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The Hurt Locker

I'm not a US Iraqi veteran or a soldier - I don't even know any soldiers. Neither am I from the middle east and don't know anyone from there but even to me it was clear that this film was complete BS. The bomb in the car scene, disobeying orders like that, the firefight at night, the desert shoot out... It was all completely ridiculous. I can only imagine how former Iraqis or veterans feel.

I couldn't believe this film got best picture. The reviews are so disappointing to me. Reading some of them is making me start to believe that I'm actually more intelligent than a lot of other people - or the people that are reviewing this film here anyway.

It's still a film worth watching, some of the cinematography and scenes were shot OK (even with all the continuity errors) and it was interesting to see some of the gear the guys use as well as the terrain the work in. I thought the main actor did well also - he carried a lot of it for me - made me see it through to the end. It's just such a pity because it could have been so much more.

I think that the director Bigelow worked on the script. While she deserves credit for some of the shots she should be lambasted for allowing that script to be used in the end-product.

This gets an Oscar, while Transformers 3 breaks box office records? Cmon guys, surely we can do better than this. Remember the Shawshank Redemtion? Movies from the 50s were better than these ones. Am starting to believe that we're allowing the wrong people to have children on this planet.

Never Back Down

If you like MMA give it a go
OK it's a 2008 version of the Karate kid with a bit of bite added to it, but if you're a UFC fan you'll enjoy the fight sequences and it could be worth a go.

The main character is a bit angry to be a Danny from the Karate Kid films but the story follows the same principles non the less.

It is a tacky enough film with some bad acting from one or two actors (though they probably didn't have that many takes given the budget).

I can't believe I'm giving this a 9 but there are so many films out there that I just don't enjoy these days that for me it was a good film - If you like this sport I think it's a must see, if you don't like the sport and you're a dude; you should check out the sport!! Better than boxing!

Deep Blue Sea

Unpredictably good
Well directed, good effects and an unpredictable ending. The two, what we're led to believe are the main characters, the good looking cool white guy and Dr. girl don't necessarily survive and neither does the big name actor in the flick!

Some good action sequences and a nice direction. Cinematography was OK also.

Worth watching.

See it.

If you want.

Didn't know these comments had to be a minimum of 10 lines, dunno if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

Casino Royale

Bad Jason Bourne Copy
OK action film with bad dialog, coincidences and the most ridiculous game of poker I have seen. Critics are paid to point out the flaws in movies-which Bond films have in abundance but get away with it because they're "just" Bond films.

The scene on the train where Bond tries to read Moneypenny and vice versa made me feel like punching both of them along with the script writer and the director. It's one of the tackiest pieces of pretentious dialog I have ever seen. How this film got a 9.5 out of 10 in rottentomatoes.com when Harsh Times is called unrealistic is a mystery to me.

Better than other more recent Bond films in general (not hard) and for action sequences especially - but I still don't know why 007 climbs the scaffolding to follow the bomb maker instead of just following him from below. Although it's nothing that hasn't been done before and done better in the Bourne movies.

Also how does Bond know that Moneypenny is running into a trap when she says she's going outside to meet Matheus? It then take weeks for M to ring Bond to ask where the 110 million dollars is. He sails to Venice stopping off at a beach or two and sends in his resignation before he gets the call. I'm giving it a 1 to put some context to the overall rating it gets from so many Muppet's, that give it a 10.

Egotistical nonsensical tripe.

Harsh Times

See it!
Best movie out since City of God, Old Boy and better than Memento. Far surpasses Training Day - the other LA crime film from Ayer - for realism.

I saw the reviews on www.rottentomatoes.com and have come to the conclusion that most critics are idiots. When they say it doesn't have a plot I'm assuming they mean doesn't have a beginning middle and end whereby someone falls in love, the bad guy is killed and everyone lives happily ever after. The consensus that it has a bleak plot when Million Dollar Baby's consensus was that "it's a knockout" is just astounding.

Many of the reviewers criticizing the portrayal of LA are from other cities. They also seem to overdo their use of MS Word thesaurus. I'm actually angry at what I've read there and to me it's no surprise now that the likes of Titanic and Chicago win Oscars in America.

The fact that these same critics gave Casino Royale (an OK action film with ridiculous dialog, coincidences and the strangest game of poker I have seen - a bad copy of a Jason Bourne movie) a 9.5 and complain that this film unrealistic is ignorant. Critics are paid to point out the flaws in movies which Bond films have in abundance but get away with it because they're "just" Bond films. To compare it to Taxi Driver or Training day is insulting. To give it a bad review is a step backwards in film art.

Reading between the lines I am led to believe that the modern day critic is pretentious and out of touch with reality. They don't know how the average to below average earning person thinks. Some seem to be driven by the desire to maintain friendships with certain Hollywood personalities. Does anyone know a critic that agrees with this and thinks like almost everyone I know.

Anyone know when the DVD goes on sale by the way?

Cidade de Deus

Class flick
Much better than Million Dollar baby should have gotten the Oscar. Well that's the academy for you - It's our own fault for watching them I suppose. I don't know what else to say other than that if you don't watch this film then you're missing out on an experience and adventure .

I couldn't even begin to go into to the intricacies of the storyline as there isn't just one - there's a multitude that centre around one boy that has a dream of becoming a photographer in Rio but is at a disadvantage coming from the Favelas.

Watch out for Bennie in this film, he's a cool guy.

Mission: Impossible III

Ridiculous Plot
Predictable, flawed and boring. Don't know why so many people gave this film rave reviews, but I think they'll look back in years to come and realize that they were making a mistake - much the same as the academy did after giving the Titanic so many Oscars the same year as Memento and LA Confidential were brought to us.

As soon as Cruise gets caught and is helped escaped by the agent that sent him on the original mission it's obvious that he was just let go to steal the weapon (or whatever the hell it was - since we never find out, like I cared!).

Ethan Hunt is sent by the above mentioned agent to save an ex-student of his. In the process he is nearly killed (as it transpires - the agent that sends him tipped off the guards) and several goons are killed off.

It turns out he sent him on the mission so that Ethan would kidnap the person responsible, who'd then escape and kidnap Ethans wife as to coerce him to steal the weapon. The agent did this though believing that original girl may know his identity, and then pretends to shoot Ethans wife to find out if she did! As it was only pure luck that both of these impossible missions (the rescue and kidnapping) succeeded I'd say the agent is an idiot and would be a terrible poker player - he'd have a better chance going all in on a two, seven unsuited in Texas Holdem before the flop than Ethan succeeding in those two missions so he could get him to steal the weapon.

There were some good action scenes though, a bit where a car blew up that was shot well and a hot Asian chick as well. No goodies die as usual.

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