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DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Their Time Is Now

This is a really fun show
If you're wondering whether the show is for you or not, don't listen to the wannabe film critics who pretend that they know anything about Cinematography, lighting scenes or dialogue or script writing. Watch it for yourself; not because I suggest that you do & not because this "documentary" tells you to either.

All it's for is introducing the characters, almost ALL of whom you'll already know if you watch the other DC shows like Arrow & Flash.

Getting past all of that, I'll tell you why I enjoy this show so much. For one thing, it doesn't take itself overly seriously. There are absolutely moments of seeing the characters facing tragic situations. However, with the shows that are written with more darkness like Arrow or can be a little TOO drama filled from episode to episode sometimes like Flash.

Legends takes the characters from those two shows, with the occasional crossover between the four of them, and yes, it's the very predictable setup where you root for the underdogs. But that doesn't make the show any less fun.

I really enjoy the banter between characters, the Easter eggs or references to other roles the actors have played but it doesn't steal the focus either.

They bicker, blow up at each other, make an absolute mess of history but they have fun doing it and even more fun trying to fix it.

There's a lot of slapstick level jokes made and when things do get serious, they all do everything they can to pull themselves & each other up by the britches.

They're not the best show with the long, drawn out storylines that get overly producedi..Howard to5nqathpu.phipqobkpi

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