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You Stupid Man

Quite pleasant
Though this movie follows a rather predictable story line, it was quite pleasant to watch. The characters are well cast; Denise Richards is a believable bitchy wannabe star, while Milla Jovovich seems to be a perfect warm and understanding best friend.

Winter in New York is always nice as a background, so if you like light romantic comedies, by all means go see the movie.

I rated it 7/10.


Brutal yet sophisticated and elegant
Not quite what I had expected. Of course with a movie with such a big marketing scheme to promote it, I had seen previews and read comments before I saw Hannibal, yet it made quite a different impression on me than I had anticipated.

Were most comments on the movie about its brutality, its nauseating killings and unnecessary violence, I found it to be a very elegant, sophisticated and pleasantly thrilling motion picture. Mind you, Hannibal isn't quite an all family movie; some killings do occur and some people indeed get nauseous while watching them. However the fact that Dr. Hannibal Lecter is a sophisticated chap who appreciates the finer things in life and, as I was told, only eats people who in some way or another deserve it, the movie managed to get me to accept that all the horror wasn't really unbearable.

Fine cinematography, beautiful colours and atmosphere, especially in Italy, where Dr. Lecter frolics about in some of Europe's most splendid and picturesque places.

Fine story, although I don't think it is as intriguing as its predecessor Silence of the Lambs. Yet good enough to make it very exciting to watch.

Fine actors too! Of course we all know that Sir Anthony is a brilliant actor and that he can be as horrific as he can be charming in the skin of Hannibal Lecter. Julianne Moore was surprisingly good as Clarice! It can't be easy to have to equal or top Jodie Foster's fine performance in Silence of the Lambs, and Moore did just that. I have always though of Gary Oldman as quite brilliant, and he was again rather noteworthy, although perhaps somewhat hard to recognise. Let us say he is a man of many faces.

All in all I would highly recommend the movie to anyone who's in for a thrill. But be warned that some blood and other things that should normally be on the inside of humans, occasionally come out.

Have fun!


Rarely have I seen a document as pure as Vengo. It's style, somewhere between drama and documentary, nor it's story line have what usually makes a great movie, yet the music, the honesty of the actors, the scenery, the general atmosphere make Vengo a masterpiece of European impressionist cinematography. Vengo narrates of pride and family honour, of music that comes directly from the depths of the soul, of duende. Go see it and love it. Chances are you'll buy the soundtrack recording immediately the next day.

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