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The Package

This was way better then I thought it would be.
I've seen quite few netflix comedy films already and most are either extremely low budget or bereft of laughs. However thats not the case with this movie.

First off this movie is laugh out loud funny. The jokes had me in tears throughout the movie. The pacing was great and never did the movie feel slow or draggy. The movie was also really well done and you could tell it had decent budget behind it as the visuals were awesome. I also felt that actors all did pretty good job as well.

While I did enjoy the ending of the movie. The last 15 minutes or so before it are the reason I diddn't give this movie a perfect score. A lot of the things that took place in that time frame were super unrealistic and plain silly.

Other then that is highly enjoyable flick for teens and adults alike.

Undercover Grandpa

Extremely Low budget but still enjoyable nevertheless.
This movie was actually better then I expected. Pacing was good, the cast was great, and had decent amount of laughs.

I personally felt that if bigger company had picked this title up and gave it big budget it could became a massive cult classic. It almost felt even below a b-movie all to often. Everything was just cheap feeling and visuals were horrible. The action was also very choppy as well, instead helping the movie out it heavily detracted from it.

Overall still is decent flick and would recommend if you're someone whos not super hard to please.

Force of Nature

Couldn't get into this movie at all but 2 stars for a decent cast.
The premise isn't bad but everything else is. The lines are corny and the movie feels/looks cheap. Some things also made no sense at all. Characters killing there team randomly, or characters who are supposed to be old/sick all of sudden have bursts of energy. Worst It moves along at a snails place as well. I just hated the movie. Wouldnt recommend it to anyone.

Outpost 37

Honestly I think this movie would've been hit if the director diddn't go the direction he did.
Decided to watch this movie anyway despite bad reviews because it was free. In my opinion it was great except for thing I personally felt killed the film and caused all the negative reviews it got.

First off the action is pretty good. Its not frequent but when it does occur it packs a punch. The acting and chemistry between the stars was very good. The pacing as well was fine.

What I couldn't stand was the documentary approach with this style of film. I seriously hated it with a passion. To me it detracted from the movie for several reasons. It was just cheesy, odd, and over-burdening.

If The director wanted to keep the sci-fi direction of film, he should of did away with it. Or if he wanted keep it do away with sci-fi aspect and make the movie military film based on real events.

Aside from that everything else with this movie I had no problems. Would I recommend it? Its still worth a watch if you're some who easy to please.

Reality Z

I loved and hated this show at the same time.
First off I'd like to start of by saying I don't know how this is listed as comedy as there is almost zero humor in it at all so don't be mislead. But even with that said, I'm more of horror/action anyway which theres plenty of in this series so that isn't my problem.

My issue with this series has to do more with direction then director took in the later episodes. Episodes 1-5 were excellent. I was highly engaged with the main cast and the connection that they all started building up. But then they went ahead and killed them all off. I can understand taking out one or two for shock value, but just to off all them was idiotic. Episodes 6-10s main cast wasn't engaging or interesting enough to carry the remainder of the series.

Would I recommend it? While I hated how the second half finished overall it still wasnt bad series to binge watch as each episode is only 25-30 minutes in length.

365 dni

This movie could been great but the director took such weird direction with everything.
So I'm a big fan of movies similar or like 50 shades of grey. However due to the outpour of bad reviews of this movie I hesitated to see it for a bit. I happened to have date over for a hang and she begged me to watch it so I caved finally. While I wont say its bad, it wasn't anything amazing either.

I personally thought the premise was interesting. Highly powerful man in mourning of father meets girl of his dreams, kidnaps her, and gives her 365 days to fall in love with him. The actors were likeable and the movie isn't slow by any means it does move along at good pace.

Where the movie lost me is the constant plot holes. I've never seen so many in one movie. It was almost like you're getting trolled thats how frequent it was. You're left confused and totally scratching your head. Another thing I hated was the movie had ton of incoherent/abrupt sex scenes. While obviously sex is what the movie is going for. Most movies normally have build up to it, this one they just pop out of the blue.

Overall its not worst flick you can watch if you stumble across it. But definitely don't have high expectations.

Da 5 Bloods

I wanted to like this movie so bad but I couldn't.
The only reason I even gave two stars is for the actors and the acting which I found to be perfectly fine. Everything else I diddn't like though. The movie was overly long and very draggy. Hardly any action, bereft of emotion, and the humor fell flat alot. I also diddn't like that flashbacks were done in widescreen and old vintage film vibe. I felt like it took away from the story and was done to much at random times.

I personally think this film could of been great if Spike Lee just took it in a little bit of different direction. But I personally felt like he was hungup to much on the politics of the film and undertones its what made the movie lack in everything else.

Damascus Cover

This was definitely better then expected but not anything to ride home about.
Saw this movie on sale for 1$ and said why not give it try. Wasn't a bad flick by any means at all, although it could've been better.

The premise and pacing were good. The actors also did decent job as well. My issues with the movie were that for spy movie it could used a little more action as well more spy oriented things. I felt more like this movie was like romance/drama then anything else. I also hated the ending while it did have twist no one saw coming I felt it just confused things and after its explained movie just ends abruptly.

With all that said it is low budget b movie so I did keep that in mind throughout. I would recommend it to people who want to watch quick flick and dont have high expectations.

Robert the Bruce

This movie was good but could of been great in my opinion.
So this movie for those who don't know is actually a spin-off sequel to Braveheart and the actor is the same as well.

While this in my opinion doesn't even come close to touching Braveheart its still good in my opinion. Good acting, decent action, slightly emotional. Visuals were awesome as well.

Where this movie lost me is its extremely long run time. I personally think they could of shaved off solid 25 minutes or so which would helped with the pacing instead of making it feel draggy in parts. Also while I do understand this is B movie so the budget wasn't huge. I diddn't like the fact the movie practically took place in all of two areas. Just made it feel a little to clausterphobic. Lastly while like I said above the action was decent the movie could of used lot more then two scenes it had.

Overall if you're into these type of movies its great popcorn flick for the weekend. But just don't expect to be completely blown away.


WOW this was a great movie!
This movie has to be one of best hidden gems I've ever found. It wasn't heavily marketed, nor is it avaliable on alot streaming services, but I happen to stumble upon it on IMDB as one there recently added free with ads movie.

First off I'd like to say and I hope old school damme fans dont kill me for this. But this in my opinion was easily one of his best movies he ever made. Heck only reason why I wont give 10 stars is because it does take bit to build up but trust me its worth it.

Keep in mind this isn't one of his beat em up martial arts movies. While it does have fair shake of action its very realistic and gritty. The acting on all ends is very well done and visuals are gorgeous. This movie at the end also has a great twist/turn that I would never saw coming from mile away.

Overall def recommend this movie to fans or non fans of his as it was that great!


Ehhh this movie could been great but messed up in lot areas.
First off I'd like to start by saying I'm huge Scott Adkins fan. With that said my rating is slightly biased because if he wasn't in this movie I would of rated it lower.

Overall this movie is ok. The premise is incredibly silly, the action is sub-par, and the acting was mediocre. However it does good job of keeping you engaged enough to want to know what happens.

The second half is miles better then first half which is utterly confusing and nonsensical. But sadly even that is short lived, once you get to ending you'll see yourself scratching your head saying why?

Please also keep in mind as forewarning this movie is sci-fi. Despite the cover art and description reflecting more of action oriented movie. Don't be fooled like I was.

The Debt Collector 2

This was one of worst sequels I've ever seen.
I love Scott Adkins hes one of my favorite actors and I watch everything hes in. The first movie I personally liked alot, diddn't love the ending, but still enjoyed it.

This movie though is just brutal. Poor pacing, poor acting, poor premise, poor action, etc. I really wanted to cut it off 20 minutes into it I hated it that much. It even looks extremely cheap. There must of hardly been a budget with this and they went with it anyway hoping to make something from fans of the first.

Please avoid at all costs you'll thank me big time for saving your time.

Just Go with It

Great comedy and romance story.
For some reason and I may be one of very few people. But I heavily enjoy all of Adam Sandlers romance/comedy movies. I don't know if its the mix between the both in the films or just that the premise/pacing in them is usually great.

I'm actually quite surprised this movie got heavily panned as it did. The acting I thought was pretty good as well.

I would def recommend this movie all around.

Mr. Deeds

One of his best movies and I loved it.
I had saw this movie when I was a young boy in theaters when it first came out with my family. Fast forward 18 years now and obviously more mature it was free on IMDB app and decided why not watch it again.

While this movie is considered a comedy. In my personal opinion it falls into the category of romance more. With that said though this movie does have fair share of laughs just don't expect it to be like alot of his other films.

The movie itself is a very sweet and touching story. Its not to cheesy either. I thought the acting was done very well on all sides and the pacing was good too.

Overall I can't see myself giving it anything less then a 10/10. It might sound like ridicolous review because it is an Adam Sandler movie. But I loved the movie that much.

Burning Palms

I confidently can say I've never seen movie like this before
So because this movie is basically 5 seperate small movies in one. I decided to rate each indivually and the average of that would be my overall rating for the film.

1.) Green eyed monster- 9/10

This in my opinion was the best by far out of all them. I honestly could've watched full length movie on this. It was very taboo, dramatic, and tension filled. The acting also was done very well by all parties.

2.)This little piggy-7/10

This one had good amount of humor in it and it was while pretty silly and kind of cheesy interesting for the most part.

3.)Buyers Remorse-1/10

This one was by far the worst out of all them. I literally hated it with passion. Dry humor, very disgusting scenes, draggy, and virtually had no payoff in the end.

4.)Kangaroo Court-6/10

This one was okay for the most part. I diddn't enjoy Lake Bell at all (I usually like her in everything else), the kid actors were pretty annoying, but the thing that had me convinced to not give it bad rating was the climax was very wild and something would never saw coming.


I can imagine this final scene must of had tremendous out of controversy and if it was released in 2020. I personally think this movie would got shelved immediately. With that said this scene by far had the best acting. Zoe Saldana was excellent and very believeble. It was wild/unexpected spin on something so very vile that you can't help but look away from the scene.

Overall after averaging these scores on it left me with final score of a 6 out of 10. Which I think is pretty fair for entire movie. Was it masterpiece? No. Will it be massive cult film? Def not. But it is solid watch if its weekend and you have nothing better to do just please make sure you know what you're getting into as this movie isn't for everyone.

The Way Back

Its serviceable but I diddn't think it was anything special
I'm usually into these style of movies but this one I was so-so on. In my opinion its not bad but it definitely isn't great and should't win any awards anytime soon.

First the movie is very slow in the beginning. Virtually nothing happens within the first 30 minutes and by the time it does start to pickup you're already worn out from the start. Second this movie needed to show more scenes of the games I understand in movies like these you'll never see full game but 80% scenes of the games are like 2 minutes long which I thought should been much longer.

Other then that story is touching and emotional as well as the acting is very well done by all actors. But I can't see myself giving this any more then average score.

Dylan Dog: Dead of Night

I really diddn't like this movie at all
The only good thing about this movie was that it cost me 1$ at the dollar tree blu-ray bin. Other then that this movie is just horrible. I literally had to force myself to finish it and my girlfriend fell asleep.

First I just can't believe on any planet that this movie had 20 million budget. It just looks so cheaply made and cgi is horrendous. Second the action was very cheesy and at such random times throughout. Third the movie is SLOW and boring. Hardly any laughs or scares.

This movie trys to play as lucifer/costantine type of film but it just fails in all aspects. PLEASE avoid at all cost. It seriously is in my top 10 worst movies I've ever seen.

Kickboxer: Retaliation

I personally loved it
If you're someone whos not really into low budget martial arts film then this movie is not for you. The issue to often with movies like this is whether it Scott Adkins, Alain Moussi, or Michael Jai White. People tend to believe that it should be up to standard with films like Warrior and so forth. Newsflash they're not, these movies are strictly fighting/action based. Sure they have some plot but thats not what they're intended to do. They are to showcase the skills of the martial art actors involved.

With that off my chest back to the movie. This movie had it all for me. Well known actors, great fighting scenes, bit of romance, and good pacing. The climax which for me is my personal biggest issue with big hollywood movies (Bad guy dying in a 2 minute scene) was honestly one of best I've ever seen. It was long, engaging, and very fresh.

Only reason I wont give a 10 even though id personally love to has to do with polish. The movie though made in 2018 felt like it was made in the 90s. Just had very dated feel to it. Other then that great movie overall and would def recommend it.

The Hollow Point

I have very mixed opinions on this movie.
Saw this movie on sale for 1$ at dollar tree and thought why not check it out. The cast has some great actors in it and the premise sounded pretty good as well. However they weren't my issue with this movie.

The movie for me starts off great but by the time the last 20 or so minutes roll around. It starts to completely unravel and everything is all over the place. Its almost as if director was intoxicated when he filmed the second half. The movie became super confusing and the characters actions were just overall bizarre. The action was also very hit and miss it starts off gory and intense but by the end the movie uses lot cutaway action scenes and you're left pondering why.

With all that said for a B movie it still is enjoyable. The pacing isn't bad moves along pretty quick and the movie itself doesn't feel tacky or cheaply made either. I just personally hated the direction they chose for what could been an amazing movie. Either way I would recommend it as watch if you don't have anything to do its not bad just dont expect to be blown away.


Has to be one of my fav female lead action movies of all time.
I know people on imdb hate when others give something ten unless its true masterpiece. I usually agree with that however this movie in my opinion while maybe not masterpiece deserves 10 for several reasons.

First off it has great premise yeah of course the revenge story has been done several times but the way this was structured had great emotional value you to it.

Second the acting in this movie was great in all directions. I never felt like someone was wooden or too cheesy.

Third this movie has non-stop action. The good kind too, not this new age cheap cutaway crap you see in lot movies nowadays.

Lastly the movie constantly keeps you engaged theres virtually never a dull moment and by the time its over your sitting there begging for more.

Highly recommend this movie for Action aficionados.


In my personal opinion this is one of the best space action films
Do not listen to critics at all with this film. I almost did and would of regretted it. I'm not a big fan when it comes to space films whether it be horror or action. Its just not my cup of tea and ones I have seen are boring or just badly made.

This film contains a little bit of everything. Good amount of action, humor, and drama. The pacing is good as well from start to finish you feel engaged and at no point will you feel bored at all.

My only reason for docking a star without giving to much away to spoil it I personally wanted like a final bad guy fight in this and was expecting it but it never came to fruition.

Other then that I have zero complaints and would highly recommend this film whether you're just fan of Guy Pearce and his excellent work or you just like space action films.


This movie is very hit and miss for me. But overall its pretty solid.
First off I'm big Joel Kinnaman he might not be huge household name but hes very good and serviceable actor for quite sometime. Robocop I'm also fan of the games and previous entries. With that in mind my review does have some biased to it but in order to share my fair opinion with everyone I'd like to list things I enjoyed and ones I diddn't to much.

Things I liked:

The acting was very well done in this on all parts and it had some pretty big names in this feature. The emotional touch with his family did add a nice layer to to the character. The premise of the movie wasn't bad and there wasn't any plot holes which usually is happens in movies like this.

Things I hated:

This movie is very bereft of action. If you're going to this expecting bloodbath think again. I think in entire runtime of the movie to say there was 20 minutes worth of total action might be being a little generous. The story while engaging at times because extremely dragged out. I found myself several times during the movie wanting to fast forward just so something to get going. Virtually no humor in this movie at all maybe one joke I half laughed at but other then that is very dry and serious for the most part.

Overall this movie is still not bad movie by any means but it isn't a masterpiece. Had it not been my love of Joel or the series itself I really could of rated 5 but I'll leave this at a 7.

Movie 43

Look to say its worst movie ever is a stretch but it def wasn't good
When this movie first came out I wanted to see it originally because I loved the sound of the structure of this movie along with the amazing cast. I was deterred however by horrid reviews. Fast forward to 2020 this movie was on sale for only 1$ at supermarket and thought what the heck lets see what this whole thing is all about.

Only great thing I can sadly say is its not a long movie. Clocks in at about 1 hour 15 minutes with small mid credit scene so a combined 1 hour 20 minutes. So it defintely breezes by.

Other then that the movie is just overall terrible. First the humor is virtually almost non-existent. Sure there were couple of skits I had few laughs or so. But there were several I watched through with completely straight face. Second I don't mind vulgar things but this movie reached new level of vulgar it was just flat out disgusting. I couldnt believe someone actually thought stuff like this. It was almost like director was enacting weird fetishs and fantasys he had. And lastly I thought the acting even for the material given was piss poor. It was almost like all these A-listers said who cares we're getting paid!

Overall I hated this movie, but to call it worst movie ever like most have. Is huge insult to lot of really even worse movies and thats about one only good things I can say here.

No Escape

Don't let Owen Wilson being the lead of a thriller deter you. This was an awesome movie!
I was pleasantly surprised by this film. When I first saw it pop on imdb I said Owen Wilson thriller? Keep in mind I am fan of him but I just find him to be to comical for this subject matter. But he did an excellent job along with the rest of the class.

The movie does start bit slow but once it gets going its smooth sailing from there. For a movie without huge budget it does the best it can to make you feel at edge of your seat. Its truely a non-stop thrill ride.

My only reason for docking star has to do with more of marketing team then the movie itself. Its listed as intense action/thriller but the action is very scarce. There was few times in it where I wanted Owen Wilson to just take off and turn into Bruce Willis die hard type but that diddn't happen.

Overall this is still great movie and would heavily recommend to anyone.

Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser

3 stars strictly because I love David Spade and previous entry but this was straight garbage
Horrible horrible horrible did I say horrible? I LOVED the original Joe Dirt with all my heart it was one my fav comedy movies of all time. This thing I couldn't wait for it to end.

First it just feels extremely cheap. You can immediately tell the budget for this movie was non existent compared to the other one. Second the jokes fell extremely flat and would only be amusing to someone smoking excessive amount of weed. Lastly this movie was actually 30 minutes to long there is no reason that this should clocked in at almost 2 hours.

Was so excited for this but ended up being disapointed.

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