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La Novia del Desierto

Subtle and Sweet
One of my favorites. So subtle and tender and sweet. A woman loses her bag. She embarks on a journey to find it. And, I don't want to spoil it, but she finds an invaluable treasure. So do we when we watch this. A treasure. Magic.

Voyage en Chine

Lilianne is traveling to mourn, however, she only discovers the real purpose of her Voyage en Chine later, without having to put it into words. The film is sad yet full of hope and color. Even after the tragedy there is so much to discover, to learn, to live for.

Yolande Moreau is wonderful, as always, so clumsy and very delicate.

The film is a gem. It is a good lesson of compassion, open-mindedness and acceptance.


Tilda Swindon's character Jessica wakes up to a loud sharp thud, a sound that will haunt her throughout the movie and give her more and more insights into the universe of memoria. At the beginning, we are deluded into thinking that there is a storyline, but very soon the pseudo storyline goes to hell and both Jessica and us just experience the past, the unknown, the non-existent. I personally loved the antenna metaphor, however, there are a lot of others; and the whole film leaves you absolutely hypnotized and in awe.

Ich bin dein Mensch

A perfect film about perfections and imperfections of a human nature. Alma (what a choice for a name!), a very influential yet disturbed woman, is persuaded into participating in an experiment: for the next 3 weeks a perfectly designed (and accurately matching her personality) humanoid robot is her life partner. Then she is supposed to publish a review on how it all went. And we can contemplate this experiment, which goes perfectly well, or does it?

Entre les vagues

This one is difficult to describe without giving things away and thus making it a spoiler. So I'll go minimal and say that it miraculously combines the atmosphere of inner freedom, happiness and elation with the most bitter personal tragedy, loss and helplessness. And while some wept at the theater towards the end, with me the happy part of it grew stronger. I didn't shed a tear, I just knew it was about the bliss of friendship, the one that shines on and lasts forever.

Hytti nro 6

Open Mind
A woman from Finland, who's been staying in Russia for quite a while and who speaks the language really well, sets out on a journey from Moscow to Murmansk. At the outset, it doesn't go exactly as planned but later on things change drastically: two people she trusts implicitly turn out to be a con-man and a liar but the one who looks the most revolting appears to be a friend.

And what always helps her on her way is her curiosity, sincerity and an extremely open mind.

The film is full of terrible stereotypes about Russia but once you see through them, you start genuinely enjoying it.

And there's a sweet surprise at the end.

Bonne mère

A good mother?
07. BONNE MÈRE par Hafsia Herzi Nora is a good person, the more people understand what life is all about the more they appreciate her. And she is a helping hand and the emotional support for so many people around her. However, her own children take advantage of her kindness and behave in a very immature way most of the time.

If you ask me, this French drama about a lower-class community, who find it really hard to make ends meet, questions Nora's being "a good mother".

Why does she put herself at risk and get drugs for her son who's in jail and then tell him "this was the last time"? Why does she tolerate her youngest son in his early 20s being a couch potato, the one who does absolutely nothing and behaves like he is ten? Or am I too much of a teacher?

One of her children tells her: Stay strong, we need you that way. And we know she will but is that the right choice?

Les Olympiades, Paris 13e

Black and White and True and Beautiful
Émilie, Camille, Nora, Amber Sweet: all of them don't want to be alone so they do lots of things in order not to. They are so alone quand même.

But wait, is there any hope?

Watch until the end.

Why is this film so beautiful? Because of the magical Noémie Merlant? Or is it that it is black and white? Or is it Paris? Or M. Audiard? All of the four, I guess. Go watch!


Anything but boring
There is Marijana whose sex life is a mess but it will get fixed soon.

There is her daughter Minja who throws a birthday party and dresses up as Raphael Ninja and is super cool.

There's her sister Tamara who is told she's amazing. There is a guy that is reminded that kissing is great and then goes and implements.

There is Marijana's mother who feels old and looks a bit dry and can't afford to buy butter because it costs a million.

There are a lot of ninja turtles and even one real one.

There is a funny lady that comes first but then sits on the cake and then we realize that fixing a messy sex life is easier than a ruined birthday cake.

There is Marijana's husband who feels a bit sad and out of place but then feels so happy when he is with Minja.

There is a woman called Zaga who looks gorgeous and makes two people leave the party for different reasons.

There is a little guy who doesn't speak very much but sees a little bit too much and in the end he sees pretty much everything.

There's a country that is a mess, but it's going to be OK in the end.

And if it's not OK it's not the end.


Kitschy Rock Opera?
I didn't even realize that a drama could be shown in SUCH a way that it has been in ANNETTE by Leos Carax.

At first glance, it looks as though the film takes pride in being kitschy, gaudy and superficial. But deep down it is far from being pop: it started as a glitzy musical, worked its way into a love story and ended up as a thriller with all the lines and metamorphoses sung rather than said. Was Marion Cotillard really singing or was it just another hallucination of this haunting film? I am not sure I want to know.


This one is about a weird pandemic causing amnesia in Greece. Enjoyed every minute of it. The uncanny hope as well as hopelessness is there throughout the film in the man's eyes, the man without a name who chooses to forget and to remember. We can see some flowers at the beginning and only towards the end do we realize why they were bought. Very human, touching and heart-warming.

Grosse Freiheit

Human Heart
For two hours I chose to sit through incessant violence, injustice, humiliation, most horrible expressions of human weakness in order to see the gem of a human soul. I would refer to this one as genocide-themed or even the Holocaust but there's so much more to it. Despite the obvious background, it is all about endurance, fearlessness and as simple as it is: a Human Heart.

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

This movie has healing powers. It cures both the main character and the one who watches it. It is surprisingly simple yet profound and very much to the point. We can see the origins of cynicism, we learn to remember we were kids when we communicate with our own ones, we learn to bring up subjects like anger or even death. But most importantly, we get convinced that anything mentionable is manageable. I'm happy to have seen it and I'm sure I'll watch it again.


Feeling desperate, abused, humiliated, sick and hurt - that's what the two broken characters of this film experience and we can see it upfront with no disguise. Mistakenly hoping that their offspring will save them they keep squeezing through their lives of hell colored green although the war is over. Yet we know, it takes generations to end the trauma. It takes a light at the end of the tunnel. It's way not easy to watch this one especially when you recognize the place, the hospital walls, the uniforms, the streets, the times. Oh lord, it's time to get it over with. That's what I think after watching this film. A very sad and very real masterpiece.

Il peccato

Knowledge. Loyalty. Truthfulness. Guilt. Perseverance. Effort. Strength. Love. Spirituality. If you want to learn a thing or two about the above, it's a must to watch.

Hors normes

You live and learn. From watching this film I learned more about autistic children and their socialization. The message of the film has a social value, however, to me personally it was more than that. Although I do not work with adolescents with autism, I see them on a regular basis at work, and the film gave me an insight into their situation and their needs. I take off my hat in front of those who chose to work with these kids and give them personal attention and time. A very educational and topical film.

Andið eðlilega

A very skillful work that must be seen by every single person who claims to have a heart. The two characters, a weak one and a strong one, meet and save each other's lives. A masterpiece


Forever topical
Not a very recent film but forever topical. I watched it for the second time very recently and I found it so simple yet so authentic and... timeless. The very basic metaphor of colorless life speaks for itself. What I personally found important to notice was the way the idea of perfectionism was portrayed. In our life there are a lot of things that go without saying. But this time it is better with than without. Simple. Skillful. Colorful.


It sometimes happens that you embark on somebody else's journey. This is exactly the way this wonderful film starts. But then, something else happens and it becomes your very own one. Since then there's no room for hesitation. It's only yours and nobody else's. Magical is the moment when we understand this.


A film full of honesty, love and integrity. With a touch of magic. So delicate and pure. Enjoyed every minute of it.


One of my favorites.

Funny and sad. Full of hopes and pointblank realistic at the same time. Reflects the times, the places and the cultures very genuinely.

A very human film. A must if you want to familiarize yourself with what is/was happening in the Middle Eastern young heads and hearts.

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

A gem to show in junior high and high school. Very educational, heartwarming. Historical as well. Very optimistic and encouraging. A must.

Berlin, I Love You

A very sweet and heartwarming one. Light. I would expect to hear more German though. So it's a bit of people-looking-for-themselves-in-Berlin kind of thing. And they do find themselves in the end. Great actors. Plus some wonderful unexpected dancing in there. All in all, this one is a perfect pastime for a romantic evening.


From the start, the film reflects our fears, inhibitions, desires. We all are curious by nature. We all want to be held and seen, don't we? Hence the crave to be part of something, where everything is clearly planned including grief and joy, birth and death. This one taught me to be responsible for my own traumas and weaknesses for there's always a line where you can say to yourself once you approach it: I'm not crossing it. I'm good. Very deep. And one has to be emotionally stable to watch this one.

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