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  • Now unless you completely know nothing about this film You probably know this movie has it all. Laughes, scares, action and best of all... LOLITA GIRLS WITH GIANT PAIRS OF SCISSORS! The great thing is the movie did a great job of blending them all into each other without it seeming too out of the baseball field (well for J-horror anyway) The actors Suit their roles like a glove in appearance and mannerisms and the sets where Spot on. Now this movie has a habit of rewinding and showing you the same story through a new perspective. now some have complained about it being repetitive but rarely does it repeat anything exactly the same. Every time it does you see what was going on in the story from another view and it works perfect! Now why not a 10? because though i loved it sometimes the support actors kinda... killed it just a tad.
  • Well how do you say his nicely. This is a movie you watch when you have no intent to actually watch the movie. It was Disasterific. There was nothing really there at all.

    I'll admit there was a couple "funny" parts. If you asked me though I couldn't tell you. They where not memorable like some jokes on something like scary movie. Yes scary movie is a academy award production compared to this.

    If the movie was that bad you may be wondering, Why did i give it a three? because cpt. jack and some of the others look alike's where pretty dang good look a likes. That and very pathetic humour is all it's got going for it.

    If you want to see it i suggest you and a group of friends rent it from blockbuster and save you all some cash and at least with your friends it will be funny when you make fun of the crappieness together!
  • Clone high is an absolutely amazing series. It contains a humor that plays on the stereotypes of teenagers, Teenage attitudes and Teenage shows. Not to Mention it has some of the best special guest episodes Such as Tom green and Marylin Mandson. Looking at my high school I can associate real people to this comedy. This show can be enjoyed only by the newer aged people i believe such as teens and people under 30 but it is still very very good. It also Has an ability to be a pointless comedy and yet have a meaningful story line behind it. The soundtrack to this show is also very good, but of course it is a MTV show, And has many gags in it that are not said such as in a raisin smoking episode in which there are subliminal messages that are very very funny if you catch them. I sugjest this movie to all teen and twenty year old people because they will get a kick out of it for sure. In conclusion i would just like to remind you that if you are not mature enough to take a couple of sex jokes do not watch this or ignore them because there are many others inside also.