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Corri uomo corri

Extensive long but satisfying, welcome first Sollima western, welcome back Pazaffani
Nello Pazaffani is someone who I have noted in other flicks like Colossus and Headhunters, Danger Death Ray, and playing headhunters and spies, now a bandit at long last. S. Sollima here provides a lavish meal of a movie, and there is lots of eating and consuming beverages even in this movie.

The Adventures of Robin Hood

Animal cruelty shown by Michael Curtiz shades him, fresh from "directing" killing/injuring horses in Charge of the light brigade (36)
I just in the few days learn in that movie Curtiz did a stunt with horses where they got injured and ~20 or so had to be killed, this is inexcusable and exempts that movie, I learn a week or 2 ago about this but do not know what Flynn movie it is and only few days learn it is that movie by the director who did numerous movies with Flynn (and Bogart.) This also severely shades his filmography including movies like this or his westerns,Casablanca. Curtiz was "indiffirent" to his maniacal direction while Flynn complained about this matter, despite doing like 4 more movies with him, oh well. Doing this for entertainment is inexcusable. Poor creatures. Respect the animal kingdom. This is my initial review before learning of this:

[Title:What else to add to this juggernaut

This has it all, except maybe the sets of the silent R.H. movie (that has world record of biggest movie set built with a multi-story castle) have anything to compare, otherwise this movie has it all, and the next two decades R.H. movies had to deal with the juggernaut this movie is.

That has not been already over checked. One thing the silent Robin Hood movie does slightly better is just the sets, the actual life size castle built for the movie retains a world record of biggest single set ever built. Otherwise this movie has everything else on point. The inclusion of Will Scarlet in here should be a mainstay in all the RH movies as like a second-in-command to Robin. Also there is a 'Green Knight' (and rogue like RH except a badguy) in the mythos who is sort of infused into Guy of Gisbourne who wears green colors occasionally.] Oh well. My advice is stick to other RH movies made in the wake of this such as Bandit of Sherwood (46) Prince of Thieves (48) Rogues of Sherwood (50) Men of Sherwood (52) Story of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men (55)

The Desert Hawk

Gooey adventurous
This is entertaining for a tale about the mideast intrigues, the title hero is a rogue superhero like person in a red robe, one thing is this has Sinbad and Aladdin relegated to comic relief sidekicks, and the Sherherizade (of 1,001 Nights) as the romance interest switching with villainess, if these famous characters are included they gotta at least live up to their names, however enough satisfying action here against routine Califs and about the title Desert Hawk as battling against the taxing fiendish people, the checklist of things is harems, people in rugs, slave markets, turbans, dungeons, some good palaces here.


It is about something
Notable is the mideastern decor. The plot is things are definitely happening level of interest and things move from one scene to the next. The level of quality remains, does not dip. Something about more intrigue, about a lady seeking vengeance, a routine plot point, while people just like wearing turbans, fezzes, and cloaks.

Un americano a Roma

Americano Americano Americano
Spaghetti is called worm which is funny, funny stuff, great charming sequences and the title at first is like pedestrian but then you realize oh yeah it is a clever title, the guy Alberto is a great cosmic entity of awesomeness, epic ness, a just excellent picaro character portrayal of this sequences of heightened reality, improbable but not impossible events of craving for America while conjuring up ideas in Roma, the is a craving I already read about in other biographies of italian directors around this era so this is a well known craving and shown here awesome as they use the best thing while in some place craving for something else, imagination.

Un drôle de caïd

Funes's histrionics are unparalleled in this thief movie
This is a great fun flick in a mammoth comedian's understanding of comedy. Just the middle when the other partner decides to split is outta nowhere but they reunite thankfully and a particular great part is the night mansion they are herded by the girl thief to rob is kinda spooky with the whole environment. I check this under the title "A Mouse with the Men." He does the first Troops and Fantomas this year and annihilates with all.

The Mouse on the Moon

Lavish comedy
What the? This is a grand scale level of laughs occurring here. No name cast which is refreshing, on all cylinders humor, fine tuned funniness.

The Paleface

Dope comedy sesh
Funny and lots of funny stuff with a dope rustic setting for this western comedy romping the western checklist, though rather mundane plot, yet some legitimate funny spots of a zany nature.

I'll Take Sweden

Subject matter is dull however marginally funny smidges
This has a lot of the usual romance crap, otherwise some funny histrionics from Bob and some funny sequences the funniest being a truck driver's animal like talking cartoonishly to averting the Bob and other guy driving on a motorcycle bahaha.

Le petit baigneur

Funny sorta with somewhat premise
Aquatic premise is just lots of ships utilized in this mid-tier comedy with funny sequences from De Funes.

Road to Morocco

Nears Stoogian-level zaniness
Of this era only the Stooges make me laugh out of all of those name comedians in the toughest genre of them all until checking this pairing which have the funniness, just the plot is the generic get-with-woman and sets are dainty ornate of this era, plus the musical aspect is just zoning out during these, until it returns to the actual narrative, pretty spiffy.

The Creature Walks Among Us

Third and Creature resolute figures out a way to upkeep interest by utilizing big scifi names
This movie is a fun angle of where this series resolutes. I have been a fan of the original noting its mysterious allure of the exotic locales which I always like exotic locales thinking of the Universal monster series' this is probably next to Dracula in my favorite of the series's, being drawn to these type of exotic elements which the subconscious reveals all interests by what draws (admittedly I have not checked the other Universal series's except for Frankenstein original/Bride and that is it.) Then the sequel was on the Mystery science theater 3000 as the first episode when the show goes to the Scifi channel, so this is TOTALLY science fiction confirmed and starring Agar who is a 50s/60s scifi star so already the series is drawing big names to it. This movie now I am thinking "this better be innovative and I sense it is that will take me to interesting places." Immediately the stars are the two guys from the epic Island Earth movie just before, spectacle, and so this is the hint the series is a big deal even in the resolute.

One conversation between the two in this shows a lesson as they say humans are disloyal/hate to those who are loyal/love unlike animals who are the same with how they are treated they will treat the same in return until the one character is just being pleasant, not being argumentative just questioning this person's statement aloofly until the character arrives with words of clarity that humans do deal with this but will go to lengths of evil to try to solve it while animals do not have this aspect which is next level thought process.

I have come upon a revelation about science fiction movies that it is wholly and utterly an American dominion nearly as much as the Western is because the 50s scifi boom begins conveniently squarely in '50 with the Destination/Rocketship moon movies, and the only other comparable are Italy (which just being their first scifi flick under Margheriti's direction around '60, not being notable, just the novelty of being the country's first of this 50s/60s era and the dir. would go onto wider acclaim with other genres), and Japan which only keeps with the "Kaiju" series of big monsters.

Some recompense for the rest of the globe of this utter genre dominion is that the bulk of all these 50s/60s scifis are actually horror movies with some scifi trimmings. I reallze this when all my favorite moments from these movies are actually the scary instances, nothing to do with any science theorizing which act as just sort of trimmings for allure sake.


Ants Are Awesome
Ants are epic. They are annihilating people well, and in fact they are the supermen. Great life size special effects. Annihilation

I do not know how I got here I just know that I am here Have been doing stealing From the thieeeves and just got caught In the headlights, of a stretchcar I am a star


Lavish spectacle with a cute horse
This is a grand scale epic . There are vasts of exciting sequences . The title horse is cute and awesome. Bravo The Humpbacked Horse .

L'homme orchestre

Needs more comedy, however Funes annihilates as usual
I am trying to understand these French type of movies which like to morph into different genres in a single movie like one is a comedy about a restaurant but switches to a car chase action movie later on while this movie is about a band as the title says and then becomes a mystery-romance about whose baby is whose. Now my rating is clear why it is like this. Make it about the title more. However Funes plays a more regulator type who has to keep his band up to quality swinging their legs all over the place (so like a girl dance group not really a 'band') however he is the best and annihilates as usual.

The Private Eyes

Improves in the halfway mark surprisingly and some funny jokes including the funniest being unintentional
The unintentional joke is when they are in the trash compactor scene and Dr. Tart starts doing something to *help* them get out I laugh really hard from this because it was like why is he doing that before realizing the actual purpose but that is funny before the realization. The movie commences dull and like the scenes having no music just the two playing off each other but if the movie reaches halfway it actually becomes better as in stuff is happening in a turnabout way and some of the jokes do work that the rest of the hokeyness is actual in a relaxing way. Inspector Winship is by the known Knotts and here he is refreshingly more "what the heck are you doing?" to the even dumber characters he's around with, than his other known movies. His blowing his top at his unwilling/dumber sidekick is hilarious at spots.


Funes is great with a middling plot of stuff with some fun morsels
This is a kinda funny movie and Funes romps all. It is a worth check just for Funes' cosmicness.

Le gendarme se marie

Much romance?
It is charming -ly done . The series is done comedy however here it becomes more romance which is great and all , however comedy is needed as well considering this is a humorous series.

Silent Movie

It is funny just the novelty shows it best for being in that era this riffs on
Amusing it takes the silent movie thing and does a modern version of that, while this is done well the novelty should remain in that era, however still funny, and the actual famous movie actors shown is great.

Animals Are Beautiful People

Really fascinating
Truly Africa has the most interesting wildlife and plantlife, and these two definitely teach a lesson how to be.

Le gendarme en balade

Pretty funny
Lots of comedy in here I put this very funny with funny comedy.

L'aile ou la cuisse

Good histrionics by Funes
Fun sequences humorously developed the sequences are funny.

I Love You, Alice B. Toklas!

Comedy is the hardest genre but most rewarding because it makes laughter
This is a moral lesson providing toward the finale while the rest is Sellers' funny histrionics as he is shown the way by people group's as cosmic forces puppeteer people to show them the way. Annihilation is the freedom of mortality.


Amusing but pedestrian
Dont care for the two leads , and even the supporting cast (aside from George) , some amusing sequences , technically the narrative does move along so this gets a passing rating in the ratings , or the movie guide books.

Revolution is annihilation of a mortal nature.

The Prince of Thieves

This Robin Hood movie is way good, good boy
I initially am wondering what is eomhitng new the R.B. movies can show and find this to have satisfying action, funny parts, and a different focus on areas (more castle scenes which actually makes cents at the title, his is ironically the prince of the evil castle), and an increase on R.H.'s assistants that need more focus like Will Scarlet, and less on ones that are known plenty like from other R.H. movies, and R.h> himself is very manageably played, just there not to eclipse the plot, but remains with that same action focus and also light wit he has, treated iconographically, but still the main hero, like a piece of the puzzle as "the main hero" while there are also "second heroes" yet still the main and giving just enough action and lightness. The movie is not about oh wow it is this legend, but more about getting the plot and action sequences first that the characters happen to be in which makes them notable characters themselves, refreshing. In the beginning it is kinda like where is the interest, it is another R.H. movie is the thought but how it is in the castle setting and plot begins it is like ah now this is something interesting. There are extensive castle scenes for this to provide something more than the first setting and functions well along with the rustic part sas they also provide notable stuff, some of the forsest parts show a good camp style that seems like California camp I was in and there is something else interesting such as the Roman column even which is goic in the middle of the forest, reminiscent of some R.H. tales having such columns in the setting. Also funny parts, people thrown into a moat, a place for poop and pee in castles not only for defensive purpose, and R.H. and assistant wading through, this is actually just me amused also the characters falling in there, also eating meet and throwing bone away, some one toward the end not even wearing leggings, and also an assistant battling alongside R.H. and after he is done just strolls off the scene while R.H. is continuing, some of the confusion of the numerous gals here that is the blonde the focus but then shifts to the dark haired female later?

Very refreshing that this does not feature overdone scenes from other R.H. movies like the Little John bridge or archery contest but truly awesome other scenes, like the castle stuff, even the villains are not lavished upon so much but actually doing things to warrante their villain stature. I just reminisce the main guy, the bad king to the good king who is not even in here as it is unecessary enjoy your crusade instead king. It is as it eh move is as refreshing as being in the cool wood itself.

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