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A Midnight Clear

By far one of the best sleepers
This movie was by far one of the very best war moves ever made (it is at least in the top 10). What makes this movie even more special is that it was a sleeper film that did not receive enough marketing when it was initially released. This movie, base during WW2 leading up to the Battle of the Bulge (the Ardenes Counter Offensive) and looks at the truly desperate situation of both sides and the senselessness of the German cause, and a bit of anti-war sentiment thrown in. It truly is a wonderfully sad film (yes a very good oxy-moron) that depicts these events. If you appreciate WW2 films, anti-war films, or just a very deep drama, you truly MUST see this movie!

Cross of Iron

Probably Coburns' best
This was probably James Coburns' best film in my opinion. An anti-war film based on the German perspective. It shows the bravery and dedication many of the Wermacht soldiers unfortunately had to a misguided cause. I was exceptionally impressed with this film despite some of the mid-70's campy filming aspects , but overall the story and plot was solid. I truly enjoyed the comradery story of the film and it truly showed the dedication the men had to one another more than to the cause of the Third Reich. This is a must see film for any war or anti-war enthusiast, and almost at the same level as "A Midnight Clear" (another MUST see). So if you haven't seen this, please do.


Not a bad psychological horror / war movie combined
I never saw a trailer or any promo for this film, but just stumbled on it cold at the video store. I found the overall war accuracy very decent (conditions, brutality & horrors). The psychological horror aspect was very different from most horror/suspense films, so the movie was decent overall. You can definitely see the overall anti-war statement being made in this movie, but it is different to see it based in a WWI flick (other than "All Quiet on the Western Front" an excellent film). Overall this movie is worth a see if you like supernatural suspense, horror, war or anti-war movies. I would not recommend buying, but it is nowhere near as bad as some have panned it (better than most horror flicks out there).

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