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The Slut

still remember it fondly 16 years later
Alicia Monet was way underrated in her time, and she plays such a spoiled and trashy rich tramp. The plot is about an insatiable rich woman (Alicia Monet) that spends her days going from man to woman to stranger to attempt to exhaust her sexual cravings. She belligerently announce to whomever that she may be on her way to her Wednesday afternoon pussy licking with one of her girlfriends, or off to meet some stranger. Great scene towards the end where she cheats on her hubby right in front of him. Randy Spears does the honors as her wimpy husband watches on helplessly.

It's hard to remember all of the great scenes since it was so long ago, but with a cast that included Ona Zee, you know it had to be good. Wish they would reissue this one...Seems to me I may have seen it on beta which would explain why it is so rare.

Alicia Monet plays a great slut. Wish more characters like this were written into Porn.

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