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The Victim

Best BBC drama this year
Gripping emotional drama set in the Edinburgh area. Create characters and actors. There's something about these Scottish actors, fantastic stuff--will look out for James Harkness in the future...


hey not bad at all for a fantasy
well as you might have guessed I do have a predisposition to fantasy films but this one is really OK! a great little adventure.

The best thing is that the plot development and the dialogue is 90% devoid of cliché lines. That really saves any film in my book - perhaps this is down to Jane Goldman. Some nice twists and turns.

The sort of silly medieval gibberish that many producers sanction for feature films is avoided by the little quirks. The ghost sons of the king could be done in a shabby over the top way but it is considerably understated.

I'm a sucker for romance so this is a main reason why I like the film. Give it a look

Cum mi-am petrecut sfârsitul lumii

Total Tat
While I was expecting some nice cultural education, I found the story badly wanting. I was getting bored really through the second half. I would say it was passable for the first half. When a film decides to bore me to death and then unceremoniously chooses some extremely bizarre scenes, such as the bubblegum scene, it was too much. I found myself saying get-to-***k, you can't just do that out of the blue without some established quirkiness from the outset. Usually I like quirky twists (see the Spanish film The Red Squirrel), but this story had no twists, and was a real flat pancake. The dialogue was equally numbing, with some weird people. Or maybe that's how Romanians were in 1989! I refuse to believe that. And don't get me started on that dreadful music..... (really not a fan of Balkan or gypsy music at all) especially not national anthems. The acting was a little wooden from the lead girl I found, plus she looked a bit too old I think. The father seems to be the best actor in the film but he didn't have such a big role. Mood films are OK, but it really depends what you do with them, in my opinion they were very limited by the story, the actors, the music and the dialogue. Give this one a miss, it's not worth your attention.

Out for a Kill

Jesus Wept - when Seagal made this plebeian steaming shite
Oh my God....and I thought Seagal's crappy action films couldn't get worse than the hypocritical eco-nonsense of "On Deadly Ground". But on various levels this film snatches the worst film I have ever seen motif.

Does the Chinese Boss not incrementally realise that if one of his mob squad people can't kill him, the next one wont be able to either. He never learns, but if the repeating scene at the stupid table isn't enough it would seem the dialogue is almost identical also. Thus 2 faux pas in one.

Let me put it this way, if I was half sedated while concentrating on superstring theory and being stabbed in the eyes I would still have enough mental cognitive ability left over to create a better story than this.

While the fact that Steven feels he has to inflict us with his standard ego-trip of getting in touch with ethnic minorities it doesn't change the fact that in a fight, in order to get a satisfying victory the victor - Steven- has to take at least a few knocks before he comes out on top. However, he never took a punch - this defies common sense of making a fight scene tense. There is NO TENSION.

PLEASE Steven no more, enough is enough, your career is over, your too fat and old. On the other hand I rather like watching Seagal movies as they are so bad they have become genuine comedies (just not this one- it was embarrassing watching it!!)

Above Suspicion

Slick film-making produced this relatively unknown thriller
There are many things that make this film good for me. One is the actor who plays the leading role- I haven't seen Christopher Reeve in much and to see him playing a totally different character of which I'm accustomed to is really appealing. Also at this kind of age actors, I find, are in their prime; they have great screen presence and charisma. This can be said for Sean Connery, who was no doubt a good Bond, but he just enthuses entertainment even if the film is not rated so well, such as The Russia House, or Outland).

I also like the subtle music and the subtle character play in the script, such as Reeve's character being resented as a know it all college boy, who gets favoured by the Lieutenant. It makes entertaining viewing. The plot progresses slickely and gives some satisfying twists, which effectively make the film what it is.

The best part of course it that the bad guy wins, although perceptions of bad are biased towards the bad guy- at least I was happy and I can't see anyone being broken up about the outcome.

An Excellent thriller which ends well, even that pull back shot of the scenery from the coast was nice.

The Royal Tenenbaums

More of this pleeeeeease!
With all the mediocre films that flood the cinemas now, this film was a refreshing break from dull scripts and soppy character development- like in Pearl Harbour and in other large budget mainstream films (this being the main problem). Hollywood is just getting too big and basic, relying on special effects and big stars like Russel Crowe to pull the crowds. However, in saying this, there are several big stars in the Royal Tenenbaums but the story is original, and complex enough to compliment the script development, which can be very sharp. Note the rather endearing underacting of some of the actors but, which fits the characters well and makes you like them even more.

Despite not liking Gene Hackman much, his performance was very good and I may be influenced by my attraction to Gwyneth Paltrow, in liking this film but I would recommend this to people tired of the lacklustre hollywood films.

La ardilla roja

Fantastically quirky, funny and entertaining
This is rare one. I never see films this good anymore (maybe Bodies Rest and Motion is comparable in the watchability and entertainment value of this film. The story is unique, Jay gets close to ending his own life but is interrupted by a motorcyclist flying through the air onto the beach. She has amnesia, he pretends to be her long standing boyfriend, she has no choice but to go along with it, right?

A seriously clever and duplicidous female lead Emma Suarez goes off with him. Never a dull moment, of course I do love listening to foreign langauges- quite an incentive in this film perhaps. The music is really good and perfect for the mood of the film including the constant reference to his former bands main song and his past love.

That bit towards the end with the car stunt is hilarious. I wish they made more films like this (maybe they do, I don't know, terrestrial TV doesn't show many foreign films unfortunately).


A Very Entertaining Film
With huge screen personas such as Dennis Hopper and Jodie Foster it really makes this film fun to watch. The dialogue works with these actors as it would usually with any actor you like. The story progresses in a way that suits me down to the ground, in that there are no scenes that I dislike and it's always on the move.

The idea of a hitman giving his prospective hit a choice of death or come with me with on a provisional basis is a good one. The cinematography is nice also with some shots of the American mid-west (I suspect).

The supporting actors are a refreshing bunch as well including Vincent Price (nice to see him away from all those creepy horror movies of the 50s and 60s)and Dean Stockwell, who is a very likable and I think an underrated actor (may be best known in Quantum Leap as Al). Not to give the ending away but I never guessed it was coming and it is very satisfying. This film is worth a 9.


OOOWE, what a difficult game
This game is incedidibly difficult. I've always though that with this type of game it should say, along the requirements- minimum of IQ 150. Some of the puzzles are beyond complex and very time consuming. However the story of this game is quite inventive and the characters make it interesting. But watch out for the hammy acting of the guy you play- Jake Quinlan- it is quite amusing if you don't take it seriously. Chrisopher Walken is overacting to the extreme but since I like him as an actor and this is just a computer game, I've forgiven that. I wish they would re-release games like this on one DVD, instead of 6 discs it originally came in. The walkthrough available on the web doesn't make you feel like a cheat, strangely, because it still takes forever. On the whole it is a good experience, though, as you get closer to finding out the ripper.

Georg Elser - Einer aus Deutschland

Fascinating Insight on a German/Austrian's Perspective
The film Seven Minutes partially dubbed in English and partially IN English (either that or great dubbing by actors Brandauer and American; Dennehy) is a great film. I may be inappropriately sticking my neck out here, but I believe this film, directed and stared by Brandauer has a very personal edge to it for him, relating to the actions of Hitler. Throughout the film it shows, in the late 1930s, Jewish citizens being taken away by the army or secret police (with rather stirring music). At this moment Klaus Maria watches on and seems to be a little shaken and quietly incensed by these actions. This film gives an insight into, how some Germans were clearly against what Hitler was starting to do to their country (those who, in reflection, weren't sucked into the propaganda of a powerful Germany). The love interest with Rebecca Miller and Klaus is nice and subtle with good humour in places. During all this, though, he is building a bomb using his skills as a clock maker, and awaiting Hitler's arrival to the Beer Hall (Munich), -where the story is set. During the building of the bomb and the placing of it, it is full of tension with Klaus appearing extremely determined and nervous with sweat. The acting of Brandauer is suitably magnificent. From what I've said, don't get the wrong impression it's a boring historical film (actually based on a true story of Georg Elser's attempt). It is full of suspense and can be watched as any other film of a suspense genre.


A very good Connery film
If you like Sean Connery, and you like him kicking ass you'll like this film. Although the film itself may not be the cream of hollywood but the sheer stage presence of Connery pulls it up several levels. The storyline of a cop wanting to see if he's bigger than a corrupt system maybe a fairly old clichéd story. But this film pulls it off very well with a fresh approach on the moon of IO. I'll admit that I do love industrial and futuristic sets and story lines, the kind of sets that only the 80s could achieve. Now that I think about it I never considered it was on a set or it wasn't real. Probably because the movie is always moving with either action and pretty entertaining dialogue, especially between Connery and the station manager (who is perfectly smarmy and arrogant). If you love the 80s films and Connery- watch this.

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