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Dark and Dry Humor, Not for everybody but appeals to me
I thought this movie was great... the acting was pretty nice, the management of music was actually very funny, the character of Juno is a complex one.

I really love the dark humor of the family and the dry humor along the movie itself... it reminds me of the movies of Wes Anderson. Perhaps it is not the stupid humor where someone falls and everyone laughs but it has a very interesting humor.

Cinical, Sinister, really interesting. At first I thought it would be too much melodrama. But I find it OK to see it was quite not melodramatic. Perhaps the final scenes were a little bit cheesy but the last scene was a really well achieved scene, in therms of management of music, photography and management of positions. Has a pretty decent photography for being a Hollywood movie.

I think this is the case of movies like Wes Anderson films, like Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou or Jim Jarmusch like Broken Flowers (just that the humor is way darker). Where this type of humor does not appeal to anyone, but the absurd, the dryness and the darkness does appeal to me, therefore I give these movie Two Thumbs Up.

El camino

A Pride for Costa Rica
First of all I have to say that I'm from Costa Rica so my view in this movie is clearly different than others.

The movie has a great photography and management of movement. The idea is crude, and realistic. it really contrast a problematic of Costa Rica. but I thought it was sort of a Cliché... (the foreign that goes to another country). I found very interesting that I could spot the places where the movie was being shot because I've been there (although most of the movie actually runs in Nicaragua).

I do believe it is a pride for Costa Rica and Ishtar Yasin to present this movie internationally in so many festivals. Just let's hope the audiovisuals art in Costa Rica continues to grow.

Love in the Time of Cholera

Good as a movie, not an adaptation
First of all let's make clear that it would be impossible to portrait the book in this title... in my personal I feel the characters where completely different but it was not fault of the actors, probably of the script Anyway taking clear that Garcia Marquez's excellent job is simply impossible to fully adapt to a book it was an overall good production I was amaze by Bardem's performance, specially because it's a real challenge to portrait so many different stages of a same character. The acting of Bardem was (in my opinion) excellent. the photography was simply beautiful (though I admit there where a shot or two that reminded me more of Mexico than Colombia, but overall it was a Colombian landscape) the landscapes where exquisite and the musicality was decent, though Shakira's music I feel ruined it a little (I'm not a big fan of Shakira) in my opinion the BIG mistake of this movie was the fact that it was in English... I find it kind of anti-artistic to perform Colombian characters that speak in English... I believe that the movie has to adapt to the context it develops on, also it completely took off the little of Gabriel García Marquez's magic it had.

Overall I found it a great work... it's not an adaptation to Garcia Marquez's novel, but it was a great movie which I enjoyed.

Forrest Gump

Only two words describe the movie: FORREST GUMP
There's absolutely no doubt this is just a masterpiece. Tom Hanks is a genius, and a incredible actor(my favorite one). The simplicity of a man is take to a whole new level. I just think this is one of the best movies ever.

The Script is flawless, incredible, the way it takes U.S.A history and adapt it to a simple mentally retarded man of the south it's just overwhelming. The story is great, and it's so powerful it can take you to a whole new level of identifying with the character.

Tom Hanks make one of the best if not the bes performance I've ever seen. and Liuetenant Dan it's another great actor. Incredible strong acting, I love also the photography. Probably one of the most flawless movies ever.

Forrest Gump is definitively one of my (if not my) favorite movie of all time, it is emotionally very powerful. Very Complex and not easy going and very well done. Flawless performances I just love it. It's one of those classics that always stays in your mind. I give it a 20 out of 10

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

One piece of art
Eternal Sunhine of the spotless mind is one of my favorite movies, It's some of the few movies were actually everything was excellent. One of the (If not THE) best direction work I've ever seen, a lot of symbolisms and well put scenes, the complexity of the work makes the movie a little bit bizarre but that just makes you appreciate more the quality of work we see. I was completely surprise by Jim Carey's acting, I actually didn't knew he can act, but this movie states he can not only act but excel in this field, maybe if he would have dedicated to this kind of movies he would be in the same place as Johnny Depp or even Eduard Norton. Kate Whinslet always great!! the secondary characters (Elijah Wood, Kristen Dunst...) were also very good. The photography is awesome. The Script was a really incredible piece of writing, if I was too say the 2 best things of these movie, the script and the direction will definitively be my decisions. this one is one of the few Incredibly good movies that we can see now, A TRULY PIECE OF ART. 10 out of 10!!!!!!!!!!

Rocky Balboa

Much better than I expected
Well I'm a very young spectator and I am not really a Fan of Rocky, actually this was the first time I saw a Rocky Movie, but hearing comments from Rocky V and seeing that every movie loose his magic and Sucks by the 4th part (Unless is a book or something like that) I went to see the movie actually because there was nothing else to see... I was surprise to see a very good quality movie, I didn't expect so good photography and also I was stunned by Stallone's acting (it was not flawless nor extremely good but certainly great) the movie has this melancholy air that really make a master piece out of Rocky. The script was actually good and with a lot of content (I expected something stupid to be honest) and that one was one of the best endings I've ever seen in a movie. Although not one of my favorite movies I give it a 8.7 out of 10

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