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Genius at Work

Great detective movie with great laughs
The story moves at a good pace with a beautiful leading lady, and comedians a plenty. They have the type of comedy that cannot be found anymore today. It is clean fun and good for the whole family.

Diamond Demon

Are people jealous?!
This is amazing! Anyone who rates this less than 9 is jealous of this guy's talents!

Bronenosets Potemkin

Strange Morals
The main question of the "hero's" morals starts in the beginning of the film. The main Russian who starts the mutiny, Vakulinchuk, is about to get shot in a firing squad for disobeying the captain. Then he says "Brothers! Who are you firing on?" as in, the Russian would kill another Russian. The firing squad disobey the captains firing orders and even stands in front of the firing squad while yelling "Fire!" (Genius, am I right?). Then Vakulinchuk gets the sailors to attack their "brothers" then proceeds to yell from on top of a turret, "Kill the monsters! Kill them!""Kill them all!" Maybe it's my western way of thinking, but he seems very hypocritical in his ways as he is killing his "brothers". Anyways, if you think about his reasoning, he is the stupid mutinist.

Holiday from Rules?

Interesting and Insightful
It is always neat to watch old educational videos. Rebellious children and even some teens could gain some insight from watching this gem.

All Girl Revue

June Allyson
June Allyson makes a great entrance with the opening song and the rest of the cast carries it through to the end. Great short!

Maid for a Day

Slow start but turns out to be very lively.
It is a variety act of singing and dancing. There is a great tap dancing scene a little over 10 minutes in while the song "two cigarettes in the dark" is being played. The classic dance following is fantastic, and "Won't You Ring The Gong For Me" knocks it out of the park. Great movie!

East Side, West Side

Great lines with an outstanding cast
Stanwyck is one of my top 5 actresses ever and this movie doesn't disappoint in her beauty or her acting. She and Mason come off as love birds but Mason has a wandering eye and puts a serious strain that turns out to be the end of the marriage in the end.

Some great points have to include: the dress Stanwyck wears during the party Mason doesn't show up at. Stanwyck, Gardner, Mason, and Heflin need praise also due to the script and their charm. It was also nice to see Nancy Reagan looking charming as always. A movie can't be solely good based on the cast (Jennifer Aniston has put out some real stinkers), but this one is a treasure in my mind.

The Stranger

Odd movie
With Orson Welles as a Nazi and Loretta Young as his newlywed wife who was unaware of his past. Set in 1946, Welles is a Nazi who escaped from being persecuted for the war and his deputy (who was release by the USA in hopes the deputy would lead them to Welles) found Welles hiding in Connecticut. Ignorant as to why he was released, the deputy was murdered by Welles to stop him from being too suspicious. The detective from D.C followed the deputy and started inquiring on Welles. Welles is found to be a Nazi but not before lying to his Wife on why a man was killed and nearly killing her.

Welles was a very good actor, portraying worry and nervousness with confidence but was creepy at times. He didn't think ahead at times and it was crazy on how he thought he could live the rest of his life in the church tower without being spotted. It didn't have a love conquers all ending and the wife was pretty retarted to tell Welles she was going to kill him in the tower when the sentencing could have done the same without the danger. The plot seemed good but it turned out to be awful with the circumstances of everything.

My Christmas Dream

Cute movie with feel-good ending.
McKellar, Hayden Jones, Lee, Hall, and Covery

McKellar is a woman passionate about her job and Paris. She meets Haydn-Jones, an artist at heart who ends up helping her get her Christmas display done needed for a promotion to Paris. Covery, plays Cooper, Jones' son who is very attached to McKellar and always says funny stuff to keep things going.

Lee is the assistant to McKellar. I have seen some of Lee's other movies and shows and while she is outstanding in them, this one was not the right fit for her.

The dream job that McKellar ends up getting is wonderful because she ends up getting to visit Paris while still maintaining the relationship she built with Jones. It's a touching ending and is a great movie with a great flow and nothing but warm feelings of Christmas.

The Sweetest Christmas

She chose the wrong man
While Chabert is my favorite Hallmark Actress, they had a flawed, yet still good script. Edwards tried his hardest to win Chabert back and it would have been nice to see for once a man make up for his mistakes. Sure he called them a "team", but he flew in a lady from Europe to make a gingerbread house with a ring in it! How much more romantic can you get? I found Coco and Chabert's chemistry to not be the best I've seen but in the end it still was a good movie to watch and would still recommend it.

This Gun for Hire

An easy to follow, action packed noir
Ladd was the tough guy hitman who kept it cooler than Cool Hand Luke. Lake was the dame who just bumbled into the mess that was going on. Unlike previous noirs, it was very easy to follow what was going on and kept my interest all the way until the end. A definite thumbs up for me.

Angels' Alley

Bowery Boys shouldn't try to be a tearjerker
A comedy with the Bowery Boys that had too much emotion for the normal goofiness.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Not as good as original, but still great
A movie that is full of suspense (much more than the 1920 version) and heartbreak. It follows a story similar to the original and March portrays both characters brilliantly. The direction and acting was great but some scenes were too drawn out and the movie would have been better if it was shorter.

Cry Wolf

Bad start, but gets better
The movie's start was confusing as to what was happening and took at least 5 minutes for any sense to be made of what was going on. After that time, the intensity and interest picked up rapidly. The movie's end was a big twist and is definitely worth watching.

Rural Sweden

If only it was longer
While short, it gives a simple overview of the heart of the Swedes. The friendliness of the Swedes is charming and the way they dance is wonderful. Prideful in their heritage from the Viking race, they make big claims when they say they invented multiple sports, just as someone's grandpa might say. I only wish this short film was longer.

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