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Does not do the full justice to what it appears to deliver
I do agree with many of the reviewera regarding the realism, the depth of characters and the quality of acting. In the initial couple of episodes, they build up a remarkable tension which appears to be heading towards an equally meaningful end. However, I felt a bit disappointed towards the end of the series mainly because the gripping nature seemed to have dulled down and the end looked like a failure. Although I am used anticlimatic endings, this felt like incomplete and unsatisfying. Perhaps, they wanted things to be too realistic. Other main issue with this series is the shaky camera work which makes you feel dizzy especially if you are watching it on a bigger screen.


Amazing recreation of extraordinary series of events
As someone who has read quite a lot about the chernobyl disaster, I was a bit hesitant on watching this. I thought it could be just a waste of time watching this as I knew what was going to happen. However, I realized that I was totally wrong within first few minutes of the show. I was blown away by the gripping nature of the show from the very first moment to the last minute. It kept me on edge in unbelievable way. It has been able capture the eerie atmosphere in the aftermath of the incident brilliantly. I was so impressed by the creators' efforts to recreate the Soviet Union in a very authentic manner.

Edit: After doing a little research online, I realized many events and characters in this show were either fictional or exaggerated to the extent that it cannot be considered as a real account of what happened. It has also been reported to depict the life in the Soviet Union and its administration from the typically biased and stereotyped Western perspective. Although getting to know these facts ruined my appreciation of the show to a certain degree, I still consider this as a masterful work of art. However, it may not be a good idea to use this as a source of information on the disaster.

The Vast of Night

Something fishy going on with IMDB reviews
I decided to watch this movie based on overwhelming 9-10 rated reviews. However, this should be one of the most uninteresting movies I have watched (at least partially). I could bear with it only for 17 minutes and then I gave up. In the very first scene, the viewer is bombarded with constant talking by a confusing number of characters. This is followed by a long scene in which a girl and a man walking through a town talking very fast and constantly which I found really boring. For the 17 minutes I watched nothing really happened that could hook me into the movie. When I went through the reviews more closely again I could see I was not alone at all. Someone had even suggested that all positive reviews could have been written by a PR company and I am not surprised if that's the case.

The Woods

Excellent Thriller
Story resolves around an incident happened in a summer camp in 1994, this TV show filled all the tick boxes I usually look for. Stunning backdrop, interesting characters, decent storyline, good music, wonderful photography plus an element of nostalgia. I really enjoyed every moment of this show.

Sala samobójców. Hejter

Oscar material
This is a true masterpiece about several important contemporary issues. It is an amazing story showing how a psychopath could manipulate rise of populism and online trolling to fulfill his own agenda. There is also an element of underlying class conflict. I decided to watch this on Netflix because of many positive reviews on IMDB and I was not disappointed at all. Every aspect of this movie is excellent. Especially the acting skills of the actor playing the main character are a treat to watch. Highly recommended.


Wonderful backdrop. Average storytelling.
I thought of dropping a few lines after watching the first season. I hooked on this series within first few minutes mainly due to the beauty of the scenery and breathtaking photography that captured it. It managed to make me intrigued initially but it looked like the focus on the main storyline was distracted by the subplot of romance between the detective and the lady who found the body. This relationship appeared a bit forced and there were too many coincidences that connected this lady to main storyline. This looked somewhat out of ordinary. Overall, it was a good watch but script could have been better.


Feel good movie
There is no deep storyline here. However, I enjoyed the beach atmosphere, beautiful people, erotic scenes, lovely music and hilarious nature of some scenes. This is a very good movie if you want to chill out a bit without making your mind exhausted.


Entertaining if you consider this as a B movie.
This movie is not as bad as described in some reviews on this platform. It contains some silly dialog and science may not be convincing. End is predictable but it is quite alright since you are not going to watch a psychological thriller. It is full of decent visual effects and pace is really nice. Overall, good Saturday night movie unless you are expecting Hollywood material.

The Discovery

Waste of an interesting premise
Although movie starts off with an intriguing series of events, soon it becomes painfully slow and muddled up. Characters and the sci-fi elements are really interesting but presentation of the story is disorganized mainly because there are too many subplots to follow. From the initial introduction to the premise and characters, movie is virtually uneventful up to about last 30 minutes. I was pretty disappointed about the wasted opportunity.


Nothing special.
The fact that this is supposedly based on true events makes this an interesting movie to watch. However, as a thriller, there is nothing that could make it stand out from others. Although it is not a very bad movie, in a world where top quality TV thrillers like "Narcos", "Homeland" have raised the bar this movie looks pretty average. Other issue I noticed is that the White supremacists on this movie appeared as a bunch of amateurs who did not have a clue about most of the things including handling explosives. As a result, the treat posed by them did not seem serious.

Legado en los huesos

Not as good as the first one
I quite enjoyed the first movie of this supposed trilogy. However, I had a difficult time following the story in this one. Specially there is too much talking with details and clues coming at a rate that you could not possibly process. I did not feel bothered to see what is going to happen. In other words, this movie did not manage to make me engaged. Very hardly I give up watching a movie but I had to do that here since It seemed like I was not gaining anything from this and I fact it made me feel dizzy a bit.

Lying and Stealing

Decent movie forward a Saturday night
Although this story may have been told thousands of times before and is full of cliches, I really enjoyed it. It had good pace and likable characters. I felt quite satisfied with this pretty nice Thriller.

All the Devil's Men

Decent action thriller...
As many of the reviewers mentioned, this movie deserves a better IMDB rating (at least 6 I would say). It kept me on edge from the very first scene and action scenes were really exciting to watch. It had a flavor of " Heat" when it comes to gun battle scenes. Only aspects I did not like were the clichéd script and the lead actress' acting.

Small Crimes

Confusing and depressing
Movie starts off in a promising manner giving the impression of a thriller. However, I had a really hard time understanding the relationship between characters until very late. It was like watching the last episode of a TV show without having any idea about previous ones. Although its theme was interesting, it became too depressing and did not feel like it did the justice for the one and half hours I spent on this.

The Gunman

Barely passable.
This is an action thriller with a storyline that may have been told hundreds of times before. While it is obvious from the beginning what is going to happen, it takes too long to reach the much awaited "twist". The length of movie could have easily cut down by 20-30 minutes. Run time is too long for the rather simple plot. However, action scenes are quite well done.

Earthquake Bird

Waste of an opportunity
Movie starts off quite well arousing the viewer's intrigue. It is set in a really interesting background, Japan in the 80s. Alicia Vikander's acting skills and beautiful cinematography kept my attention. Every little detail seemed to be heading for a dramatic ending perhaps a really intelligent twist. However, movie becomes all over the place in the second half ending abruptly without much of a conclusion. In the end I felt like being let down and totally unsatisfied.

The Glass House

Entertaining enough.
Although this movie had been panned by critics and done poorly at the box office, I found this a good one to watch with family on a Saturday night. It is predictable from the very beginning but it keeps you on the edge until the end. This may not be a "psychological"thriller as advertised but it is certainly a thrilling movie with plenty of action. In short, this is not a boring movie.


I watched the first episode expecting to watch a thriller based on reviews. However, from the beginning every character in the show was quite annoying. There was no character that I could like and you do not feel like keep watching when that happens. The way they behave amid unexpected deaths of their colleagues seemed implausible and silly. They act more like preschool kids rather than grown up men.

Elizabeth Harvest

Wonderful Thriller
I am not sure why this movie has received such a low IMDB rating. I got hooked from the very first scene and since then it was a quite intense ride indeed. There was never a moment I felt bored. I especially found cinematography, editing, and score really fascinating. Setting of the movie in an isolated location only adds to the intrigue of the story. Beautifully done thriller all around.


A different Soviet Union
Like many reviewers here have pointed out, this TV show presents the life in Soviet Union in a totally different way. Here we see a country which is sunny and colorful with characters which can be related to people in any other country. At first I thought this could be a propaganda funded by the current Russian government but it also showed the corruption and bureaucracy prevailed during the communist rule. This is vastly different from typical gloomy and melancholic Hollywood depiction of this country.

Sex Education

Not my cup of tea.
I started to watch this because of 10/10 reviews on IMDB. I usually enjoy teen dramas but in this one every character seemed annoying and troubled in some way. I stopped watching after 3 episodes as there was no joy in watching a TV in which you cannot like a single character.

Triple Frontier

Good action thriller with some issues
This movies is worth watching definitely if you are into action movies. It has excellent cast with very good acting, fabulous cinematography and some good action. However, the rhythm of the movie changes in the second half. Definitely, script could have been better to avoid obvious plotholes and the unsatisfying ending.


Fun movie. Serves its purpose.
I am not sure what people who negatively reviewed this movie expected. This is not a serious movie. It's supposed to be a comedy and a party movie. This is a kind of a movie you should watch if you need some mindless fun. Story is medicore and fully clichéd but I really enjoyed the music and party atmosphere. In short, this movie does well what it is supposed to do.

Terrorism Close Calls

I enjoyed the first few episodes as they managed to create some degree of suspense. However, soon it became a repetition of how home grown terrorists travel to middle east or Asia to get trained and how efficient the western espionage services are to intercept them. I felt as if I was watching same episode over and over again. Episodes are painfully prolonged too. They could have easily done a better job with less unnecessary details and interviews within a period of 30-40mins.

Black Sails

An epic TV show unknown to many.
When I first saw the trailer for the Black Sails, my first impression was that someone was going to utilize the fame of "Pirates of Carribbean". However, I was totally wrong. This show can be more likened to "Game of Throans" in terms of complex characters, superb writing, top-notch acting and high quality production value. However, the sad thing is that it has not received the recognition it deserves. Being a prequel to "Treasure Island", creators have managed to mix fictional characters and real historical figures in a wonderful way to build an epic on an era of the history. I really loved the authenticity of the show. Settings seemed so real. I wondered many times while watching the show, how much commitment the crew may have to make under harsh conditions to create the show this brilliant.

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