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Christmas at the Plaza

This film is incredible
Wow. I I don't know where to start. It's like a great love story triangle. One of the all time greats. This movie is so great. I just love it. One of the best.

Christmas at Holly Lodge

This film is unreal. So good. The acting is top notch and storyline is original. It's the perfect blend of Christmas and romance. I loved it

The Road to Christmas

Amazingly incredible
This film has it all. Dang it's good. A real modern classic

Christmas Under the Stars

Better than casa Blanca
This movie is incredible. Have you seen Casablanca? It's incomplete compared to this film which sets a new standard in completeness excellence. Casablanca has a love story, yes, but it's a sad one. This film has a happy love story plus Christmas season. Casablanca is not a Christmas movie. In conclusion, if you want a Christmas movie love story I would choose this over Casablanca one hundred times.

Hearts of Christmas

This is a GREAT FILM.

It turns out the elderly colleague saved the young colleague at birth. Her step father looks like the trivago guy.

It's basically like a Christmas movie combined with a good feeling holesum movie. And there's a steamy love-storey !

I watched it two time

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