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Soy tóxico

Horrible and boring
This movie tries to mix Mad Max and zombies and fails utterly. I could understand if someone did a movie like this in the 80's or even 90's but 2018? You have got to be kidding me. There is no need for complete trash like this. Nobody needs it. I simply can't understand how this has above 4 rating here. The movie has close to no story, it makes no sense and nothing really happens. It's crap.

The Vast of Night

The vast waste of time
I didn't hate the movie. I kinda liked the atmosphere and for what I guess a very small budget movie, it wasn't the worst I've seen. But this definitely isn't worth the nines and tens some people are giving it.

It is very slow and boring. It felt like a 2 hour movie where nothing really happened, I was surprised to realise it was only about 1.5 hours long. The story was really thin and unoriginal. The acting was rather on the bad side. The characters were annoying and stupid. And there was so much black screen and just talking that half the time I wasn't sure if I was watching a movie or listening to a bad 50's radio drama.

A Haunting in Salem

Not as bad as I feared
Obviously this is no masterpiece, but for what I'm guessing smallish budget movie it really wasn't that bad. Sure it feels a bit odd, the acting is akward and the story is simple - but I've seen much worse. Much much worse.

You Can't Kill Stephen King

Budget horror comedy
This isn't actually too bad for a small budget movie. The story kind of works and it wasn't boring. The sounds could of been balanced better, at one point there was a song playing and it was just way too loud compared to the rest of the movie. It's basic stuff, just get it right. Also the ending was a little bit messy.

Ted 2

Decent comedy
It's well made, there's not much to complain. But it did feel a bit long which is not a good thing. Also they seem to have replaced jokes with music and singing which is really bad. Comedies shouldn't try to be musicals.


Decent comedy
I was expecting the worst when I started watching this movie. I was pleasantly surprised. It's actually one of the better comedies of the last 20 years. It's not great, but it has some story and some funny parts and it's done well.

Easy A

Pretty people problems
This "teen" romance drama, performed by some 25-35 year old models, was not a great masterpiece. I'm not even gonna call this a comedy, there really wasn't enough comedic elements to justify it.

The movie itself is well done, it looks and sounds good. But the story is just beyond stupid and the characters act like complete imbesils. But that's not what this movie is really about now, right? It's all about pretty people that are nice to look at. I'm guessing the school these adult kids went to, is some kind of a modeling school - it has to be. There was a total of one normal looking student there, all the rest were pretty people.

De uskyldige

Horror for pre-teens?
I don't know what movie the other reviewers saw who gave it high score and high praise, but it couldn't of been this. This movie is slow, boring and full of unbelievable characters. Oh and magic. As an adult viewer I wouldn't classify this as a horror movie. There is no atmosphere or tension usually found in horror movies. This looks and feels more like a modern nordic crime movie that somehow turned into this failed attempt.

Tales from the Loop

Boring and depressing
The visuals and sounds are ok, all else fails. What this show is, is a slow and tedious sad drama with some magical fantasy elements mixed in. There is no sci-fi - magic is not sci-fi.

Couple of first episodes were teen love drama, which was bad but watchable. Then the show went down completely into the unwatchable endless pit of boredom. I don't want to watch an old man dying for an hour! That is not what I call entertainment.

District 9

Good sci-fi action
It's really perfectly decent movie. I was positively surprised. It does have this strange feel to it that makes it feel a bit uneven that's hard to explain, I think it's the comedic elements clashing with the rest of the movie. I'd watch a sequel.

S.O.Z: Soldados o Zombies

Watchable but annoying
With minor tweaks this show could of been a lot better. Firstly they should of fixed the sounds - when they are speaking english you can't hear clearly but the spanish you can hear easily. It wouldn't be a problem if there'd been actual CC but there was just translations for the spanish parts. And while I'm at it, the english speaking actors sounded hilarious. Why were they doing overexaggerated USA accents like the ones in some British shows? That was just stupid.

And I'll stay at sounds a bit more. The zombies made this very annoying pig sound that was continuous pain towards the end of the series - who tought it was a good sound?

Then there were the characters. All annoying and I just wanted to punch them all and see them getting eaten by zombie pigs.

Whisky Galore

Watchable but not really funny
It's not a bad way to waste some time, but the movie really isn't funny or clever. It's entertaining enough to watch till the end but that's all. Technically it's pretty well made.


Teen fantasy action
Again I have to say the movie is well made and looks pretty, with pretty people in it. But everything else is quite bad. The story makes no sense and the actions and motives of the characters seem just random. What comes to the sci-fi theme of the movie, well it's more just fantasy - I was waiting for the dragons and magicians to make an appearance.


Disney sci-fi for teens
It's well made, they had a big budget and it shows - sadly that is the only good thing about the movie I can say. The story is stupid, childish and just silly. And the simulations - are we ever going to get rid of this ridiculous concept copied from the ancient sci-fi shows and books written almost a hundred years ago?


This movie is a teen drama with action, that happens in a outdated and childish sci-fi setting. The story makes no sense whatsoever and the characters are really bad and one dimensional. I guess it's made well but other than that it really doesn't offer much.


Well done and interesting
Usually when a show mentions social media in the introduction I just skip it, I simply hate shows that keep showing text messages and instagram post with usually too small text to be able to read without a massive tv. This show wasn't too bad with that.

There certainly is a lot of build up suspense and I had some pretty far out predictions of how the show might end. But when the final episode was over I felt somewhat disappointed. Maybe the more dark, deranged and violent theories I had would of been more entertaining. Instead of making the show 1+1=2 they could of gone with the 1+1=j way.

Busanhaeng 2: Bando

Action mess with zombies
I'm still a bit confused, whether I watched a movie or a videogame. The movie does well in the beginning, but at some point it all goes awfully wrong. The characters are more like cartoon villains than real people. And the bad guys give a strong 80's vibe, which just makes it more weird since the movie tries to be very modern.

At some point we get this way too long car chase with really quite bad CGI and it doesn't fit in at all. And then we get the way too long ending scenes with heavy emotional manipulation that really doesn't fit in this movie. And everybody is just standing around doing nothing when clearly that would just end in everybody dying.


Decent zombie movie
Not much to complain about this one. It looks good and sounds are balanced. The story works. Some of the actors are overacting quite a lot, but that might just be a Korean thing - I'm not that familiar with Korean movies.

The Reckoning

There's drama but where's the horror?
I was a little disappointed by this movie. It's not a bad movie, but it lacks a real story. At times I felt bored because there was very little happening and it took a long time to not happen. And then we get this action pack in the end. It's just a shame they didn't do better job writing this story, everything else works well enough but it just fails to deliver.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Not great
The story of this movie is just a mess. The more it gets explained the less you will understand due to complete lack of logic and reason. But it's the action that's supposed to carry this movie anyway, sadly it just bored me. There are some nice scenes but I just can't get into it anymore, it has all been seen before.

And the laser corridor is still as ridiculous as it always was.

Resident Evil: Retribution

This barely qualifies as a movie. It's just a 1.5 hours of shooting, fighting and a car chase. There is no story that would make any sense but there is a lot to complain.

The sounds are not badly balanced. But they are ridiculously bad. There is so much shooting that they really should of hired a sound guy who knows what guns sound like. Now we have just random gunsounds for all weapons. A pistol might sound like a pistol and the next round is a rifle sound for no reason. Assault rifle shooting full auto has a random rifle sound in the middle of a burst.

If you hit something the size of an elephant with a car, the elephant might get hurt more - but the car sure would have a huge dent. Not in this "movie".

Somebody really should of shown Sienna Guillory has to shoot a gun. Now she's shooting like she's puching with the weapon.

Most of the movie happens in a holographic joke that they should of left in the 80's Star Trek where it belongs. The holographs are somehow solid but the people are real (or clones) and the scenery can change any time to completely different city. So do half the people get stuck inside walls and other solid objects just appearing out of nowhere when that happens?

That's just a few that come to mind.

Resident Evil: Afterlife

Has some moments
It's not that bad of a movie. The story is very weak and there's magic and the endboss is unbelievable - it could of just easily killed everybody instantly with that speed. This really is more of a fantasy action than a sci-fi horror movie. The cgi is showing some age and looks a bit cheap at parts.

Resident Evil: Extinction

Decent action no brains needed for plot
It's a zombie slasher with minimal backround story. I guess the viewer is just expected to know the franchise by now. I didn't know that there was magic in RE but it doesn't surprise me. There's nothing special here.

Acting is ok, visual effects seem outdated (especially the blue laser grid hallway), story is barely there and sounds are poorly balanced.


Way too much everything
For the last hour I was just waiting for the bloody thing to be over. The first half of the movie was ok - the huge budget shows and it was somewhat entertaining. But then they just threw reason and facts and science out of the window for good and went full superhuman hero story.

This whole thing made no sense, why did they need those stupid ships - any big ship would of been enough. But yeah, why bother with how tidal waves actually work when you have to spend so much money. And the speech near the end, that was just embarrassing.

The Great Wall

Decent fantasy action
The story is really nothing special, it's just an excuse for the action. The action is ok, they had a lot of money to spend and it shows. Acting was perfectly ok, no great perfomances here. Even the monsters were ok, nothing awesome but enough. But it was entertaining enough.

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