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Winter Love Story

Adorable movie, great for any book lover!
I loved this one! The chemistry between the two main stars was huge, and the story was completely relatable. I liked that there wasn't a terribly evil villain. Sometimes it's nice to be feel-good throughout!


Irresistable plot, but the acting could have been better
The story was charming, but I'm not a fan of Lindy Booth. She never truly has chemistry with people she works with. The dad I also felt was lackluster, and could have been much warmer.

The Town Christmas Forgot

watchable, but definitely low on the totem pole of Christmas movies
The acting was pretty bad on all accounts, but the storyline was sweet. I feel they could have done much more with the plot and expanded it a lot. The movie just kind of ENDED.

November Christmas

Cheesy but sweet
Very sweet story that just reinforces the beauty and magic of small towns and the love they give. The ending was a little TOO perfect, but it was good.

The Princess Switch: Switched Again

Cute but terrible acting
The setting and plot was cute and entertaining enough, but Vanessa Hudgens trying to bounce between 3 personalities and people was not successful. The acting was embarrassingly bad and cheesy at times. The climax also could have been much more exciting.

Mrs. Miracle

Charming and uplifting
Warm, witty and charming. I liked that the movie showed the difficulty of facing your past, despite how painful it might be.

Rome in Love

Very cute Hallmark movie
This was very warm and endearing from beginning to end. I liked that there wasn't a vicious villain to overcome as there sometimes are in other movies. The sightseeing around Rome was fun to watch as well.

Love on Safari

One of my favorite Hallmarks in a long time!
This movie completely transported me to South Africa along with it. The whole movie was literally my DREAM! Unfortunately, I don't have any relatives in foreign countries that own cool things to bequeath to me (that I know of). My only gripe is that I wish Keira had had her special moment with Kimba. I kept waiting for that to happen because of her childhood memory but it never did.

The Lodge

Decently creepy and not as predictable as I expected
There were definitely some twists and turns and a definitely uneasiness and creep factor. It was hard to guess the intentions of each character, and what might be in their imaginations.


Surprisingly creepy and well done
For a quick, put together horror movie, scamdemic style, it had many creepy moments and was fairly well done. Worth a watch.

I must say, taking the time while potentially about to die to put on a mask was ridiculous. She didn't even have it covering her nose. And not hugging your friend after what they'd gone through was stupid as well. Making sure those parts were put in felt like propaganda.

Vaxxed II: The People's Truth

Everyone needs to watch this!
A heartbreaking look at vaccine injuries and how they affect families. The dangers of vaccines truly can not be disputed, despite being hidden and candy coated for years. For the sake of your kids or the kids in your family, educating yourself is worth it!

Stranded in Paradise

Cute dream of a movie
Oh if only we all could just leave our jobs and go to an island. It sounds great and was fun to watch! It simply just isn't that easy.

Looking for Mr. Right

Cute, cheesy little movie
This was okayish. I thought the main character was charming but she definitely was trying too hard. I don't know why she didn't just tell all to her friend and at least let him act at first from the beginning!

Mom's Day Away

Okayish hallmark movie
For me, this movie is the epitome of why not to have kids. Everything she experienced is what i do NOT want to happen to me. It was a cute, heartwarming movie, but unlike her bestie, it certainly did not make me want her life.

Lucky in Love

Supercute and fun Hallmark movie!
I really enjoyed this one. Who doesn't dream of a perfect career, great apartment, and the perfect best friend? The ending was even better than I expected.

Garage Sale Mysteries: The Mask Murder
Episode 13, Season 1

Exciting and thrilling
This was one of my favorites of the series. I loved the "Storage Wars" style backstory, and the setting of the storage building gave a creepy feel.

Garage Sale Mysteries: Picture a Murder
Episode 14, Season 1

Not the best of the series
For some reason, this whole movie felt bland to me. Hopefully I will enjoy the last movie of the series more.

Friend Request

Cute, predictable, no surprises
Cute enough movie. typical female villain trying to steal the guy away. It was worth a watch.

Valentine Ever After

Such a sweet fairy tale of a movie!
This movie is every nature-loving girl's dream. The plot was well-written, down to her connecting with her mother's memories through the horses and nature. It was absolutely beautiful in every way, and Autumn Reeser is one of the best Hallmark actresses out there!

Very, Very, Valentine

Predictably cheesy
Every part of this movie was as I expected it to be. That being said, it still had the feel-good charm that Hallmarkers are famous for. Worth the watch, I'd say.

My Secret Valentine

very cute charmer
Great valentine's movie. The ending was expected but fitting. Lacey Chabert is perfect in everything she does!

The Sweeter Side of Life

delightfully cheesy
So sweet you'll get a toothache! Don't go into this expecting Oscar-worthy acting and screenwriting, but go into it in a good mood and you won't be able to help but smile!

The Hunters

Cute but cheesy and left some to be desired
I love the idea of this but I thought they could have gone way farther with the plot, maybe even multiple movies. Half the movie was running and fighting instead of clever traps and artifacts.

Deadly Deed: A Fixer Upper Mystery

Great end to the series
I've really enjoyed these movies. I like the background of restoring homes, and even more so done by a strong, knowledgeable female contractor. Girl power! I love the chemistry between the two main characters as well.

Frozen in Love

Great heartwarmer!
I really enjoyed this movie. The initial conflict was totally relatable and understandable, and their slow appreciation for each other was genuine and well acted. The ending was great! I also can't help but love any movie set around a bookstore.

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