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I watched this movie, because I was surprised to see Arnold Schwarzenegger and Abigail Breslin work together. After reading the plot line, I imagined the movie to be action packed with Schwarzenegger driving his Zombie daughter Breslin to a safe house or a treatment facility, killing other zombies, fighting lots of bad guys on their way there and ultimately realizing that there is no cure. I expected Abigail to be a full-on Zombie with no dialogue and so I thought how good her part could be in this movie. But the movie turned out to be completely different and so I love it.

There is nothing in this movie that is similar to other Zombie movies. The progression of the infection from a bite to becoming a complete zombie is shown to be happening over a period of weeks and not instantly. And the gradual development of the characteristics of a zombie in an infected person, like black colored blood, white colored Iris, normal people smelling like delicious food and the irresistible craving for "The food" which starts to fade their humanity.

This movie was more about how the personalities of the infected people and their family members change over time due to the outbreak. And how depressed and lonely they all become, how terrible it is to be in that place. It was very emotional and those were absolutely brilliant performances from Abigail Breslin, Schwarzenegger and Joely Richardson. They should have won a lot of awards. This kid Bryce Romero had a good part in the movie and he did it well too. On the whole, I loved the movie.

And Thou Shalt Love

Not a Review but a Discussion of Love.
This is not a review of this Short film but just a discussion of the story, the characters, the ending and possibilities.

I don't usually like movies with open endings, I prefer happy endings. And still I like this movie. Good-looking Lead, Good acting, engaging story and good direction.

The storyline says this movie is about "a guy who is torn between the man he loves and God, who will he choose?" At the end he chose one of the two but when he was rejected, he chose the other. So is he going to stay with his second choice for longer? 50% chance.

You don't choose who you fall in love with. It is just unfortunate when a gay guy falls in love with a straight guy. Because after a confession, there will be no reciprocation. And that will change a person's entire life. Well, the same thing might happen if a gay guy falls in love with another gay guy and has a positive reciprocation, but when that love doesn't last long, which is mostly common. But this is never the end, there is a whole wide world out there with choices of people to fall in love with. Unfortunately our story's Lead character doesn't know that.

So, no matter what the characters are, a person always has choices to make in life and only he is responsible for them.


A Great Movie with the Worst Ending
This movie is great with somewhat a new story. I said 'somewhat' because it reminded me of 'The Conjuring', 'The skeleton key' and the first season of 'The American Horror Show' 'Dream house' and some others too at times.

The Acting is great and there were no exceptions to it. Everybody is great, even the kids. None of the actors in this movie are as big as the actors in the movies I mentioned above, but they all did as good as the stars, or may be even better than them.

The story is compelling. I was hooked on to the screen all the time.

BUT THE ONLY PROBLEM IS... I hate the ending. It is just the same open ending I saw in every horror movie, only worse. The ending ruined the whole movie for me.

Interior. Leather Bar.

After watching this video, I feel like I've been cheated. This is neither excellent nor awful. But a complete waste of time.

Just like everybody, I thought this is a movie 'made' by James Franco and Travis Mathews. But this is not a movie. This is not even a documentary. Surprisingly this is not even 'behind the scenes' of a movie. This is just a video of a 'supposedly' behind the scenes of a movie never made by James Franco and Travis Mathews. The whole reference to Al Pacino's 1980 movie "Cruising" is completely irrelevant, misleading and a lie. This is just gay porn which does not include James Franco. He is just either filming it or watching it. Which is kind of funny. LOL. I think his involvement in this movie is to make this main stream and attract large number of audience.

There are explicit gay sex scenes which are nice(wink). Which is the message of this Video. This is "Art Porn" as described by the cutest guy in the cast. About the cast, there are only four guys we see a few times in the movie, the rest are seen in the beginning introductions and again in the end during credits.

The so-called lead 'Val' is fine, but what's disappointing is that he 'almost' looks into the camera, sometimes, during the so-called behind the scenes, when none of the supporting cast does that.

During these behind the scenes conversations, James Franco and Val, always have a 'refraining smile' on their faces. Which is horrible.

I don't recommend this, but this isn't even an hour long. So go ahead.

American Horror Story

American Stupid Story 2014
There is no Horror in the third season. The storyline is simply stupid and has nothing new in it.

We have seen witches drinking the life out of people through the victims' mouths to prolong their lives or beauty or what-ever, in many movies and series before. We have seen black slaves captured and tortured by witches/demons/serial-killers in other movies and series before. Applying blood on the face with a powder-brush is not horror, it is just gross.

Jessica Lange and Frances Conroy play their characters in the same way in every season and it is getting annoying to watch them in the series anymore. Their characters are mean and cruel in the beginning of every season but later change into convenient, pathetic and pitiful towards the end.

First episode of the third season is the worst of all I've seen. A bitch witch who seems like she has got everything under control gets date raped by a bunch of college jocks, comes out of that drug induced delirium in a SNAP, but only after everything is over and kills them all by turning a running bus upside down.

OMG, the writes are in dire need of some brain.

More Than Friendship

Boring Bland Drama
I am gay, so I am supposed to like this movie. But I thought it is just okay. This is certainly not worth a rating of 6.6 on IMDb. I don't think it is that good. The photography is good, the story is nice, the locales are beautiful, the performances by the actors are also okay to some extent except for Lucas. But the movie is not interesting enough to hold my attention for long.

I was getting bored quite a lot. I had to forcibly stop myself from hitting pause often to do something else. While watching it, I kept thinking "what is going on?", but whatever was going on was not revealed or used properly. I was supposed to get emotional and empathize with the characters, but the director or the writer didn't put what is necessary to evoke those responses.

Watch Out

Not a gay movie
Even though the lead character is a deranged psycho who just happens to be gay, this is not a gay-themed movie, if that is what somebody wants to watch it for.

It is a disturbing, boring and an absolutely pointless movie. While watching it I wanted to consider it as a spoof or a comedy, but it was nowhere funny.

There was not even a pinch of romance in this movie.

In any movie, no matter what genre it is, there will be something, that somebody enjoys watching. But there isn't anything so, except for some nudity. And beware there is some unnecessary female nudity too. Unnecessary in the sense that no straight man or gay woman is intended to watch this movie, so who are supposed to watch the female nudity? May be it is for the gay men, so as to feel a little nauseous.

May be the director/writer wanted to portray his anger on someone/Ex for being narcissistic/cynical. Whatever!

A complete waste of time.

Who on earth gave this movie a rating of 5 on IMDb? I'd give a 0.5 or less.

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