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Just a Little Inconvenience

Excellent film!
I thought James Stacey gave a moving, inspirational performance in this unusual made-for-TV film. Despite the title, it must have been very taxing on him, physically and emotionally, to make this film and I'm sure it took great courage to do so. It really opens your eyes to how much we take for granted our ability to do even the simplest things and the challenges faced by the disabled to learn to do so many things over again in a different way. I suffer from osteoarthritis in my knees and while I am nowhere near as physically challenged as Mr. Stacey, I miss the things I used to be able to do and appreciate being able to do what I still can. Unfortunately, this film hasn't been shown more than a few times since it was made 31 years ago. I saw it when it originally aired and knowing it was a keeper, I was lucky to get it on tape the last time it aired, so I can watch it whenever I want to. It gives me the motivation I need to keep going when I feel I cannot. What a pity that in a day and age when we have cable TV and so many other films are shown over and over again in a month's time, films like "Just a Little Inconvenience" fall through the cracks and don't get the air time they deserve.

Almost Anything Goes

The revival of this show is long overdue!
I'm glad to see that someone besides me remembers this hilarious show! I used to watch it when it ran on Saturday nights back in 1976 (I was 19 at the time) and I wouldn't have missed it for the world! Too bad this show went off the air before the invention of the VCR. After all of the vulgarity and filth that is so prevalent in television today, Almost Anything Goes would be like a breath of fresh air for audiences of all ages; clean enough for children to enjoy and competitive and funny enough to entertain adult audiences. It would be great if a channel like ABC Family picked up this ball again and ran with it.

Each game had a funny name. One of my favorites was "Hop-Along Kong." Each contestant had to dress in a full gorilla suit, crash through a giant gate, stomp into the sand all of the action figure "natives" in the village, swing on a vine across an above-ground swimming pool (representing the ocean between Skull Island and America, and if they fell into the pool, had to climb out of the water and try it again until they made it across on the vine), jump from the stage in a model of the Radio City Music Hall, grab the Fay Wray doll, climb the model of the Empire State Building and set the Fay Wray doll down on the top level, then knock down all of the fighter planes revolving on a mobile attached to the top of the building model. Each contestant had to try to beat the previous contestant's time.

I hope someone somewhere will get the idea to revive this show. Good clean fun is always welcome on my television screen!

Irene F. Mazur Chicago, Illinois

Most Extreme Elimination Challenge

Great for a LOT of laughs!
The first time I ever watched this show, I was instantly reminded of a similar weekly two-hour American-made show called "Almost Anything Goes" that aired back in the early 1970's. Am I the only one who remembers and misses that show after all these years? I love how this show has revived the idea of creating clever, challenging and outrageously funny stunts utilizing hilarious and imaginative props, costumes and mechanisms. The dubbed-in English commentary sometimes borders on risqué, but is funny and manages to not cross the "taboo" line. After all the boring reality shows and the nudity and obscenities that a too-permissive society has allowed to permeate daily film and television viewing, it just goes to show that you can still entertain an audience with good clean fun! This wildly funny show is such a breath of fresh air! I especially love Dope on a Rope, Brass Balls and the stunt with the revolving surfboard the contestants have to jump onto and ride around on without falling into the water! What a great show! May it last forever!

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