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Deutschland. Ein Sommermärchen

Summer 2006 - The greatest of them all
In the course of four weeks (June 9 until July 9, 2006) Germany was nothing but a huge party. Celebrating the fantastic achievements of our national soccer team.

Sönke Wortmann, the director of this documentation, accompanied the team during this time. "Deutschland - Ein Sommermärchen" gives us a glance behind the curtain.

The beginning is at the same time the most tragical moment. The defeat against Italy along with the grieving players and coaches.

Afterwards the movie chronologically goes the way from the training camp until the semi - final. We are able to see the players in their training sessions, tactical discussions among the coaching staff, and lots of fooling around from the young players like Bastian Schweinsteiger and Lukas Podolski. We can see that a team was growing. We can see the intense sense of community and solidarity among them.

The documentation doesn't focus on the soccer scenes alone. However, it doesn't neglect them. We see the goals again, the enthusiastic fans, the hilarious atmosphere which infected the whole country.

I'm glad we also see a lot of what happened apart from the football ground. It's interesting to see what happened in the dressing room while we (the fans watching on TV) were fetching another drink or going to the toilet or whatever we did during the breaks.

Altogether I can recommend this documentation to everyone who had fun in the great summer 2006. And I recommend it to everyone who considers the Germans to be some non-smiling accurate work-robots.

It was a unique experience. A whole nation was backing up its soccer team. National flags were waving from every car, every house. It was, as if Germany had completely changed over night. That's why we call it a summer fairy-tale - "Ein Sommermärchen".

Bad Boys II

Too short
After the calamity called "Pearl Harbour` Michael Bay has finally returned to his roots and made a bombastic hardcore action movie which will blow you out of your seat.

The intense and excessive action - scenes are absolutely amazing and the amount of violence exceeds everything that you might have seen in an action - movie so far. Some people believe that it is unnecessary to depict how corpses get their heads chopped while Mike & Marcus are running over them or making jokes while ripping kidneys out of corpses in the morgue but in my opinion that's the kind of sick humour that this movie needs and somehow it even fits! And don't forget: They are Bad Boys, not Riggs and Murtaugh!

Unfortunately the German version is horribly translated. For example the poor 15 years old Reggie is no `Ludacris - lookalike' anymore but is suddenly called `Eminem - lookalike'. Of course no one in the audience was laughing because Reggie is hardly looking like Eminem!

I guess if Bruckheimer was watching the German version he would vomit as much as Marcus did in the morgue. Even the fact that the German version was cut for around 5 minutes proves that people in Germany are very easily offended by violence. The other reason is that Columbia Pictures intended to gain a release for kids from the age of 16 so the movie had to be mutilated like this Russian guy in the Tapia mansion.

If you have seen a few Bay - movies like `Bad Boys 1', `The Rock' or `Armageddon' and if you liked this movies you will also like (if not love) this one. The spectacular Highway - chase (which obviously has been done without any CGI at all) or even the 360 camera - scene are elements which no other action movie has demonstrated before.

I was so incredibly entertained that I wished this movie would run twice as long but I guess in this case I'm the only one. If you are keen on plenty of entertaining testosterone - filled hardcore - action I can only recommend this movie. If your favourite movies are `The English Patient', `Titanic' or 'Pretty Woman' please stay out or otherwise don't complain afterwards!

No doubt, it gets 10 out of 10!

The Mummy Returns

Action at a furious pace!
First of all, I'm not very impartial because I am a great fan of the director of this movie, Stephen Sommers. All the expectations I had were completely fulfilled. This movie has got everything that I want to see in a movie of this kind and from this director: plenty of great, well - performed action underlined by a perfect sense of entertaining humor in combination with a bit of love and drama (fortunately not too much of it). The action continues without ever stopping and totally entertains you in the course of the 130 minutes. Stephen Sommers surpasses himself with each movie he makes and I'm already looking forward to watching `Van Helsing' which is also written AND directed by Sommers. In my opinion his name has to be mentioned at one stroke along with other great action - directors like John McTiernan, John Woo, Renny Harlin, Wolfgang Petersen, Michael Bay and James Cameron. Stephen, if you ever read this: You're one of the best! This movie gets 9 out of 10!

The Zero Boys

I really loved it!
Wow, I've just seen the "Zero Boys" and I have to admit that I enjoyed this trip very much. The movie takes some time to get into action but after some minutes one can feel the perfectly created horror - atmosphere. I was mostly fascinated by the way this movie is presented to its audience: the camera direction is quite often exaggerated in an unusual but flawless way in order to preserve the creepy atmosphere. I was pleased by the killers being presented in a supernatural way. Often the spectator has the feeling that the killers are so superior that none of the victims could survive, but watch it yourself...... Mastorakis even included some allusions. For example one of the "Boys" is asking for "Jason" to come out of the house which they're standing in front of (It's the killers' house). For those who like the killers, the ending might be satisfying, but convince yourself! What a pity that Mastorakis never made Part II. Finally I can only remark that Fans of killer movies like "I still know...." or "Friday 13th" may watch this movie without hesitation. Believe me, it's definitely worth it!

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