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The Candy Snatchers

The film is slow, boring. The acting is plastic.
I read about the notorious The Candy Snatchers in a horror magazine here in the UK. The film apparently has been banned here since it's release back in 1973. Even to this day it is banned here in the UK and has never been available on VHS Video, Lazar Disc or DVD. Curious to see The Candy Snatchers I visited where it appears the film is freely available to US customers. So I ordered it and it arrived a few days later.

The DVD came with a poster and 3 picture cards. The DVD has a number of extras contained on it. The extra's include a photo gallery, trailer and an interview with the woman who played Candy in the film. There's appears to be a lot effort gone into making the DVD. The film. The picture quality is great. Clear, colourful and no sign of dirt. Hard to believe it was made all those years ago, back in 1973.

The film opens with a catchy country and western sounding song with featuring the lyrics money is the route to all happiness. To sum the film up, it's about a gang of 3 whole abduct a girl in order to obtain some diamonds from her father. I cannot see why the film was ever banned in the UK or became notorious. The subject matter, kidnapping of a school girl is distasteful. The film is comical, is filled with comical incidental tunes. Theirs is a small fight scene with the gang of 3 and a telephone engineer, the fight is very comical. There is no tension in the film and it drifts from one boring scene to another. Not a film I would recommend.

The film is no where near as distasteful similar films, I spit on your Grave or Last House on the Left, to name two. The film is not grim, like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Comparing Candy Snatchers to other bad/poor banned horror films, I'd say the film is little better than Driller killer.

Destiny Turns on the Radio

Enjoyable Movie
I picked up Destiny on the Radio on VHS years ago on the grounds that it had Quentin Tarantino slapped on the boxed cover. Sure enough the film was no match for either Revoir Dogs or Pulp Fiction, but it was a very like-able film. Destiny on the Radio is one of those films you can just sit back and enjoy scene by scene, it has a lot of reply value. It does not feature a gripping storyline, it does not really have an outcome, it's just one of those movies that drifts from scene to scene with a whole cast of characters. I'm not even sure i got the movie, i'm sure even sure the viewer is supposed to get the movie. To some it up, the best thing is go out and form your own opinion. I have seen far worse movies and one thing is for sure, Destiny on the Radio is more enjoyable than Star Wars Episode 1, 2, 3 and the Jurassic Park movies.

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