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A true winner
This is definitely one of Sly's better movies. He has disappointed us with his last couple of movies but this one is a winner. it has a great plot, good action scenes and a kick ass soundtrack. Definitely ranks up there with Rocky and Rambo 2.

The Crow: Salvation

Alright I guess
I thought this movie was alright nothing compared to the masterpiece starring the late great Brandon Lee but a little better than COA. however I thought this movie should have not been a Crow movie it really didn't have any refferences to the crow like the other two did and it had a numerous amount of corny lines but still worth a watch. P.S WATCH DARK ANGEL ON FOX TUESDAY AT 9:OO PM

The Crow

A Masterpiece
The Crow by far has to be one of the best movies of all time.Brandon Lee plays his last role to the fullest as Eric Draven a man who is murdered and returns from the dead to avenge both his and his fiances murder. Beautifully acted with a great emotional story and action for everyone to enjoy.Truly a must see for every one. rating 20/10

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