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Vida perfecta

We are all sharing the same stories in our life!!
Very natural and closed to your heart ! Perfect life is a touching series that makes you simply smile laugh and cry ! Really enjoy it !! Wonderful actresses and actors !! Love it !!


Beautifully written silent and strong !
Don't read any plot before you watch the film , let you simply walk into his life , fell for him and follow the flows ! And you will be moved and touched by the 1985 !

The Masked Singer

We need SINGERS!!!
It's a remake of the success show in Korean and China , but the difference is in Korea or China , they are really great singers no matter from the past or current !! But when the show moves to the US , it's totally ruined ! We wanna hear some old familiar voices and try to figure it out who that is ,enjoy those great voices and songs ! Not someone from the football or athletics or nothing to do with SINGER ! So disappointed!! No need to watch !!

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