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One of the best of not the best detective crime thriller movie I've ever seen. All hail to Jack Nicholson and Roman Polanski.


Politics everywhere
Movie Name : Casino Director: Martin Scorsese

What a movie. What a guy Martin Scorsese. I mean people makes such movies, obliviously it was a trend back then but Martin Scorsese took the genre a certain height with his different thoughts based on same backbone of storyline. I won't say a word about these two obliviously, De Niro and Pesci, whatever I can tell you've heard already. But certainly a well-done acting performance by Sharon Stone. I appreciate that. The story is nothing out of the blue, you know how Martin likes to portray those, but I can surely tell you that it gonna thrill you. But in this movie the difference that I found out that the fireworks came real late and the bloodbath started at the end half of the drama. Certainly a new thing to watch from a gangster genre. Politics maybe the interesting factor worked in the movie which will keep you with the movie till the climax.

I'm gonna go for a 7.8 rating out of 10

American History X

Top Acting
A very simplified execution of a very complex matter. Really heart touching ending, but at a point of time in some parts of the movie you'll feel bored though the movie has a grip to hold you till the end. Will recommend for a one time watch only for the story. But the acting from Edward Norton played a another game. Nailed it. If you appreciate a good performance of acting then this is gonna amaze you. A hell of a actor, his transformation throughout the movie will take you to a roller coaster ride.

Rain Man

The acting is superior but don't like the storyline. Missed the enthusiasm to continue watching the movie for the story but only continued to watch for the sake of good acting from Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise.

Hotel Rwanda

Thought provoking
"I think if people see the footage they'll say, 'Oh my God that's horrible' and then go on eating their dinners."

A story about refugees, Africa, and freedom, the things that we still talk about in the 2020s, we're obliged to it. But every freedom movement, every African genocide has a story to tell and you can do nothing but listen. A tension between the Hutu and Tutsi tribal people started the genocide which gets spreaded. Though the UN military was there but the slaughter continued. What a shame ! Heart touching movie. Some parts are utterly disturbing but it is what it is ! The things happened and history says it was fearsome. How a single man was successful to save nearly 1000 lives is a inspiring picture for the whole world. The movie is very thorought provoking. Highly recommended if you want to sneak into the history pages and feel as the same way the people of Rwanda felt when their family members were brutally slaughtered, when the only hope for them was the hotel of Rwanda and the house manager Paul Rusesabagina. Acting is super natural and evoking.

"There's always room"

I'm gonna go for 7.8 for the movie.

Reservoir Dogs

"Are you gonna bark all day little doggy ? Or are you gonna bite ?" What did you just say ? Well what can I say? If you like the genre and want to remain on the same page as Tarantino's then you gonna get thrills. I can suggest that. But nothing special though. And one thing for sure I didn't expect special something from Tarantino from the beginning. Actually from the starting of the movie you know how it's gonna end. He's a legendary director though, nothing personal but after all it was his trial round. You'd get one level up but some same kind of thrills in Pulp Fiction though. I think he thought yo this one went really well, why not another one ? Blood and blood, everywhere blood. The film starts with blood and ends with it as you'd expect. Not very professional I'd say 😂😂. Well you and your boys, I'm talking about neighborhood trouble makers can watch it together. You gonna get real gruesome feeling. The movie is little overrated though as I see it 8.3 IMDB and 91% RT is quite big standards. Nah, the movie is good but not that good though.

"The kids shouldn't play so rough, somebody's gonna start crying."

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