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Little House on the Prairie: Troublemaker
Episode 17, Season 2

The Mean Hot Head Of A School Master
Miss Eva Beadle is replaced all because of Harriet Oleson. She is the one to blame Laura and calling her a troublemaker. When Hannibal Applewood showed up, it's obvious he had it in for Laura. First Smacked her hand with a ruler, write on the chalkboard, detained her after school and not to mention loaded her down with lots of homework. This man had no business being a teacher. Harriet Oleson had Applewood over for dinner and gossip She told Applewood that Laura was a troublemaker. Nells Oleson tried to shut her up. Finally in the end Applewood resigned and Eva Beadle was reinstated as teacher. Parents need to get behind the teacher. Parents are suppose to be accountable for their kids actions. Hannibal Applewood wasn't the answer.

For My Daughter's Honor

Inappropriate Advances
A School teacher isn't suppose to get personally involved with students. This Football coach crossed the line. Having sex with a minor is a serious offense. Not only that buying her beer. Drinking underage is against the law. The School Principal didn't want to do anything about it, when it was reported. All because the coach was a popular teacher. This doesn't make any difference. He did wrong and was aware of it. Also Amy the abuse painting slut on her car. Even vandalizing her parents house. Not to mention hanging a dead rat on her rear view mirror. This movie would be a good educational movie for High school students especially girls. If a teacher is doing something that isn't right. This would be a good teaching tool. Nobody has the right to touch anyone inappropriately.


The 1960's Vietnam War
I was eight years old, when this film was released. I didn't see it then in 1970, however I saw in on a cable channel in 1990. Jan MIchael Vincient and Darrin McGavin were from two different worlds. Darrin a man of war, who killed men. Jan a man of peace and love, the hippie way of life. I didn't see very many hippies, during my childhood. Jimmy Carter allowed the hippies, who fled to Canada, to avoid the draft, to come back to the United States. How dare they! They didn't want to fight for their country. I had to register with the selective service prior after graduating high school, in the event of war. I liked this movie. If you saw The DI with Jack Webb aka Sgt. Joe Friday, he is lot like Darrin McGavin a tough Marine Drill Sergeant. He had a nonconformist played by Don Dubbins. He wanted out of the marines the same as Jan. Don even slapped a sand flea, which caused the whole platoon to suffer a punishment. Darrin said when Jan was dreaming about making love to his girl friend. If Shirley daydreams we will all take the wrap. While holding those weights, during drill, he was in another world. The other recruits wondered how he did it. The Sgt. got angry when his men were chanting and following Jan's way of life. Well that sums it up.

Bates Motel

Must Release To DVD or VHS
This was as scary as the first Psycho movie made in 1960, with Anthony Perkins, Janet Leigh, Vera Miles and John Gavin. It was full of suspense. A young guy Bud Cort, took Norman Bates wish, after his death in his will, to have the Bates Motel and Mother's House. The Psychiatrist thought it would be good. He did go and with help from a young girl named Willie and Moses Guinn helped him restore the Bates Motel. The young lad had financial trouble. However this Banker was trying to scare him away from the Bates Motel. Dressing as Norman Bates Mother and telling him scary stuff, about a murder that took place years ago. At the end the Banker got caught with some help from Willie she came in dressed as Mrs. Bates and got a confession. After all the excitement was over Bud got to keep the Motel. Norman Bates house behind the motel, should be made into an attraction for visitors. Make it into a Bed and Breakfast, your not going to get stabbed. It should be on the historical register.

Mr. Belvedere Goes to College

Quite a Genius
Clifton Webb an old bachelor male actor played Lynn Belevedere in this movie. He was quite smart and a Genius at that. He knew all the answers. Also as a Hasher in the Girls Sorority house. He could play the piano, cook and teach the girls to waltz. What character and what spunk. I wish I could be like him. He also slept standing on his head in Jail. When the students came to bale him out, he told the Sergeant you ought to try it Yoga. It was amazing all what Clifton did. He was a jack of all trades. I give this movie an "A+." When he hit the pay phone at the police station to call J. Edgar Hoover of the FBI, that was funny. He even removed the handcuffs by himself like Houdini. He said he taught Houdini. All of you readers must see this movie. You will be amazed at Clifton Webb. He didn't take any bluff either. At the end, when he graduated. The Dean gave him his diploma, he had a copy of Look magazine, with a photo graduating, at the same time. This movie is a must see. Good luck you all.

The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie

Better Than The 1969 Movie
I really enjoyed seeing this on PBS. I didn't like the 1969 movie, due to nudity. It was rated PG, however with the nude scene it should have been X. This mini TV series tells about a Girls school. Ms. Brodie was a teacher the girls admired. She took them to the Ballet, served them tea and got them interested in the arts. They should release this mini series to DVD. I'm sure other people would be interested in this program. Dorothy a girl who was interested in the arts had a strict Father, who beat her with a belt. All because she broke the china doing head stands. I give this mini series "A+." I just hope someday that it will be released so everyone can enjoy these type of educational programs sponsored by PBS.

Captain Kangaroo

The Best Children's Program Based On Good Values
As a child growing up in the 1960's, Captain Kangaroo was a children's program, with good moral values. We are going to miss Bob Keeshan, who played him. Not to mention his farmer friend Mr. Greenjeans, played by Hugh "Lumpy" Brannum. They are both deceased. Captain Kangaroo had other characters. Mr. Baxter, Debbie Weems, Bunny Rabbit, Grandfather clock, Magic drawing board, the old time radio and lets not forget Mr. Moose, who always dropped ping pong balls, on the Captain. I wish they would release the fourth of July program on VHS and DVD Captain Kangaroo Americana. Tells the history about our nation. At the end of the program the Captain would say Have a nice day, be good to your Mother. I like the theme Puffin Billy, better than Good Morning Captain. One time he had Pearl Bailey, on his show. Bunny Rabbit kept playing Won't you come home Bill Bailey, so Pearl would give him a carrot. Overall I enjoyed this show as well as Bozo The Clown. You never can be a child again. We need more children's TV shows like this, with moral values.

Family Affair

A Good Family Show With Moral Values
This was a family favorite, when I was a child growing up. Uncle Bill played by Brian Keith took in a nephew and two nieces to raise in his New York Penthouse Apartment. However he was a great guardian parent figure as well as Mr. French played by Sebastian Cabot. Kathy Garver, who played Cissy a teenager was a bit wayward. She was made to take responsibility to Buffy and Jodie. Sometimes she neglected her duties. I really like this show better than The Brady Bunch & Partridge Family. Into the 1970's family values changed. Kids wearing long hair, bell bottom jeans and the extreme clothing. I hated to see that happened. I wish we had more shows like Family Affair. I'm very sorry Anissa Jones died of a drug overdose. It's a sad situation to see such a young person end their life. That's what I meant about the change of values. America is in desperate need of change.

Moon of the Wolf

At Full Moon The Man Turns Into A Were Wolf1
David Jansen, who also played Dr. Richard Kimbell, on The Fugitive this time was a Sheriff. I saw this movie when it first came out. The only way to kill the Werewolf, was to shoot him, with a silver bullet. The sister had to do it. In self defense. Yet she had to do it, for her own safety. A lot of people were murdered. This compares with The silver Bullet, that Corey Haim was in. I've seen better. Wrewolves are only fiction. Just like Dracula, Frankenstein and The Mummy. This was a low rate budget movie. I taped it on my first VCR, however I really don't care to have it nor The Silver Bullet with Corey Haim. I don't like Corey Haim. He has played in bad pictures like Blown Away. I give this movie and The Silver Bullet a D-.

The Smith Family

They Should Bring This Show Back
I always liked Crime Drama's growing up. Henry Fonda as Det. Sgt. Chad Smith was a family man and a Police officer. He fought crime, like nobody's business. Ron Howard was his son. I suppose since he played Opie Taylor, as the son of a Sheriff, on The Andy Griffith Show, blended in well. One episode he was sitting at the teachers desk, in a classroom. Some boys came in pouring gasoline on the floor, to torch the school. Ron picked up the telephone to call the Police. The boys badly beat and battered Ron Howard. Fonda kept his family life separate from his work. If I was a law enforcement officer, I would have my telephone and address unlisted, for safety precautions. Some person, that I may have arrested would probably want to seek revenge. Police officers lives are always in jeopardy. From someone they arrested for a crime to a routine traffic stop. Why don't TV Land or could it be released to DVD whatever? I want to see this show again.

Mississippi Burning

Attack On Terror Made For TV 1975 Was Better.
This movie was based on the murders of the three civil rights workers in 1964. Attack On Teror really gave a better view in story line, than Mississippi Burning. These three workers were jailed by the Deputy Sheriff on a speeding ticket. After they were released, they were on their way South out of town. Later they were followed by the Deputy Sheriff along with Ku Klux Klan members. On a country road they were pulled over shot and killed. The blue station wagon was burn't. The three were found buried in a Dam yard. This was world attention, in the news. It was all about hate not just against blacks, but also a Jew. Personally I hate the Confederate Flag. It's a symbol of hate, white supremacy and of course the KU Klux Klan. I like only the American Flag and the Christain Flag. There was no excuse for the murder of these three men. They came to investigate a church fire. No matter whether it's a white church or a black church, burning down the Lord's house is wrong. I likewise didn't like Gene Hackman's brutal tactics in this movie. Where he took the razor, from the Barber gave the Deputy Sheriff a shave, cutting his face, then dunking his head in a sink full of water. That's not how law enforcement officers should act. I would encourage you all to get the real facts and watch Attack On Terror. You will get a better story, than this low budget movie.

Broken Promise

Putting Patty In Reform School Was Inappropriate
I saw this movie, when it first came out. Patty didn't want to be separated from her siblings. However the Juvenile Justice system don't care. When Patty looked at the case file, the judge sent her to a Juvenile detention facility. He claimed she violated the rules of privacy, by looking at private files. She just wanted her family together. I couldn't blame her. The parents were not even fit parents. One of the smaller children had to have a restroom. The father stopped and let them off. He drove off him and left the children stranded, at the service station. Patty had to take authority to protect them, since she was the oldest. They were placed in foster homes. The good part is that the social worker got them back as a family. The head social worker, kept telling him to butt out and not interfere. He was power crazy. He was the one, who had Patty placed in the Juvenile facility. Why didn't they go after the Father, who was released from Prison, for abandonment. Yet the children are caught in the middle and made to feel insecure.


Did They Copy This From The 1977 Movie The Car?
Christine a red 1958 Plymouth Fury, unlike the Car a black Lincoln Sedan, both were killer cars. Arnie a misfit and outcast in school restores this car like brand new. However the car is controlling Arnie. He looses his girlfriend, disrespects his parents and the car seeks revenge on Arnie's enemies. It's hard to believe that when Christine was on fire burning with flames went out on the road and ran over, one of Arnies enemies. Also the car cornered another enemy in a building corner. Even though it was narrow Christine squeezed in hitting the boy decapitating his legs. I know cars are only machines. How about The Hearse?

Attack on Terror: The FBI vs. the Ku Klux Klan

Release It To DVD Or VHS
I first saw this in August 1977. I would like to see it again. I do have Mississippi Burning, however this movie tells more like it happened. Someone reading I hope you have clout to have it released to DVD or VHS. It's a great Educational movie, about the Civil Rights movement in the 1960's. I'm a fan of Black history. Four Little girls maybe on DVD in your Walmart store. I have seen it as well. The Black people were treated horrible in Mississippi and Alabama. It was all for white supremacy white power. In many places, there were restroom facilities for whites and coloreds. Also drinking fountains. This movie was about giving black people the right to vote. Every American should exercise that right. No matter what race creed or ethnic group. The episode of Dragnet about Donald L. Chapman was about hate. He had a swastika, German helmets, military guns. He had a car wreck and shot the victim of the other vehicle, because he was black. He planted a bomb in an Elementary school, because it was going to be integrated. Sgt. Friday told him he's a Psycho and they are a minority too. Ku Klux Klan, was setting themselves up as the law. They wore those white sheets and hoods, to do their dirty work at night. I encourage everyone to see this movie. It gives the exact facts of history and how it happened.

Crisis at Central High

Little Rock Integration
I first saw this movie in 1981, the first time shown on television. I likewise have the video. Most of it is fact and the other Hollywood. Back then a student wouldn't scream uncontrollably at a Principal, Superintendent and the school board like Donna Kirby did. After Minijean Brown was expelled, Donna was passing out cards one down eight to go. The Boy's vice Principal got one. She was called in and was suspended. Yet she screamed and her Mother took it up. In real life Donna would have been expelled, not to mention time in Juvenile Hall. Her Mother would have been arrested for attacking Mrs. Huckaby with an umbrella. The school authorities back then knew how to handle nonconforming students. That's our trouble today. We need to get control back in our schools. It wouldn't have bothered me, if I had been in school there, at the time it happened. My parents were living in Little Rock, when this all happened. People carried drinks to the National Guardsmen, protecting the black students. I have gone to school with black children. Today there is still hatred towards black people. Donna Kirby should have been given a whipping, with a nice long leather strap, for her screaming, as well as causing trouble. I would have expelled her no questions asked. She even told the Superintendent, he should be fired. She wouldn't have talked that way here, where I live. Our Superintendent would have buried her alive, in the school yard.

Deceived by Trust: A Moment of Truth Movie

A Very Bad School Principal
I saw this movie. A Principal, who is suppose to be the school administrator, abuses his power by assaulting students. The Counselor knew the whole time, he was abusing students. The Police, School Board and Social workers wanted to forget the whole matter. It doesn't matter how high standing a person is. Wrong is wrong and right is right. Whether it's physical, sexually or verbally, it shouldn't be allowed. In Junior High, we had a very sadistic Coach. One day in P.E. class he came up grabbed the back of my neck and started squeezing it. When my Brother had him. He tackled my brother, to the ground and sat on his back. This Coach was a very heavy built person. My brother was puny and skinny. He abused the power of bullying kids. Finally he was removed from the school system. He was hard on the Athletes, if they lost a game, by making them do hard laps as punishment. He also loved paddling kids with his big paddle. This Principal shouldn't have come on to these kids, no matter what their income status was. He was a bad Principal. The very idea of abusing helpless kids. Lock him up and throw away the key.

Moment of Truth: Stalking Back

Curtis Harper Needed Strict Discipline!
I saw this show two years ago. Curtis Harper should have known, that there are laws about messing with minors. He was at least 24 years old a grown man. Larissa was a 14 year old teenager. There is suppose to be a bond that adults don't get involved with kids. As a school teacher, we have our own Restroom facilities and the kids have their's. They don't use ours and we don't use their's. We also have our own dining areas in the school cafeteria. We are not suppose to be buddies with kids. Curtis was hauled into court number of times. The Judge has told him to stay away. You think he would. The Restraining orders didn't do any good. He should have been locked up immediately. At the end of the movie he was, but why not earlier? This poor kid was terrified of this pervert. He was always there wherever she went. At the school before and after, he was stalking her on the parking lot. When she got into her vehicle he pulled out right behind her. Why didn't the school authorities notify the Police? The schools now have security cameras and Police officers working for the schools. The Police should have been called with him loitering on school property before and after. With him being out there and no business on school property, you would think they would have been suspicious. Now that there are laws, if there are any Police officers and school officials reading this, you should be on the lookout. If a strange vehicle is on any school campus. There is a strange type person, action needs to be taken immediately.

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