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Benyamin Biang Kerok 2

Bad Cast and Fail to entertain
This movie supposed to be funny, yet not a single part of it made me laugh (not even smile).

The cast for the main character is not a comedian but forced to play comedic role, as expected he failed to deliver. Combined with poor written story line this movie is a terrible time waster.

It's a failure as a comedy, drama, action, or any kind of genres.

It's bland and unentertaining.

Nenek Gayung

Bad Indonesian Horror movie as usual
The horror part is not scary at all The comedy part is cringey The acting skill is 4 out of 10 at best The story line is terrible Poor writing combined with bad directing, bad acting, and bad taste have made this whole movie an utter garbage at its finest.

Spider-Plant Man

This one is not that bad but definitely is not funny either.

The Maze Runner

Awfully directed movie combined with bad writing and terrible acting. No wonder this disaster just fail to deliver. But off course fan boys and fan girls won't agree.

Fateful Findings

Works better than sleeping pills
Let's start with the actors, none of them know how to act even Neil Breen himself. Probably Breen picked random guy from his neighborhood and made them actors. The story is confusing and boring as hell that makes you sleepy all of a sudden.


Definitely a bad movie
I don't know whether it's normal in malaysia, people talking with high tone like idiots, or maybe the writer forget to turn the caps lock off. When there is a demonic killer inside the house and then you try to escape but somehow your car engine suddenly broken, it's better to get back inside the house instead of running away for your life, right?


Bad Acting
There is scene where a bunch of men screaming and waving their hands like idiots while watching their friends fight each other.

Si Buta dari Gua Hantu: Neraka Perut Bumi

Typical low budgeted movie
This Indonesian movie (not Philippines) is adaptation from indonesian comic book by Ganes TH with same title. This is a typical low budgeted movie with more action and less character development.

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