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The best
KS's bad history aside, he did an amazing performance alongside Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman. It'll take you breath away -- this film!


MM did a stellar job with his performance. The soundtrack was great. But the pacing in this film was all off.

The Dark Knight Rises

Bane is a more terrifying nemesis than the Joker. The soundtrack by Hans Zimmer was booming. An unforgettable end to the trilogy


I have nightmares from this film, even to this day. After so so many years!! Worth watching if you haven't already.

The Room

You wonder
It's hard to know what Wiseau was thinking. Was he intending this to be the worst film in the world? Or a comedy? It's a weird insight into the mind of an enigmatic and unusual real life character.

The Ring

Naomi did a great job. This is one scary film to watch any time. It's timeless!

28 Weeks Later

Not as good as original
It maintains the shock violence without as much heart and stark soul that the original has.

The Disaster Artist

So funny
I was surprised this was based on a true story! It will keep you laughing the whole way and then you wonder why the real movie it's based on got such a poor rating on here!

Disaster Movie

It's so bad it's funny
I won't say I fell asleep during this film. Its badness captivated me!

The Love Guru

Not sure
I'm not sure how this film saw the light of day. A very ignorant and insensitive film that was probably the end of Myers' career

The Matrix

Watch this film today!
It's astounding that this was made so long ago. Great film!

The Silence of the Lambs

So so disturbing
Warning guys! This is one scary disturbing film. You won't sleep after. Hannibal Lecter is a disturbing creation that perhaps should not have been created.

The Green Mile

Not a perfect film with some cringe moments but it didn't pull me out of what is a highly emotional film.

Forrest Gump

Not sure how anyone can give this film less than 10. Enough said. Thanks Tom.

28 Days Later...

A very bleak horror apocalyptic film that will make you feel sick. The score by John Murphy rocks

Event Horizon

Not sure why the average is so low here. Sam Neill pulls of a very disturbing role that seems unusual for him. I was really on edge this entire film!


My gosh
It was ultraviolent and disturbing scenes that come without warning but I have to say...a great scifi film...bordering on horror

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Definitely beats number 1
I loved it! such a good film. The grittiness went that bit further than no. 1

Minority Report

A very noir-esque sci fi thriller that was great for its time and Tom Cruise didn't do a bad job. Some very slow moments but overall a good watch

I, Robot

Cringe at times
Will Smith is a great actor but this film just didn't suit him. I couldn't take it seriously at all. Independence day was the exception!

District 9

A classic
I'm surprised we haven't seen more works coming out of South Africa like this emotional sci fi thriller. Highly recommended, even though there were some slowish moments.

The Fifth Element

This film has absolutely everything you want in a good film. Thrills, comedy, romance, action, suspense and a deeper message. Can't believe it was made in 1997!!

Fight Club

So so good
Ed Norton hasn't come through like he used to in this film. Brad Pitt of course steals the show with his unforgettable performance as a villainous anarchist

Pulp Fiction

Overrated but good
I don't think this is QT's best work but it definitely has some memorable one-liners and great performances.


You'll cringe, cry and be disturbed
Joaquin Phoenix and Todd Phillips come through in one of the greatest renditions of a well-known comic villain's life story

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