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The Bear Who Slept Through Christmas

A Christmas Favorite from DePatie-Freleng
This is one of my favorite Christmas TV specials by the animation team who had done the "Pink Panther" cartoons. I vaguely remember watching this special on the channel Teletoon in its early days, and it never cross my mind to tape it. But thank God I recently discovered on YouTube and I watched through my smart TV.

The special is about a bear named Theodore Edward Bear (or Ted .E. Bear) who wanted to know what Christmas is since he was young. Every year he tried to stay awake to see Christmas, since bears sleep through the winter and never see Christmas. So one year despite naysayers who laugh at him and getting fired from his job at the Organic Honey Works plant, Ted sets out to the big city (in the human world) to find Christmas. Will he succeed? well you will have to watch and see what happens. You know in 1983, there is another Ted .E. Bear TV special for Halloween called "The Great Bear Scare." Of course, I didn't know it existed 'til I watched it online, and after that I had I thought: "I love this special WAY better."

I really consider this and other Christmas specials, criminally underrated and never seen on TV anymore! I mean the next generation of kids, including my young nephew, should watch these for their Christmas holidays. So anyway, I love every bit of this special, and I really wish it was on a DVD.

Futari Wa Pretty Cure

Toei has done well again for this series
This is another animated series I automatically love after searching for anime series to watch; especially series from Toei Animation I love their stuff. I vaguely remembered seeing a snippet of this "magic girl" when it was on YTV and in English. But I don't actually remember when I saw it. I was curious though, so I looked at fan-art and screencaps online and thought: "I wanna watch that show now!" Fortunately when I got my account on Crunchyroll in 2015, I found this series on it, watch it and now it is another "magic girl" favorite; I have thirty-two other favorites.

As I could remember the story goes that two stuffie-like "fairies" had traveled from home world known as the Field of Light and enlist two girls Nagisa Misumi and Honoka Yukishiro, to become the Legendary Warriors of light called Pretty Cure to battle the evil Dark Zone and protect the Field of Light's precious treasure - the Prism Stones.

I must say that Toei had done well again in the magic girl genre. I thought this anime is awesome with humor as well as superb animation (I always say that I know). I love the episode where Honoka's parents came to visit her on her birthday, and the episode where her dog Chutaro made friends with a lost puppy. So despite a couple of characters I really hate (which I don't want to talk about), I love every bit of this series. And I know I would say this but I wish the series in on North American DVD.

Shônen Ashibe GO! GO! Goma-chan

A humorous, lighthearted seal story
Here is another adorable anime series I found on Crunchyroll with an equally adorable, pleasant story about the friendship between a baby spotted seal called Goma-chan and a little boy named Ashibe Ashiya. Another reason I love this series is because I love seals.

Based on a manga serialized in 1988, this story was then adapted into an anime series in 1991. But since I had never seen that anime series, this series is the only version that I now love. I had also heard that the adorable Goma-chan had created a massive following as well as a spotted seal boom.

So all I have to say is that I really love this series with its humorous, lighthearted story and wonderful animation. Also I'd wish the series in on North American DVD.

Xiao men shen

An Chinese film with superb animation despite flaws
I came across this animated film on Netflix, and I thought it was great film despite some lines that are lame and Bella Thorne's voice acting is out-of-place (sorry). But the animation is really awesome, which is why I gave the ten out of ten rating.

The story is about two spirit brothers Yulei and Shentu. They are also "Door Gods" that are facing unemployment along with other spirits because the humans no longer believe in spirits in this modern age. After hearing from the now-fired Earth God (Beckett in the dub), Yulei hatches a misguided plan to unleash a demon called the Nian. Despite Shentu's objections Yulei went to the human world to break the three seals to release the Nian. Along the way, he came across a girl named Yu'er (or Raindrop) after saving her from some dogs. Then he handed her a medallion and left to continue on. Yu'er meanwhile was having troubles of her own. She and her mom Xiaoying (Luli) are facing closure of their soup shop and competition with nasty restaurant owner Boss Hu (Mr. Rogman). So that's all I am telling you folks. You will have to see the movie for yourself if you have Netflix.

Anyway, I love every bit of this film with its superb animation and despite the flaws I had mentioned. Also I really wish it was on DVD.

Mahmut ile Meryem

A wonderfully told tragic, Turkish love story
My first glimpse of Turkish TV was watching my parents watch on Netflix the crime drama "Behzat Ç." Then I got curious about what other Turkish TV series I might find, until I came across this periodic, dramatic miniseries; I love and wish I could own it on DVD.

The series' story take place in the 16th Century in Gence, and it centers around a Muslim prince and Christian girl who fell in love. But their religions kept them apart. That's all I have to say to you fans of period dramas. You would have to see it for yourselves; if you have Netflix that is. You know, after I had watched this series, I thought that fate is a hideous b***h goddess - pardon me. Anyway I think this series has wonderfully told tragic love story.

Shigatsu wa kimi no uso

A lovely yet sad anime series for lovers of Classical Music
I was quite curious about this series as a lover of Classical Music. One doubt I had is that I would have to buy the original manga. But I didn't care after I had watched this romantic anime, for I thought it has a lovely yet sad story.

For the story: still suffering from a trauma from a neglected childhood, former musical prodigy Kousei Arima had never played the piano in years. Until one spring day, he encounters a beautiful yet eccentric-acting girl Kaori Miyazono, who plays the violin. After a competition, Kaori asks Kousei to be her accompanist, but now he has to face his past to play on stage again. That's all I am tellin' you folks, you will have to see for yourself.

My favorite character is Kaori. I just love her adorable, happy-go-lucky, free-spirited personality. I think her and Kousei would have made a good couple. So despite a couple of other characters I really hate (which I don't want to talk about), I love every bit of this series with its superb animation. Also I wish the series in on North American DVD.

Kikô shôjo wa kizutsukanai

An awesome "harem" fantasy anime with humor and superb animation
I was curious about this series, and I wasn't sure if I want to watch it because of these two things: The series is based on a "light novel" series and I would have to buy it (a bad habit of mine) - but the books aren't in English yet. Also I thought the series might resemble "Battle Doll Angelic Layer". Fortunately it doesn't for the story takes place in an alternate, "steam-punk" universe where mechanics and magic combine and it known as "Machinart."

One lad who dabbles in Machinart named Raishin Akabane came to England from Japan, along with his "doll" Yaya, to enroll in an academy specializing in Machinart to build up his skills to enter a festival's battle competition, where the "dolls" battle each other, and to defeat his enemy afterwards.

I really loved the ending theme and I know I would say this a few times, but I say this series is an awesome "harem" fantasy with humor and superb animation. Also I wish there is a second season because don't you hate cliff-hangers.

Suisei no Gargantia

Another awesome sci-fi series with a terrific story
This anime series is another sci-fi favorite after I watched it. I was going to watch it on Netflix, but I had bought the series on DVD instead.

It has been a long while since I had finished the series, so all I could remember is that during a battle in farthest reach of space, a young soldier named Ledo and his Machine Caliber (an artificial intelligent, automated, humanoid-shaped battle suit) called "Chamber" got propelled in a wormhole, and marooned on a strange ocean planet where there are humans there live on what looks like a town and a battleship put together. Reluctantly Ledo adjusts to the lifestyle of the "fleet" Gargantia. Then after much calculating, he had discover that the ocean planet is really the birth place of humanity - Earth.

I love the ending theme and I thought Amy's pet Grace is ubber cute! Also I don't have else anything to say about this series other than it has great animation as well as a terrific story. This series also make me want to watch the Kevin Costner movie "Waterworld," only in that movie has different story line then "Gargantia." Overall, "Gargantia" is another awesome anime series.

Ao no ekusoshisuto

An awesome new supernatural anime to watch
I'm always on the look-out for new supernatural anime to watch or manga to read. Then I had come across pictures for this series was curious about it. I had come across the original manga and I thought it was really awesome; I had read up to volume seven. Of course I think both manga and anime series are awesome too.

It has been a long while since I had finished Season One on Netflix, but all I could remember is this: Raised by a priest exorcist named Shiro Fujimoto, Rin and Yukio Okumura are twin brothers living in a monastery. But during a demonic attack and Fujimoto getting possessed by Satan himself, Rin learns that he and his brother are in fact Satan's half-blooded sons. Then Fujimoto kills himself. So fueled by vengeance, Rin decides to become an exorcist himself to defeat Satan, and he enrolls in a cram school along with other would-be exorcists with Yukio as their professor.

You know I'd started to hate Izumo Kamiki for being a total b***h for making a fool out of Shiemi Moriyama (the main lady). Also I had thought Izumo's only friend Noriko Paku left cram school for just not keeping up, but also she the disappointment she has for her for the way she treated Shiemi, when she only wanted their friendship.

All in all, I love every bit of this awesome TV series, and I wish it was on North American DVD.

Ginga tetsudô monogatari

An awesome sci-fi anime series by Captain Harlock's Leiji Matsumoto
Here is an awesome sci-fi anime series I love by the creator of "Space Pirate Captain Harlock" - Leiji Matsumoto. I was really whether this series is a spin-off of a story Leiji worked on for a manga called "Galaxy Express 999," which has been adapted into an animated series by Toei Animation in 1979. Of course after questioning, I know now that this series has no direct relation with Galaxy Express, except for the very same trains that can travel the far reaches of outer space.

The series' story as I could remember centers around Manbu Yuuki and the many trials he faces when he enlists in the S.D.F (or the Space Defence Force) just like his father and older brother before him. Then the story leads to a climatic battle with invaders from a parallel universe. Overall I would say this series is an awesome from a sci-fi genius like Leiji Matsumoto. With superb animation and awesome sci-fi action.

The Scarlet Letter

Favorite movie based on Nathaniel Hawthorne's novel
You know, it really baffles me when people review a movie because they had read the original book and say it doesn't live up to the book. This is a movie review and NOT a book to movie comparison review. I think some people would want to know about this movie's existence and not how well it was scripted from the book. Of course, I really enjoyed this movie based on Nathaniel Hawthorne's novel after watching it on YouTube through my smart TV. But since I had never seen the 1926 and the 1995 version, this film from 1934 is the only version of the novel I now love. And also I think Disney fans would love to see this film, because Hardie Albright (Arthur Dimmsdale) was Bambi's adolescent voice.

I thought Pearl (in this film) was a cute kid, and it was sad the other kids won't play with her because they are "mini-versions" of their parents, including one punk-a** kid who takes after his battle-axe mom. As for the comedy between two original characters that everyone bashes about, I found it to be a "breath of fresh air" to a somber (yet beautifully told) story. Overall I really love this film; that is my last words.

Room and Bored

Favorite Fox and Crow cartoon
This is the first Fox & Crow cartoon I had ever reviewed. I have had watched this cartoon series from Columbia Pictures on YouTube, and I'm starting to like those two guys as a fox-lover. This short has to be my favorite and it shows nice character study between the refined, fastidious fox and the loud, obnoxious, rough-neck "New-Yorkese" crow.

I thought the part where Crow shooting a toy Japanese warship with a real pistol in the bath and the "rapids ride" down the stairs, when the bath water was drain by the holes the gun made was a little funny. I like this cartoon because I would act out lines from it, and I would make those lines a little more funny. Overall, my last word is that it's a really good short, and I still think there should a DVD with all of the Fox & Crow cartoons.

The Cats Bah

Pepe le Pew's Casbah
"The Cat's Bah" is another cartoon favorite starring Pepe le Pew after watching the 1938 movie "Algiers," which gave some inspiration for Pepe's character. Also I had wondered what the Casbah is in the phrase "Come with me to the Casbah."

This cartoon is basically Pepe being interview about "the greatest love" of his life, and as his story unfolds we see him meet Penelope Pussycat as a pet of an American tourist; then white paint splats on her back from a ship painter's brush. This cartoon was also the first one in which Penelope's name was mention, and was officially given the name ever since.

As I had said before: I do not have one particular scene I like because I love this cartoon from beginning to end.

Tom Tom Tomcat

A funny Western starring Tweety
Here is another cartoon favorite starring Tweety, one of my favorite Looney Tunes characters. I kind of like the idea of the Native American cats riding on bigger cats with mustang patterns like their human/horse counterparts. Mind you that this cartoon has a stereotypical depiction of Native American indians, but this cartoon is still a funny western to me.

I thought the other cats look like relatives of Sylvester because of their colors and since he's one of the "tribe" of cats trying to get Tweety. I really don't have one particular scene that I like because I love this cartoon from beginning to end.

Road to Andalay

Falcon tomfoolery in another Speedy Gonzales favorite
As I had said, I have found negativity towards the Speedy Gonzales cartoons that were made in the late 1960s', but I frankly enjoy them including this one. In this Speedy cartoon, Sylvester doesn't want to lose face as a mouse-catcher, takes on falconry to catch the fastest mouse in all of Mexico. So that is all I have to say about the story - spoilers you know.

I thought the animation of Sylvester getting peck by Malcolm the falcon is really funny. I don't care if the rest of the animation is shoddy like most Looney Tunes fans think, but it's the story is what I love about this cartoon. So anyway, I thought this cartoon is another Speedy Gonzales favorite.

The Little Cut-Up

Another favorite Noveltoon with rhyming you would find in a children's book
Here is another "Noveltoon" I love after I had found it and watched it on YouTube. To me, it is like an adapt of a children's book version of the story of George Washington and the Cherry tree. The reason I had said "a children's book version," is because of the rhyming in this cartoon is like the rhyming you would find in books like Madeline and ones by Dr. Seuss.

I know you might hear this from me, but I thought the little animals and blue birds are really cute! And I say this a few times too, but I have nothing else to say about this cartoon, other than the animation is perfect. So anyway, this cartoon is another favorite Noveltoon.

Junketsu no Maria

Another instant anime favorite with stunning animation
Here is another instant anime favorite. As I had said, I am always on the look-out for new anime to watch and manga to read. So I had come across this violent and..."ecchi" manga (which I didn't know it had that kind of content), and I thought it was really great. I had read all of the three translated volumes, and now it's one of my favorite manga series; I'm really into witches . I was really surprised that an anime adaptation of the manga had been made, so I had watched it online and love it.

The story is set during The Hundred Years' War, where a young French witch name Maria, who some unknown reasons despise the fighting and uses her illusions and familiars to intervene during battles. But as a powerful witch, news of her magic became known in Heaven and the Archangel Michael came to Maria. He warns her not to use magic publicly and say if she loses her virginity, her powers would be lost. To make sure Maria would not interfere, Michael send a young female angel Ezekiel to oversee that the orders are carried out. I didn't know why the she was named "Ezekiel;" isn't it a male name?

So anyway, that is all I have to say about this anime series folks, and I love it for its story and stunning animation

Tweet Zoo

Looney Tunes' bird-and-cat duo at the Zoo
Tweety & Sylvester are one of my favorite Looney Tunes characters. This is also the first Tweety & Sylvester cartoon I had ever reviewed, and this cartoon is one of my favorites from the bird-and-cat duo. Another reason I love this cartoon is because I love the zoo, and in this cartoon Tweety is a zoo bird, until Sylvester opened the door to his cage and chases him.

I love the design on the zoo animals and Sylvester's fearful jabbering before: "Alligators!" that was really funny. Another line I love is Tweety's: "Ooh! You're a glutton, Mr. Elephant!" after being sucked up by the elephant's trunk, and spitted out. I know I say this a few times, but I'm sorry to said that I have nothing else to say about this cartoon other than the animation is perfect, and I thought it's another favorite.

I Was a Teenage Thumb

Another Chuck Jones favorite
I remembered 10 years ago (or was it 9 years?) that I had seen this Chuck Jones cartoon on an episode of the 1970 TV series "The Merrie Melodies Show" before the TV went from Analog to Digital. I never thought much about it until I had watched the uncensored version online now it is another Chuck Jones favorite besides "Go Fly a Kit" - top favorite that is.

The story is basically a satirical take on the English re-telling of "Tom Thumb" published by Joseph Jacobs. Now I'm not sure if there is a pun intended for Merlin's full given name. It was hard for me to choose which cartoon adaptation of the fairy-tale I love: this one or the 1948 cartoon from Paramount called "The Mite Makes Right." I would say that I love both cartoons. I also love the vocal talents of Richard Peel and Julie Bennett as Mr. and Mrs George Ebenezer Thumb.

OH! I almost forgot to mention that Chuck had done a Tom Thumb short 23 years ago called "Tom Thumb In Trouble." But I love this short better.

Rabbit's Feat

Another Bugs Bunny/Wile E. Coyote favorite
This is another favorite Bugs Bunny cartoon that features Wile E. Coyote as an adversary. You know, this is one of the last three Bug/Wile E. cartoons before the original Warner Bros. cartoon studio shut down in 1964.

I love the part where Wile E. lunges at Bugs and falls into the cauldron of water intended for the rabbit. And Wile E.'s eyes and nose peered out of the water to glare at Bugs during his: "Oh Father! You're stewed again!" I also love it when Wile E. mentions the "dynamite-in-the-carrot" idea, Bugs screams and Wile E. freaks, falls on his face, and then Bugs: "That it'd hurt." So anyway, this is another Bugs Bunny favorite.

Hare-Way to the Stars

My favorite cartoon with Bugs and Marvin
This is my favorite Bugs Bunny cartoon that features Marvin the Martian as an adversary. Of course, it was vying with the last Bugs/Marivn cartoon from 1963 "Mad as a Mars Hare," but I love this cartoon better. I also love Maurice Noble's layout work for Mars, very good stuff there. I also like the sound of Marivn's "Where's the kaboom?" I'm funny that way. And the "mirror" scene between Bugs and one of the dehydrated Martians.

I am sorry to said that I have nothing else to say about this cartoon, other than the animation is perfect. So anyway, I thought this is another Bugs Bunny favorite.

The Bon Bon Parade

Another great "Color Rhapsody" cartoon from Columbia
I thought this is another great "Color Rhapsody" cartoon from Columbia to me. It is about a poor orphan boy who is magically transported to Candy Town, as it was his wish granted by a candy cherub in return for not eating him. Anyway in Candy Town, the king and all the citizens throw a welcome parade for the boy.

Like those who had seen this cartoon, I love the floats for Valentine's, Easter and Christmas treats. Though the animators left out a float for Halloween candy, but of course the film is eight minutes long. I also love the "Waddley, Waddley, Waddley Wee," that sounded funny to me. Now I don't know what else I like about this cartoon, except that I love it.

Pappy's Puppy

A Friz Freleng cartoon similar to Spike, Tyke and Tom from MGM
I like this Friz Freleng cartoon featuring Sylvester the cat of the Tweety and Sylvester duo. In this cartoon, he has to deal Butch Bulldog's little puppy son who is learning to dislike and attack cats. Also, Sylvester never spoke in this cartoon. I love Junior's design, he is so flippin' cute!

I am sorry that I had to give this cartoon a 9 star rating because of the similarities to Spike, Tyke and Tom from MGM's cartoons. But I do love the animation in it along with Hawley Pratt's layouts. And as I said Junior's design is so flippin' cute, I'm sorry to repeat that part. So this is all I have to say about this Looney Tunes cartoon.

Rabbit Fire

My favorite "hunting" cartoon by Chuck Jones and Michael Maltese
This is my favorite out of the three "hunting" cartoons from Chuck Jones and one of his writers Michael Maltese.

I love it when Daffy's beak goes in every directions when ever he gets shot by Elmer, when when Daffy disguise himself as a rabbit and Bugs as a duck and when they disguise themselves as a woman hunter and her dog. Well I don't necessarily go with Bugs dressing in drag, I mean it may be funny way back then but I think it's...kind of disturbing now. I also thought it is amazing that Mel Blanc make his character voices (Bugs & Daffy) imitate each other.

So anyway, that is all I have to say about this cartoon is that I really love it.

Uchû kaizoku kyaputen Hârokku

Another retro favorite with superb animation and sci-fi action
Here is another "retro" anime series from Toei I automatically love after watching it on DVD. The box-set just caught my eye and as a fan of Toei Animation I had to buy it.

This series is based on a manga that became wildly successful after the series, movies and OVAs (Original Video Animation) were made. The story set in the year 2977, when despite advance technology and space colonialism had turned Earth in a..simi-dystopian state, where everybody lazily goes about their entertainment like greyhound/horse races the planet's inept government part takes in. But there is one man who strongly disapproves of what goes on - Captain Harlock, who had become a space pirate fighting against the government along with his crew on the spaceship Arcadia. But when plant-based aliens known as the Mazone plan to invade Earth, Harlock and his crew are now the planet's only hope.

I love little Mayu Ōyama, I thought she is a cute kid. For pairings, I shipped Kei Yuki and the newest member of the Arcadia Tadashi Daiba and I don't mean boats. I also ship Zorba the Tokargan & Lucia the Mazone nurse from episode #24. So overall, I really love this series for its superb animation and sci-fi action.

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