, but watching Jamie adjust to her new lifestyle as a Government agent was interesting enough. I read people constantly complaining about this show, how? Angel and Buffy ran for years and were, in my opinion total tripe. This show has potential and I for one, will be disappointed if it is not going to be picked up. Michelle Ryan is very good in the lead role and the special effects are left in normal speed and not annoyingly slowed down like in every other show/movie. There is so much room for development here and Miguel Ferrer is pretty good in it too as he was in RoboCop. I really hope this is picked up as it has potential

Star Trek: The Next Generation: Conspiracy
Episode 24, Season 1

Not for kids!!
The Enterprise is en route to Pacifica, a world I would very much like to have seen! Picard is in his quarters resting and he receives a private transmission on code 47, Captain's eyes only. A first for the series, never to be used again. After communicating and then meeting with an old friend, Walker Keel and meeting several other Captains, all Starfleet's finest including Tryla Scott who made Captain faster than anyone else in Starfleet history, and never seen in a subsequent episode, an oversight. Picard beams back. Pacifica is put on hold, they leave orbit. Shortly later it is discovered Walker's ship has been destroyed. There is a conspiracy at work! Arriving at Earth, at Data's suggestion Admiral Quinn beams on board whilst Picard handles the planet side problem whilst the Enterprise are left to deal with 'Quinn' who is later discovered to be controlled by an organism. Riker beams to Earth and eventually destroys the mother creature with Picard which was within Dexter Remmick in an unnecessarily bloody scene. It is later discovered that Remmick sent a signal into space near the end. The episode was never followed up. Only complaint. I really enjoyed this as there had been some bad episodes in the first season...

Star Trek: The Next Generation: Justice
Episode 7, Season 1

Archaic laws......
When the Enterprise visits the almost idyllic Edo they are pleased and refreshed to find a loving, caring and trouble free people. Watch the scene where Worf growls 'nice planet...', as he is embraced by an Edo beauty! Away teams visit this beautiful planet and Wesley gets to playing with some of the younger people and accidentally falls into a flower bed. The laws state on this planet, laws unknown to the Enterprise crew, that the sentence for any infraction of any law is death. The Judicators acknowledge there is room for leniency until sundown when they insist their laws must be enforced! Picard explains that in Earth's past people were executed for heinous crimes but that law is a thing of the past and is deemed to be unworkable and archaic. The Prime Directive is in full force again here but the planet is protected by a 'God' in outer space. It seems that an entity is in orbit which is like a floating city which is partially visible and issues orders through a loud booming voice! Picard and Riker eventually negotiate Wesley's release and the Enterprise warps off, crew glad to be out of there. One of the worst episodes of the first season...

Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Best of Both Worlds
Episode 26, Season 3

At their best!
This episode started on a sombre note. The Borg were back. A Federation Outpost confirmed this and the Enterprise has an Admiral and a hotshot Lieutenant Commander with her eye on Riker's job on board as he has been offered his own command. To add insult to injury, she is in no way affected by Riker's usual charm and even sees through Riker's bluff at a poker game. The slow, and atmospheric build up in this is fantastic. The Borg are eventually encountered and their interests have changed. They order Picard to beam to their ship or they will destroy the Enterprise. Eventually he is abducted and Riker is thrown in at the deep end and put in command of Enterprise. His decisions at the onset are uncertain and is eventually able to mount a rescue plan, only to be thwarted by the Borg. When the away team return to the ship a new Borg Locutus, formerly Jean Luc Picard appears on screen and orders Riker to surrender, forcing him to make the ultimate decision, ending in one of Trek's best cliffhangers ever. Trivia fans should know George Murdock actor who played Admiral Hanson previously played Dr.Wilker in Battlestar Galactica and Elizabeth Dennehy is the daughter of actor Brian Dennehy and was my favourite to head up the Voyager cast....

Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Best of Both Worlds: Part II
Episode 1, Season 4

At their best!
When the Enterprise's deflector weapon fails to destroy the Borg ship the crew are aghast and are now left with a damaged deflector preventing space flight. Repaired quickly, they warp off to intercept the Borg. Field promoted to Captain, Riker uncomfortably promotes Shelby to First Officer and a plan is mounted. They catch up with the Borg and the ship separates, a plan Picard had been briefed on. Watch Riker carefully executing a plan to rescue Picard as it was something the Captain would never have done for one man. With Locutus now liberated Riker orders Data to communicate with him. Patrick Stewart is superb here as Locutus and deservedly won an Emmy for this! Data eventually reaches Picard through his link to Locutus and comprehends Picard's message and puts the Borg into regeneration. The malfunction destroys the Borg ship and Picard is no longer connected to the Borg. When he is asked by Riker how much he remembers, Picard answers wistfully 'everything'... Setting up the story for the superb follow up episode 'Family'.

Alien Nation: Fountain of Youth
Episode 1, Season 1

This is a fast paced episode and Matt and George are investigating suspicious deaths in a Tenctonese hospital. Matt's old school mate shows up as a Doctor there and is looking fresh and healthy, and as George notes, considerably younger than Matt, despite the fact they are the same age. They later make the horrifying discovery that Newcomers are being killed during minor operations and a body part that controls metabolism is being removed and placed in Humans and making the recipient considerably younger. This dealt with exploitation and the horrid thought of living beings being used as a commodity and was the start of a fantastic too short lived run series.


Proper Trek
I was hesitant about this as Voyager was a maximum of ten decent episodes in it's 7 year run. When I saw Scott Bakula's name toplining the cast I felt reassured as I loved Quantum Leap. The series kicked off with the best pilot by far and a bloody good run of four seasons. I firmly believe Voyager had an awful lot of Trekkies turn against TV Trek. This show was carefully thought out and had a good crew with likable characters. The series met an unfortunate demise and was not continued. With Star Trek's history now altered by the latest movie this is the only 'valid' show and should be continued with a TV movie or movies. A story involving a disastrous first contact mission leading to the establishment of the Prime Directive and/or the onset of hostilities with the Klingons would make for great viewing as this cast was top notch and deserves it....

Terminator Salvation

Money spinner
I was uncomfortable about watching this but did so with some friends and found myself as appalled as I was watching the empty second and third installments. The whole concept is flawed and has become a pathetic money spinning yarn. The first film was an excellent stand alone movie and when the endless one liner filled second installment came along I was crushed by the oversight of the paradox. A computer designed from the brain chip of a Terminator it sent back in time to kill Sarah??? This film is headed by a very boring Christian Bale who has as much passion and personality as the bullets he shoots. Antoin Yelchin gave a good turn as Kyle Reese but it was not enough to save this insult of a movie. The first is an excellent stand alone film and if anyone has sense they will forget the 'pure entertainment' sequels. The Arnie CGI at the end is incredible and it was one of the two things that impressed me. I won't be watching this again...

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Real Transformers!!
This story opened with the Military and Autobots working together to fight the remaining Decepticons on Earth. The special effects in the Shanghai sequence are spectacular. The story rolls on and into Sam's personal life and is entertaining and funny. Bumblebee is once again a scene stealer. Sam's involvement in the Transformer's plight was carefully orchestrated and interesting. The only problem is, from where Sam leaves home it becomes a real Transformers story and those who are not hard core Transformers fans will complain. It transcends into an almost cartoon type story and I loved it, the entire background story, the Fallen and the history. The Constructicons and Devastator were amazing. The special effects are truly incredible. The story is a bit long and hard to take in at a first watch but it is a true Transformers story and should be given the thumbs up for giving us a much less a human story than the last one. I can't wait for the third!

Star Trek

Great future
I went to see this with a lot of nervousness as I thought Quinto, Urban and Saldana were the only ones who looked right for the roles. I took to Pine within a few minutes of watching and Quinto the same. Saldana didn't get nearly enough screen time but in all honesty was given the time that is usually alloted to Uhura and brought all the warmth and beauty that Nicholls brought to the original Uhura. When I saw and heard Karl Urban as McCoy I got a shiver down my spine! Not only looked like a young DeForest Kelley but had the gruffness and almost identical personality! The Nero angle and Spock (Nimoy) involvement was sub story enough not to take us away from the leads. Chekov was young, brash and as green as a 17 year old would be. The loss of Amanda, Spock's mother is left to be continued. The destruction of Vulcan is a puzzle and the survivors must have relocated to a planet they renamed Vulcan to be in the universe we know. Sarek and the supporting parts were satisfactory and in all it's been a long time since I've enjoyed a movie as much as I did this. Begone all ye naysayers....

Alien Nation: The Udara Legacy

At it's best
This movie was an unfortunate last and in my opinion one of the best of the five follow up films. At last we see some looks into the Newcomer Slaves' rebellion ranks, not talked about enough in the series or previous movie installments. The story of Udara and it's trained members made for great viewing. Susan Francisco's involvement and the depth of her feelings about her commitment to the cause was brilliant. Buck's decision to enlist in the Police Academy was carefully handled and Susan's reaction was real believable family drama. This family are one of the best imagined and acted I've ever seen and all work well together. Emily's and Buck's ties are real brother and sister support and works great in the story. The political angle in this was excellent and tied nicely into the story. It is a real shame no more Alien Nation emerged as this was brilliant and well crafted

Hostel: Part II

More Unbelievable Rubbish
I watched this second movie, again with a bit of chagrin. The start was plausible and the holiday etc rolled on. The girls go on holiday and become lured, then trapped in the 'Hostel'. Then the disgusting torture porn starts. Everything that happens in this film is again, JUST NOT BELIEVABLE. It is pure imaginary sadism coming from the mind of mentally unwell people who seem to get off on watching others suffer. The scene where the girl hung upside down and is carved and slashed to death by a sicko with a scythe is utterly disgusting and disturbing. The rest is just as terrible. At a lot of points it seems a little dragged out. The end, and revenge angle was justice done etc was enjoyable but entirely predictable, and the same as the first. That's why my comment about this imaginary crud is similar to the first installment. Didn't enjoy this either and those who did need help. I was genuinely surprised they're making a third one...


Pure Hokum
I watched this movie with a bit of chagrin. The start was plausible and the holiday etc rolled on. When the lads go on holiday and become trapped in the 'Hostel' the disgusting torture porn starts. Everything that happens in this film is just NOT BELIEVABLE. It is pure imaginary rubbish coming from the mind of people who seem to get off on watching others suffer. The film could easily have been 30 minutes shorter. At a lot of points it seems a little dragged out. The end, and revenge angle was justice done etc was enjoyable but entirely predictable. Didn't enjoy this and those who did need help. I was genuinely surprised they made a second one...

Battlestar Galactica: Daybreak: Part 2
Episode 20, Season 4

Spectacular finish
After the buildup from last week this kicks off in top gear. The fleet is poised in space as Galactica jumps, on it's rescue mission to save Hera from the Cylons and Cavil's nefarious hands. Galactica jumps in pretty close to the centre of the Cylon's 'Capital' and without spoiling too much the rescue is well underway. This is high speed action from almost the first minute of this fantastic extended finale and provides plenty of jaw dropping moments and the visual effects are stunning. This brings a fitting end to a roller-coaster 4 year adventure through space. The one big puzzle in this is Starbuck. What was her part in it all? Each viewer will have to draw their own conclusions, I think... I for one will adding this to my DVD collection the moment it is released in full with many extras, hopefully! Watch for Ronald D.Moore in a cameo near the closing scene. Fitting as he was the genius behind this brilliant show and many of the best of Trek's more interesting episodes in TNG and DS9.

Star Trek: The Next Generation: Conundrum
Episode 14, Season 5

This was a fun episode from Next Generation's best Season. We see the crew with their memories blocked early in the show and a new crew member on board. With a lot of suspense they establish their identities with a disappointed Worf being told he's the ship's Security Officer!Eventually it is established the Enterprise is at war with the Lyssians and they are under orders to destroy their home base. Commander Riker and Ensign Ro become increasingly close and even end up sharing a bed! The puzzlement between the crew was fun to watch and eventually Commander McDuff is found out to be the enemy and his plan is thwarted. Watch Worf, even through his memory loss, obey the Captain! The closing scene between Troi, Ro and Riker is quite funny and ended an episode I'm sure was designed just to get Riker and Ro into bed!!

Star Trek: The Next Generation: Where Silence Has Lease
Episode 2, Season 2

We get to see Worf's exercise programs on the Holodeck for the first time in this and it is an interesting method the Klingon uses to vent his anger. Commander Riker is quite surprised at the intensity of the program! After the two succeed in defeating their Holodeck adversaries, Riker is shocked when Worf turns to challenge him, wishing to continue fighting! The Enterprise later investigates an unusual anomaly in space and end up being drawn into a wicked plan by a malevolent entity who wishes to toy with the lives of the Enterprise crew. Picard is aghast when the being, now identified as Nagilum kills a crew member to see someone dying as it is an experience unknown to it. As a show of defiance by Picard, he decides to destroy Enterprise rather than let Nagilum kill the crew to satisfy it's own curiosity. After this Nagilum departs as it's needs cannot be satisfied. Picard deactivates the auto destruct and the bridge crew breath a sigh of relief. Picard later faces Nagilum on his monitor in his Ready Room and tells it plainly if the Enterprise encounters it again it will be in space and under his terms. The Yamato was seen in this, identified as NCC 1305 E but production decided this number was somehow out of order and was changed to NCC 71807 when the ship was seen again in 'Contagion'.

Battlestar Galactica: A Disquiet Follows My Soul
Episode 12, Season 4

This episode sees the start of the uprising against the Cylon alliance. With Tom Zarek and Felix Gaeta hand in hand the thrills and excitement will keep you glued to the screen from almost the first minute. Starbuck's hard attitude is wearing a bit thin though and will get a wake up call soon. So much goes on in this and if you look away for a second you'll miss something important! Where it will go from here is hard to say. With Cylons being blocked from going aboard fleet ships against Adama's orders, it's difficult to keep track of what the outcome of the alliance will eventually be. Tyrol and Tigh give great support here too. Surprises abound, you will definitely be counting the days till next week's episode!!!

Battlestar Galactica: Sometimes a Great Notion
Episode 11, Season 4

What next?
Waited patiently for this follow up to a stunning season mid break. As the alliance stand on a scorched Earth we get treated to more and more questions than were answered. The sets are truly stunning for this show. What happens is very confusing as is Tyrol's experience and will leave you reeling! Edward Olmos is stunning and carries the weight of the fleet and it's misfortunes. Michael Hogan is awesome and puts in a hell of a performance. Shock after shock comes in this. So get ready, for a real blast. The show has never been stronger. Are they actually on Earth? I wonder. I for one will be waiting with baited breath for a new episode every week...

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