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Fried Green Tomatoes

I wait till morning comes.
I really want to write a book review seriously, but every time I look back at the movie and the original story, I will fall into endless memories and sorrow. Those who have passed away in the South, those good times that have passed away, like that plate The chilled fried green tomatoes can't describe its deliciousness when I regain my consciousness. Only by reminiscing the aftertaste in my mouth can I go back in time and go back to the leisurely lazy afternoon, aimlessly walking Enter the coffee shop in Steam Whistle Town and listen to the story of the duck and the lake.

The Half of It

I strongly hope that the director will make more films
The movie is to let you see the scenery you have not seen before, not to cater to the scenery you like.

This also shows how important and necessary the lesbian movies made by female directors and lesbian directors are from the perspective of women and lesbians and the audience of women and lesbians. Only when there are more lesbian stories written by lesbians can lesbian viewers be more truly taken care of, and also provide more bridges for non-lesbian audiences in the mainstream to reach and understand this group.

Therefore, I once again call for more female movies, lesbian movies, lesbian arts, and lesbian commercials.

Saving Face

How about losing face
When the mother and daughter who escaped from a blind date blindly in a wedding dress jumped on the bus and laughed at each other Mother finally encouraged Xiaowei to chase her girlfriend The tears in my eyes are blurred Maybe it's really just a movie The elders in reality are just like the movie name. Face is always the first.


Light candles in a bright room
This movie reminds me of a story told in "Days in the Cloud". A boy fell in love with a demure and beautiful girl at first sight. He expressed love to her and asked if he could continue to communicate in the future. The girl turned back and her eyes were as clear as water. She said, I will enter the monastery tomorrow. "What if I fall in love with you?" The boy asked. "That's like lighting a candle in a bright room." The girl replied. So the boy left in amazement.

"Light a candle in a bright room", what a futile thing. You shine, but you can't shine, you are warm, but you don't snuggle, you slowly exhaust yourself, the red tears drop, the wax torch becomes gray, but no one takes care of you. It doesn't matter if you are more or less, the world will not change at all, and it will still be brightly lit and bustling. You are like an invisible clown with open teeth and dancing claws, but you can't make everyone smile, bored, boring, stupid, in vain, vain, and hot, you work hard, there is no place for you.

Lighting candles in a bright room is like hopeless love. No return, no results, no future, would you like to make such a stupid candle? The boy who fell in love with the nun must have been unwilling. Although he was sad, he left rationally.

Although Tang Wei has no makeup in the movie, his clothes are bleak, and his expressions rarely change. Although Xuan Bin 's handsomeness is very naive and the skills of coaxing women are quite old-fashioned, although the autumn wind in Seattle is lingering, the street scene is sluggish Knowing that their ending is bleak and gradually approaching the end, but I still feel that this is a warm story. Calm but not cold, looking at each other without despair, just like autumn, the sky is cold and the trees are full of dead branches and leaves, but there is a warm autumn sun spilling from the gaps, spotted, and touching.

The scammer and the female prisoner met in strange ways, but secretly fell in love. They are clearly "lighting candles in a bright room." After three days, one is going back to prison and the other is desperate. They ca n't change each other 's destiny, but in the end, they still change something, a gentle sorrow. Zhong rose slightly, which makes the relationship between the two people have a "doom warm" meaning.

Who said shining love must make this world magnificent? They didn't light up the room, but they light up each other's hearts.

At the end of the movie, she was finally released from prison and waited for him in the agreed cafe. He gave her a little hope, like a thin candlelight. He probably won't come, they probably don't kiss next time. But I don't think this is the vain of love.

Neko no ongaeshi

Catching laughter and putting ears on
I like the wind at the end of the movie, and every time I see Xiaochun's fascinating look for a second, when the music that turns into wind sounds, I feel inexplicably relieved. In fact, the film is very simple, but it tells people the most truthful truth: you will always know what kind of person you want to do. From the beginning to the end, the most important thing is that some people insist on stupidity, even if they are not recognized, But I found this to be my true self. One day, when the wind blows, I grow up ... Xiaochun no longer gets up late to eat delicious breakfast, no longer unhappy about troubles, and no longer fuss about anything that happened. Not only the people around, but even when they are not aware of when they naturally grew up. Of course it turned into a wind or turned into a wind. No matter how many times that song was sung, many people really did it like the song sang when they finally grew up ... Your sigh, I will let it change As a spring breeze, give me your hand, and entrust to the sky again ...

Omohide poro poro

Unforgettable old days feelings
Almost every successful movie will have one or two classic lines. If you ask me the most classic lines of this film, I will tell you without hesitation, it is this sentence- "Sunny, cloudy and rainy, which one do you like?" A few questions and answers that seem to be not at all marginal, and condensed with many unspeakable thoughts, I am afraid that only the two handsome guys of the school baseball team, Hirota and the ordinary girl Xiaozi, two talents know. I don't know how I thought about the little guy who flew into the sky with a brief question between the two at that time. Anyway, we only saw that Miaozi smiled alone in the carriage, and couldn't help laughing, so brilliant.

"It was a process of breaking out of cocoons," Miaozi said to herself. "If a caterpillar becomes a butterfly, it must first become an ugly pupa. But who likes to become a pupa?" Running forward, Miaozi thought, "Is my current memory reminding me that I have come to a pupa again?"


Lonely people don't watch "She"
The reversal of the ending and the sublimation of the theme are indispensable for such "brain-opening" movies. The immortality of Samantha and the limitations of Theodore 's being a human being determine that their mentality and pattern are not on the same order of magnitude. Theodore realized that every passerby holding a machine might be a service object of Samantha, he felt a huge fool, how humble and ridiculous he felt, and stumbled.

"Every person in love is a lunatic. Love is something that a lunatic will do. It is a kind of mental disorder recognized by society." Love is not only a spiritual opium, but also a boring pastime. It is two lone stars in a parallel world collision. It is true that Samantha is fake, but the enthusiasm, immersion, beautification, and satisfying mood are not fake. The evidence that Theodore was reshaped by this love is not fake. If all the feelings of love reflected on people are so true, what more truth should be demanded, and why should short-livedness or eternity be the measure of love?

"She" can easily lead to polarization of audience perception. Immune people feel bored and lengthy, and those who are deeply obsessed with it are unable to extricate themselves. Compared to the grand opening and the wonderful process, the sloppy ending is too whitewashed. But some movies are like this. It is not a grant but a grab. It doesn't solve the problem, it just creates the problem. As Luc Besson said, the movie is not a salvation drug, but an aspirin. The so-called "warmth" and "healing" are the wrong labels. If there is a chance to choose again, I will not go to "She". Because it is like a prism, people can see themselves in countless faces from countless interfaces, and at the same time your mirror, shield and sword-the loneliness that can't be seen directly, it is even more unbearable to look at.

Lady Bird

Growing resistance
The whole film revolves around the main line of the high school student hostess who wants to leave the small town of California to go to school in New York, interspersed with the ups and downs of family and friendship on the road of growth. Societies, boyfriends, broken relationships, first taste of forbidden fruit, college entrance exams, and the oldest and best friends break up and make up, all have seen the plot too many times. But Lady Bird is refreshing because it captures the essence of youth, that is, struggle and run away.

The struggle between the heroine and the mother is the core of the film. The film begins with the quarrel between the mother and daughter in the car, and ends with the daughter's weak settlement with the mother in the phone message. In terms of character, the mother and daughter are similar and opposite. First of all they are sentimental. At the beginning of the movie, the two of them listened to the recording of the story in the car and wiped their tears after listening. Secondly, they don't talk too much about their brains, they are unreasonable, and the harshness is startling. On the one hand, the two did not leave room to talk to each other during the quarrel; on the other hand, we saw that the hostess was hurting her friends, nuns in school, and even unrelated teachers. This can be understood as the influence of the family get along mode on how people treat people. But the heroine's brother and father are obviously docile. I am more inclined to believe that part of the heroine 's poisonous tongue is influenced by her mother, more because of her reckless character.

Sentimentality and harshness also seem to reflect the advantages of mother and daughter. First, they are very gentle inside. As a nurse, the mother's compassion and care during the visit of her daughter's school priest (also a teacher), as well as her daughter's forgiveness and comfort to her ex-boyfriend, all show that they are actually knife-tofu hearts. The second advantage is the tenacious spirit brought by the tough character. After the father lost his job, the mother worked hard to support the family. Although she often tried to control her daughter's behavior on the grounds of economic pressure, she never stopped silently paying her family. In order to dream of a distant liberal arts university, her daughter applied for tuition subsidies and scholarships, begging her father for help, saving money by working in summer jobs, and never gave up her dream.

For most of the film, the hostess refused to accept herself. The most obvious manifestation is that she changed the name given by her parents (given name) and gave herself a quoted, nondescript name "Lady Bird". "Lady Bird" can be literally translated as Miss Flying Bird-when people want to escape, they seem to want to become birds and fly away to get a new life. Jenny in "Forrest Gump" pulled A-Gump in the rice field and prayed that God would turn himself into a bird so that he could fly far away and escape the abusive father. In addition to changing the name in this film, the hostess also refused to let her father drive the car into the school to cover up her own poverty, and by lying to gain the friendship of the rich girl. The contradiction between the heroine and her mother exemplifies her struggle with the second type of facts. The mother's body is the birthplace of man. The words mother tongue, alma mater, etc. come from this. The hostess's dissatisfaction with her hometown and her rebellion in school are reflected in her quarrel with her mother; her character, as mentioned above, is precisely the one most affected by her mother. The struggle between the hostess and her mother therefore covers her struggle against her hometown and origin. But this kind of struggle is ineffective and naive because of the immutability of its results. Victory by verbally refusing family origins is also often temporary and unreal, and Gatsby is the best example. But it is undeniable that the struggle has brought vigorous vitality to youth. The cuteness of the hostess is that she has not concealed her ambitions, and her constant trial and error. Her struggle was stubborn and naive, and the harm she suffered during the attempt was just as real as the harm she caused to others. Under the hard shell opposite her mother's tit-for-tat, she was also angry and injured because of her mother's meanness.

The hostess longed for her mother's approval. This desire became more apparent in the second half of the film, until she tentatively asked her mother: What if my best looks like this now? In fact, she never doubted her love for her mother and her love for herself. As the nun teacher said, what is the difference between love and attention? Only by caring about a person will she be able to follow her every move in every detail, and will be outraged by fear and dissent. The constant friction between the hostess and her mother on small matters. She constantly complained to her mother about her friends, which actually reflected each other's meticulous attention and care. What she really couldn't relieve was that her mother was picky about herself, because she was afraid that her mother could not accept her true self. This worry is the most real problem about love-I love you and know that you love me, but can I like you, can you like me too?

The struggle provided the source of impetus for the escape, and the success of the escape meant the elimination of the struggle and the confusion that followed. When the hostess finally came to the dream of New York, she lost her long-term goal of leaving the town. After the first experience of college life, her side suddenly became empty in the lens-the free sky of the big city actually came from nobody's attention. Accepted the name, accepted the family, accepted the hometown, life has just begun. After all, the struggle against one's own inadequacies is a one-person play that runs through life, is difficult and lonely, and there is no audience or applause.

Ru guo · Ai

If love, maybe love
Chen Kexin painstakingly, just for this love. He spared no effort to direct the most romantic and pale emotional conflicts between the three people in the world with the most luxurious, romantic and chaotic musical performances in the world. The exquisite and exquisite lens language, superb editing skills that do not drop traces, and the shooting effect of changing colors of light and shadow, telling a simple story. The cold winter's bowl of leftover noodles allowed Sun Na (Zhou Xun), who had a career in Beijing, to get acquainted with Lin Jiandong (Jincheng Wu), a poor student in the director's department, when he was in the poorest. But in the face of reality, the pace of love cannot stop Sun Na from chasing the pace of successfully getting rid of poverty. Using Lin Jiandong's resources, Sun Na got the role of a movie and embarked on the road to stardom. Ten years later, she finally became a big star and had a relatively fixed relationship with her famous director Nie Wen. A love movie invested by Hong Kong connects these three people. Under the director's interpretation, this love movie is surprisingly similar to their current situation. Inside and outside the play, where is the play and which is the real life, sometimes it is difficult to understand. Sun Na in the play deliberately forgot everything, but in the play she played the Xiaoyu is passive amnesia. Regardless of the differences in specific details, the results are the same. In the play, the class leader died, leaving Xiao Yu feeling sad and unconscious. Outside of the play, the director who played the head of the class stood up in the pool of blood, which meant the end of the filming, and Sun Lin couldn't help each other because the film and the film ended. There are all kinds of infatuation and resentment in the drama directed by Nie Wen, and people outside Bai Bai also see clearly. As a director and an actor, the end of a film means the planning of another film, and the feelings of the real and the drama, let him put it in the film, or cut off, or stay, as if it is not his No matter what happened, at least it didn't seem to matter. In the theater, the lights were on, and on the curtain there was a long list of staff members, announcing the end of the dream. The lingering person awakened from Xinmeng, and the kissers were reluctant to give each other a brief indulgence, and left the scene.

Without love, what is left in life? What else is in the romance film? Chen Kexin arranged for Chi Zhenxi to speak, and vaguely gave an unclear answer. Perhaps, nothing is necessary at all. Life is a big curtain opened by God, and everyone plays the protagonist in his story. In the stories of others, we can never be the protagonist. Love may be an occasional episode in this scene, it may just be a shot, or even be cut off. Without love, there is a romance. Life continues, and love carries the occasional fantasies, sustenance, and weakness that people have had since their ancestors. Therefore, without the content of love, without real investment, you need more and more complicated plots, more and more unreasonable entanglements, more and more luxurious styles. Love has become an empty symbol in the film, a signifier and a sign that pass by the meaning. Play is omnipresent, and others' lives are even their own play. Therefore, this play is set in a play, and the play in the play is still a play. To put it bluntly, life is just a play, but this play is full of flowers, unprecedented grandeur, but can not conceal Qiang Yan laughter, can not conceal the lonely intention from the bottom of my heart. For the romantics, this movie is "if love", because after that, more possibilities can be added, "If two people love each other, then ..." such a sentence can be interpreted by thousands of Earth-shattering love story. For more realists, it is "possible love", it is possible love, or there may never be love. The two possibilities are one long sigh and one kind of heart. Dead silence. Forgetting the past, unable to hold on to the future, and some of the present, even if there is no love anymore, it is necessary to bring back the excitement of the acting, singing and dancing, this is the price of love and the final value of life.

The Shining

The Shining
The horror of "The Shining" comes from the psychological portrayal and torture of human nature, from the clever design and grasp of the plot, the skillful use of music language, and the portrayal of the two leading actors into the wood three points.

At the beginning of the film, Danny saw the scene of the two girls and had planted the seeds of terror in the audience's hearts; when Jack embraced the rotten corpse in the conjecture of Room 237, the elements of terror gradually surfaced on paper; When filled with the draft of "All work and no play makes jack a dull", everyone knew that terror was about to happen; and when Jack stepped up to Wendy on the stairs, the terror struck! Afterwards, Jack carried his axe to kill his wife and daughter for a period of honor that was worthy of the most horrible episode in film history.

Jack Nicholson 's performance in the film is superb, and his stern face alone is enough to make you creepy. Its facial expression is more distorted than the clown in Batman 1 and its psychological portrayal is better than that of "Flying Over the Madhouse The performance of the heroine, decorated by Dewar, is also commendable. The character 's image is very helpful for portraying helpless, weak, but kind women. The pale face, prominent eyes and cheekbones are painful. The expression is very contagious.

The role of music in horror movies is very important. This movie is no exception. It suddenly stopped at the climax. The date of the black screen was suddenly switched, which fully aroused the emotions of the audience, and the nerves were always in a state of tension.

Especially commendable is the end of the film, Kubrick's end of the film is often tepid, but unique. After Jack froze to death in the snow, the film directly switched to the prom photo of the "Lookout Hotel" when it was built. The waiter in the center of the photo looks like Jack. Why is it "like" instead of "Jack" himself? The date of the photo is 1921.7.4, and at the beginning of the film, the hotel owner once talked to Jack about the tragedy of 1970. It can be seen that there is at least 49 years between them, and Jack can only be around 40 years old at the time, so "waiter" It will not be "Jack"; "Jack" repeatedly mentioned his sense of belonging to the hotel in the film, and it is not difficult to return to the theme of "Spirit" or reincarnation. Why the date is 7.4, American National Day, at the beginning of the story, Wendy talked about Indian decoration, and the hotel owner also talked about the hotel 's site being a Native American cemetery. When it was built, it was attacked by the Indians many times. The ending of Ball's photo may be Kubrick's cynical mocking, and also implicitly explained the reasons for the tragedy.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1

Dobby was lying in Harry's arms, still grateful. It left quietly, smiling. Luna closed her eyes so that she could sleep peacefully, Dobby said, "It's really beautiful here." And it sleeps here forever.

This is a tragic death, and tragic death cannot find a reason to accept it.

I have tried to convince myself countless times, but I still can't accept such a cruel setting. Such a beautiful and clean soul should be ashamed of death in the face of it.

I can tolerate the death of Dumbledore and Snape, their greatness is portrayed as if their death is like another great myth. I can accept the death of Sirius, Lupin, Moody, and even if so, Harry, Hermione, Ron, etc., because in the face of the struggle against fate, to receive this battle, they must accept death.

And Dobby, it should not die. From the first appearance, every time it is paid out of kindness.

In order to be a trivial encouragement to Harry at one time, it was willing to pay the price of life, not out of obedience, or even not only gratitude, but Dobby had no master, and Dobby had to rescue its friends.

Dobby is a little elf who is emancipating and even avant-garde. It seems weak, but has a strong soul. And not only that, you can find countless words that are close to beauty in such a little creature's body, brave, sincere, optimistic, selfless.

I couldn't find another soul as pure as Dobby in Harry's world, and happiness should have been placed in front of me, but the better the better, the more within reach, the more time I would lose. So Rowling broke all the beautiful things nakedly in front of us, telling us that these children who should grow up wake up quickly, the world is not perfect, the beautiful is like the love of the Lupins, like the perfect combination of twins, Such as the moment of affection and warmth that Sirius brought to Harry, such as the myth that Dumbledore seemed invincible. All disappeared one by one, imperfections created regrets, and regrets are remembered. I ca n't forgive him.

The first part of the Ha 7 movie was chosen to end here. The vast reed grass, the clean world, and the buried soul, it will go to heaven, because it is an angel in itself. Harry liberated Dobby, and perhaps, it was Dobby that liberated our hearts.

Dobby is a free elf who puts on his shoes and chooses his own way.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Youth magic
The Goblet of Fire is the center of Harry Potter 's original series. This year saw a turning point. Voldemort, which has been as far away as the sky and the thunder, finally resurrected. Just when all the dust should have settled at the end of the school year, It was when the black nightmare of the magic world was truly unveiled. This was the only time in the first four parts that Harry had ended bleakly without the honor of victory. The troubled drums were unstoppable before this. The Quidditch World Cup camp fire, the black devil mark in the air, the top three competitions, this is destined to be an unsettled year, whether outside or in the soul , Harry met Laura Qiu Zhang, and the ignorant heart began to bump into the deer; Hermione met the Quidditch champion Krum and performed the Cinderella-style legend. This is the year when thunder and rain and dew converge. The groundbreaking of youth and the return of the forces of darkness return the two flames that constitute the holy grail, while the singing and dancing of the magic world rises in the unprecedented Quidditch World Cup and the top three. Walking to the peak in the march, it seems that suddenly many newly born politicians of the Ministry of Magic and the huge character system of the two foreign magic schools are only the embellishments of the last carnival. We found that after reading four books, we learned that the magic world is exciting. A stunning social framework, and immediately, the prosperous songs of these mortal beings become a backyard flower that sings and performs in time.

We never expect the Harry Potter series to be made into an epic like the Lord of the Rings, which was not originally an epic. But the Goblet of Fire is indeed the most majestic and epic of any of Harry Potter 's to date. Whether it 's ileal scenes, complicated characters or undercurrents of human nature, the original embryo is full of temptations. Potential. And the excavation of the original work by the film, I think it is fair, there are gains and losses.

The flying youth hormone may be the best selling point of "Harry Potter: The Goblet of Fire" and the best condiment for magic ingredients. Special effects and detail tension are the winning magic weapon for the film's rave reviews. The exaggerated hilarious bridges, the hazy emotions that the young Harry and his friends want to resist are even more popular, and they just retouch the darkness and heavyness of the Harry series movies. The opening of the grand Quidditch ball game, the futuristic field and gorgeous stunts set the tone of the youth of the film; the French Academy of Beauty and Magic and the Central European Duns County School of Witchcraft are beautiful, with beautiful arcs in the sky. The white horse silver car coming and the sailing boat sprayed from the bottom of the sea are quite magical. The warm colors of the Christmas ball, gorgeous and modern ball makeup, Hermione 's exquisite pan heads and beautiful dresses, and Zhang Qiu 's white Chinese cheongsam all reveal an elegant and noble taste, which is also magical and true. Even the great villain Voldemort appeared in human form for the first time, and the battle with Harry seemed so seductive. "Moderate violence, threats and terror" doesn't seem to intimidate the small audience. It made the audience feel the excitement of some "children's romance", and the magical use of the "big and small" element is the magical success of "Harry Potter: The Goblet of Fire".

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Write to Gu Yi
The film runs through a contradictory concept of whether to follow the laws of nature or break the laws of nature. The so-called following is to accept one's own destiny. Paralyzed means paralyzed, and when the hand is abandoned, it is abandoned. Breaking the laws means changing the laws of the world. But the change is temporary, and the final outcome remains the same, just a matter of time. Gu Yi's character feels like a human God, guarding the earth, and the rebellious disciples and followers are like Satan and other fallen angels who have been thrown into hell. As the truth was revealed, Gu Yi was not a god and had no eternal power. She also let herself live by the power of darkness. Gu Yi used the power of darkness to fight against darkness and maintain the balance of the earth. In other words, darkness is the destination, struggle and existence of everything, but the faint fire in the darkness is fleeting. Including the last male host, it also used Dormam's power beyond time and space to be qualified to negotiate with Dormam and protect the earth. People will disappear after all, as will the earth, even if they are not controlled by Dormam. Compared to Gu Yi's covering up the truth, I prefer Baguio in Zhuxian, frank and open, although he is a cult, but never hides himself. Finally, he used the power of evil to protect his favorite person. Gu Yi is also, in order to protect the most important things, do not hesitate to resort to darkness. The last words she said touched me very much:

I am very nostalgic for this second alive.

No matter how powerful it is, it is still fragile, and it will still be afraid of losing the beauty of this world. After all, death and darkness are eternal. But I cherish this second, this second at the moment, a second in the future, and countless seconds of good memories in the past. Although it is fleeting and has disappeared, I can't hold it and I can't have it. But as long as I remember, it is eternal in my heart. If everything good is just a dream, I hope never to wake up.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Although I have limited strength, I am brave
I still remember that when I first knew about Harry Potter, JK Rowling had already appeared in the first four, and thus became one of the most highly regarded women in the world. Attracted by the strange and weird spells, the unknown and novel magical world, and then out of control. At that time, I was 13 years old and I was in the second grade.

Then, with anticipation, watched the arrival of the Goblet of Fire, the Half-Blood Prince and the Deathly Hallows. It has to be said that the further the story is, the more the plot is no longer suitable for children, and some fall into the stereotypes, but with the growth of Little Harry, our original readers are also growing.

When Harry Potter turned into a real image for the first time on the big screen, I still remember seeing Harry 's excitement when chasing the golden thief on a broomstick, like a long-awaited wish turned into reality.

In fact, overall, the Magic Stone should be the best in the entire Harry Potter movie series. Regardless of the plot, the original book alone is the thinnest in the entire series, and from the perspective of the length of the movies in the subsequent films, the time of the first part is relatively ample.

It's just that as the book gets thicker and more filled with violence and blood, death and parting, the blockbuster black covers Hogwarts and the screen, too. The screenwriter and director who couldn't think of it deleted too many books In the classic scene we are expecting. So the movie becomes full of mystery-because if you haven't read the original book and entered the cinema, you are basically watching the fantasy.

Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

Assumptions will become true
Who is Dr. Qi Ai? The senior scientific personnel employed by the US government are responsible for the development of high-tech nuclear weapons for the Cold War and a series of related attack and defense systems. A German American. A paralyzed man in a shadow, in a wheelchair. A person with abnormal movements wearing black leather gloves on his right hand. A remnant of Nazis mixed in with the US government. A man controlled by a demon. Yes demon. Just as Chadayev was not a mind, but a spirit, a spirit controlled by demons. The Nazis, the Communist Party, the Soviets, the American spirit, capitalism, and patriotism are all demons. They promote a kind of hatred, weak meat and strong food, the hatred of the fittest. A kind of hatred preached in the name of worshiping power. They call it love. Patriotic and loving leader Yunyun. Therefore, the country must be strong, engage in a nuclear race, and overwhelm the enemy. Leaders want to create God, omnipotence, perfection, all words are truth. An impotent arrogant, an over-trained pilot (a nuclear war hero? What does a cowboy hat imply?), A nuclear bomb hidden in an underground mine after the surface of the earth was enveloped by nuclear radiation The contested American general, a powerless American president stuck in a quagmire, a national regime that has developed a machine that destroys the world. In the film, everything that is absurd, ridiculous, and horrifying is the product of the demon being worshipped by humans. Now that the Cold War is over, the Nazis are over, and the Soviet Union is disintegrating. So can we watch this movie in a more relaxed mood? I think it's unlikely. Because all the details shown in the film are still established.

Once Upon a Time in America

Once a street teenager
Years later, the desperate noodles returned to New York. In the bar of an old friend, loyal and foolish, he slowly asked him: "How have you lived in these 35 years?" Quietly answered: "I just go to bed every morning." It's hard to say a word, full of vicissitudes. His temples were covered with white hair. He was no longer a gangster on the street, and he was no longer a gangster in the sky. He was just a calm, stumbling old man. He had nothing but memories ...

His life was about several brothers who were born and died, and a beautiful girl; about friendship and dreams, about youth and love, and about loyalty and betrayal. In those years, when a person was silently displaced and traveled far away, what was he holding in his heart? Is it the betrayal of the ringing phone reminder after years? Is it a girl who is ignorant of the angelic dance peeping through the teenager's doorway? Years later, he finally realized that he had been guilty for 35 years, which was originally pure loyalty and friendship; the brother he devoted to and maintained for life had deceived him for 35 years.

There is nothing new under the sun, and the key to good movies lies in the way they tell stories. The yellowish color of the film seems to be covered with a layer of mist, so that each lens is like an old yellowed picture; the high and distant pan flute is awkward. The music and the plot blended together to complement each other, and several transitions were made to happen. In the four-hour movie, the plot is clear when you see the second pass. If you watch it a few times, you will find that almost every shot is instructive and indispensable. The people behind the camera used Noodles to vent the concept: the void of the void, everything is the void.

Bacheha-Ye aseman

Running, in the name of love
The camera suddenly slowed down, and Ali's blue sweatshirt shook and swayed in the wind. His face was deformed due to nervousness, his head unsteadily swaying from side to side following his footsteps, and the sweat slipped unconsciously along the temples. In the silence, I could only hear the sound of "tap" and "tap" in the footsteps and their breathing which was thick and rapid due to lack of oxygen. When there was almost no energy, some words began to echo in his mind. "How can I go to school without shoes?" "Come on, Sarah, hurry." "I will win the third place for you, definitely." So I looked at He took a very tense step, surpassing the previous ones step by step. Step by step, as if desperately, tears dripped down.

It was a depression in Ali's heart. He owed his sister a pair of shoes, which he lost because of him. So he used all his energy to run, just want to get the third prize, a pair of sneakers. Five thousand kilometers is like a marathon to a 9-year-old child. He has never received any training or guidance and won the championship. It was the hard and pressing life condition on weekdays that created him, and the conviction given to him by deep love and responsibility turned into the strength of his persistence in the most difficult times.

Running, in the name of love. Life, in the name of love.

The tone of the film has always been calm and calm, clean, without excessive words and emotions, like the clear eyes of Iranian children. The life of the people at the bottom is bitter. A family with three children has been overwhelmed by the pressure of life. My mother was seriously ill and my father complained constantly. However, no one in this family has lost confidence in life and is not disoriented. They have the collective expression of poor people all over the world, cowardly, kind, and forbearing. They silently endured the difficulties of life, and silently released their inner strong nature. They won't crumble and collapse because of a little setback. Because resistance and struggle are actually not the subject of life. As long as they can afford it, they will definitely not break out. People at the bottom of life will always bear the humiliation most. However, this film is far from, or not intended to tell us all at all. Unlike many political films we have seen, it tells us that such deep-seated social causes. If you superficially speculate on the director's mind and wait to understand the real intention of the film, you will definitely be ashamed and feel sad for your institutionalized brain consciousness.

The film does not discuss equality, freedom, or simply does not want to be entangled in topics that are seriously concerned in the institutional sense. In front of life, the director only opened one eye, calm and objective. Yes, life is not fair. Even a seemingly equal long-distance race has a vicious hand pulling behind. But Ali got up again, he just wanted to run, and as long as he was running third, what a sad black humor.

Please remember that such a director, he may be very happy to be friends with people like Zhuangzi, thinking of high house building, freehand and ethereal, full of humanity, the glory of the naked child. He didn't want to tell us how cruel our lives were, or suggested that we resist all kinds of arrangements. He probably didn't want to tell us anything at all. He just showed us the peaceful and gentle side of humanity, shaming us, thinking deeply, and encouraging us.


Fairy tale fantasy world
I always thought that one of the most important processes of growing up is to accept the disappointing reality: the political system is not perfect, the economic system is unreasonable, and the pets and people who will never learn the convenience of the yard and the ghosts and minds, and of course they are not born enough I am not smart enough to be handsome. From this perspective, Pixar is an outright fairytale factory. Whether it's the naive ideal of its movie content or its reputation that hasn't faded for more than ten years, the little table lamp that is bouncing around is probably the farthest away from the words disappointment these years. Everyone has a story in the cinema that is better to die than regretting wasting time and money. Of course, Pixar's movies will never be the protagonist of such stories.

I like the opening episodes of Carl and Ellie's life. From two Xiaowu guessing to each other, no matter how childless and heirless, the companionship that has never been abandoned has been the most beautiful fairy tale in life. The older you are, the less you are not your own, but live for the people who care about you and the people you care about. Guarding the memory of the house and the lover for the rest of his life, this is his biggest wish, turning up the wish of the dead wife, I think Carl is full of guilt, I just want to do more for her, do it earlier. But when it seemed that even the last house full of memories would be taken away, Carl fled. That 's right, he was to fulfill his lover 's last wish, but more importantly, he could n't imagine life that he could n't even live in his memories, so he took all his memories-the house, and fled to the beginning of the memories. An old man like Martin Crane, locked himself in the memory of the most beloved, refused to face the reality, unwilling to face his life, and gambled on the rest of his life in the most romantic and crazy way. This is love and perseverance, but also despair and paranoia.

Memories of loved ones are the most precious, but when the memories confine the soul and make people unwilling to love others anymore, it becomes a stubborn illness. Russel, Kevin, and Dug were all in the eyes of Carl at first. It was just a trouble that hindered him and his memory. He only cared about his house and moved it to the waterfall. Everything else it's none of my concern. But they three All are objects that need to be cared for: a child eager for his father's love, a big bird chased and killed by a "bad guy", and a dog looking for his owner. In the end, the whole movie is not about the story of a romantic messy old man flying across the sea in a hot air balloon made of a house to realize the wish of his dead wife, but how a sad old man can regain the fulcrum of life and the object of love . Finally, as the house fell into the waterfall and Carl's loneliness and self-blame, he would never forget Ellie, but he would not use remembrance to numb himself, because he was going to accompany a little boy to count the cars on the road.

In the worst words, this is a story of salvation.

Perseverance, trust, hope and love are the eternal themes in Pixar movies. They are not to tell people how great these ideas are, but to let the audience re-understand these excessive abuses and even distortions along with the protagonists 'experiences. The humanity that controls our lives all the time. This sincerity will not disappoint.

Hachi: A Dog's Tale

Have been waiting for you to return
Because it is adapted from a real story, it is more touching

There is an emotion that knows no boundaries and no race; it exists between you and me, but it gradually goes away, and nostalgia for the wind and dust gradually disperses with the wind. The most beautiful things we have are gradually leaving, maybe until it We will think of it occasionally if it no longer exists; it leaves the world with eternal regret, that is wind, water, love, love, and the softest string in our hearts!

Xiaoba waited, because of his kindness, the master left, it stayed in place, spring and autumn came, it believed its master would come back, but it did not know that the master's heart was always by his side, The long railroad track extends to the other side of the world. It tries to look into the distance. It tries to find. The host who wants to see the world throws the lonely ball and says to it: Xiaoba, go, pick it up! The years hurried through the corners of his eyes, leaving a tear full of anticipation. It was tired, fell on the snow, and could not close his eyes, but it was indeed tired ...


Favorite rhythm
Like things that are more literary. You can't wait for love, you can't hope to come, if you don't try hard, you can only suppress yourself. The plot is not dog blood, exaggerated, and true. It's like the Chinese people often say that they have a long life. Suddenly looking back, a look at each other suddenly sparked out, and love came. Tight hugs, light kisses, love, can no longer be stopped. If some love in life is destined to end in tragedy, then please let love be gentle. There is nothing wrong with love, it is time or people.

Gu ling jie shao nian sha ren shi jian

Running in the dark
The same is true of the "Julian Street Murder Case", which shows that Yang Dechang's narrative logic and influence style have been established early in the director's career. This film also has a lot of characters, so much so that I ca n't even match the names of several Xiao Taibao people with their names even after two hours, but each person 's very different personality and environment background are so rare. Lively and vivid, people inadvertently infiltrate their emotions and slowly enter Taiwan in 1960, becoming one of them.

Yang Dechang has always been annoying in the details. He loves the trivia and daily chats of each character, not the ups and downs that are generally favored by movies. No wonder some people feel bored when they read it, but I like it very much. It feels so trivial to put people into that world and truly integrate into that environment. I want to love "Dream of Red Mansions" and "Jin Ping Mei" for this reason.

Just like Taipei in this film, because there are many people fleeing from the mainland, there are a large number of diverse types of people, and in that era, people lost their own direction, and their lives do not know where to go. The perplexity of the adults will definitely bring about the turmoil of the family, and the children in this environment must also have different psychology and actions from the ordinary period. It is difficult for the audience to understand these antecedents if they are not reinforced by various details. If you leave the environment and make the good only for the good, and the evil only for the evil, the world will be simplified, and the characters will only have flesh but no essence. In this film, even if Primary Four killed someone, the audience would never hate him, because society is so, personal resistance can only come here.

It is difficult for me to analyze every character in the film with large lengths. It is precisely because their actions and choices are inseparable from the family and the environment. Even if some characters are extremely abominable, they still find him sympathetic. I only have little affection for the role of Xiaoming. Although she is also a pitiful little girl with a bad life experience, her thinking makes me a little puzzled. I do n't know if it 's because the difference in personality is too difficult to understand, or because the director 's understanding of the boys 'thoughts is subtle, and the beautiful girls in adolescence are always a mystery in the hearts of boys.

In the section on the killing of Primary Four, although I have read a lot of comments before, I never thought it would be so calm and forbearing. The Japanese dagger poked in calmly again and again, but what you saw was only distressed-finally, he was forced to this step. He said "shameless, nothing good", it turned out to be the same tone as his father taught his second brother. Adolescent children tend to rebel against the family, but they cannot refuse the tremendous effect family education has on them.

This is a huge and delicate film, or Yang Dechang used a frame of detail to lay out the breathless historical group portraits of Taipei in the 1960s. It was so small that a Japanese woman used a short blade from the old one that was turned over by the kitten king from the mezzanine of the ceiling of her old Japanese house. In the end, it became the murder weapon of Xiao Si stabbing Xiao Ming and declaring his idealistic dream finally broken. . The trivial but heavy details like this can be written as a reportage if they are taken out one by one. Therefore, the 237-minute length of the film does indeed have the confidence to run counter to the mainstream rules and the patience of the audience. In fact, "Guling Street Youth Murder Case" does not have the so-called "sulliness" of the film at all. It feels that this story is more and more charming, and people are trembling in advance for this predicted tragedy.

Although speaking of this movie, it always can't get around its specific historical environment, and many film critics have already explained the political wrestling behind this in great detail. However, I prefer to narrow this historical picture, because even focusing on the personal growth history of this group of teenagers is enough to make people ponder.

Yi yi

Years passed by frame by frame
There is a very famous painting: the sun is above sea level, the sun is shining on the whole sea, and several people on the beach are looking up towards the sun. Do you think it is sunrise or sunset? It is said that those who see the sunrise are full of vitality and are optimists; those who see the sunset are somber and pessimistic. One day someone asked me, did you see a sunrise or a sunset? Although I know this meaning, I don't want to hide anything. I said that I saw the sunset, and he said that you are really old. I also watched "One One" that day, but I was still indifferent when the ending song sounded, sitting there, covering my face and weeping, as if I had lived for a lifetime, as if it was only three hours, I think of a line in the movie: The invention of the movie extended our life threefold. This movie made me live from ten years old to sixty years old, and finally passed from the death of my mother-in-law to the birth of my uncle's child.

"One One" tells too many stories, everyone, every track, intersect and then alienate: I think I have taken control of life, but in fact there is nothing that I can be sure of. I think I am busy, but my daily life is only a few words that can be summarized and repeated. I think I am optimistic and kind, but I have witnessed the violence and despair of the people around me again and again. The self-righteous things are everything, but in the end I want to take a switch and start over again. ....

When grandma became seriously ill and lost consciousness, her bedroom became the place where everyone was most afraid to go. Everyone doesn't know how to speak, what to say to grandma, everyone doesn't know what to say to themselves. We have been waiting for others to tell us what to do, but we did not wait for the answer, but more people asked us, what should they do? In so many endless confusions, whose problem can be solved?

Mom always said that she was busy, she asked why her life, as long as these few words can be summarized, just so little? The space for survival is compressed by the busy rhythm to suffocate. The elder sister's potted flowers never opened. The teacher said it was because of over-care. She fell in love with her good friend's ex-boyfriend, but could not understand his despair and sadness. The short stay of love made her instantly bloom and return to plain.

"Why are things different from what we think?" There are so many reasons in my mind, asking people again and again to ask themselves, "How can this be like this? Why, will this be like this?" Is it someone else? Is it yourself?

Followed the movie through the children's ignorance, the doubts of adolescence, the daze of youth, the helplessness of middle-aged, until the old age of Enron. I found that no matter how powerful I was, I couldn't jump out of this reincarnation and evaded to encounter the same fate. This feeling of powerlessness makes people panic and bewildered and finds that there is indeed no better solution. Maybe you can only read it, and then go through it again, admit the strength of something, the limitations of people, remember your original intention, and maintain a tolerant attitude towards things. Do n't be ecstatic and resentful, humbly realize that there is always another side that you ca n't see.

Indeed. "No matter what, it's the same."

Little Women

The little woman has become a woman
The beginning of the movie was already nearing the end, but the taste was not settled yet, with a beige curly hair growing like a weed, and Joe had been running for her writing career in New York. In the publishing house, "usually the manuscript fee we give is 20 to 30 yuan, your one, I will give 20 yuan." Qiao agreed to accept the two pieces of money and then picked up the skirt and hurriedly walked on the street. Knowing that she would come back here to fight arrogantly for another important work; Amy, who has become a celebrity in another compartment of Europe, met Laurie again, and the girl's heart was difficult to calm down. In the first five minutes of sitting in the cinema, I was full of question marks. Unlike the previous version, which started with a cold and warm Christmas, it showed the life scene of loving sisters. The new version of the movie tells you at the beginning: The little woman has Woman; the little boy is also wandering. It seems as if a gust of wind confuses your autumn leaves.

The film also has shortcomings. The four clues of the sisters of the original book have a clear contrast, and the use of brushwork is a group portrait.

However, the film takes the timeline apart and tells it in a modern narrative way. The limitation of the film length is sloppy, and it may be difficult for the audience to understand.

But the valuable thing about "Little Women" is that not only the story is outdated today, but also the positive, optimistic, and good attitude towards life is now very valuable.

Moreover, even looking at the prosperous beauty of the protagonist, the oil painting-like lens, and the clothing with a sense of the age are enough to be pleasing to the eye. Don't say anything, go check it out.

Call Me by Your Name

Summer Prologue
Call Me By Your Name is not a complicated story. It's just a short love between two teenagers in summer. But after the overwhelming theme of love has been repeatedly interpreted, this movie can still move people with such a simple narrative, probably because it is the most original presentation of "love".

In most love stories, there are various resistances, which may come from society, family, time, space, and self ... These resistances are on the one hand a source of dramatic conflict, on the one hand, they also weaken their own love "Discussion of the kernel. However, the film created a nearly closed space from the beginning.

In the summer of 1983, in a small Italian town, complicated mobile communications have not yet invaded people's internal and external spaces. Paper and pens are still common tools for expression and communication, and the time is very slow. Retro double-storey villas, orchards, maids, everything does not need to worry about Elio, he only needs to write music, listen to music, read, eat a bit, and daily chores that may hinder his spiritual life are all insulated from him.

The resistance from the family and the outside world in homosexuality has no trace here. Elio's parents are all open-minded intellectuals. They said to Elio: "Eli baby, you can talk to us about anything, you know." Sensing his and Oliver's feelings, they just inadvertently expressed their support, not to make Elio feel embarrassed or ashamed.

This is a space that can almost be called zero resistance. In addition, it is also beautifully distorted-sunshine, orchard, clear blue sea water, endless apricot juice, young and beautiful flesh, wanton flowing music, philosophical discussions interspersed ... The environment is overflowing The catalyst of love. In a space tailored for them by story creators, it is almost impossible for two beautiful and intelligent young people to meet without a love affair.

Summer has finally passed, winter is coming, how many days and nights, time will always ease all the pain. However, the brief calm that Elio obtained was overwhelmed by Oliver's phone call. The two casually exchanged information on each other on the phone, and when they learned that Oliver was about to get married, Elio seemed very calm. This was expected. After the greeting, they fell into silence, Elio stuck in the chair, muttering tones, and began calling Oliver far away on the other side of the earth with his name again and again. You remember at that time, in your arms, you told me, Call me by your name, and I will call you by mine ... At this moment, the teenager was defeated again. Hanging up the phone, Elio walked casually from this room to another room, the pretentious expression relaxed, the fire crackling, he walked over, squatted down, and tears began to flow down without listening. The camera is here to shoot his crying face all the way, and then the list of cast members appears. This picture is the last shot of the movie and the most sad picture. Forgetting you is the most difficult thing I have ever done, but you just use a phone call easily and let me give up my efforts.

Fa yeung nin wah

Golden years
"The Mood for Love" is called a nostalgic classic. As far as the story told by the film itself is old and ordinary, there is nothing new. It is nothing more than a love story about extramarital affairs. As far as the plot of the film is concerned, it is neither tortuous nor exciting. So why is such a film with a common story and a simple plot as a classic? The key lies in the clever and unique expression technique used by director Wang Jiawei in the film. Through these artistic techniques, this ordinary story is given a deep and novel theme, which makes the film achieve the perfect form and content. Combine. 1. The implicit beauty of the film's theme performance. Art is subtle, and film art also has this art rule. The subtle expression makes the artistic works more rich in content, and makes the theme of the whole work more charming and memorable. "The Mood for Love" has such artistic characteristics. Director Wang Jiawei added a metaphorical and symbolic expression to the film's inner charm. Just like a hazy poem, every word including every punctuation has its symbolic meaning, and it is also like a freehand drawing, with each line implicitly metaphorical. The use of distinctive metaphors and symbolic expressions makes this work both implicit and deep in the expression of thematic ideas. The film not only reflects the misfortunes of Zhou Muyun and Su Lizhen because their lovers are derailed, but also not only reflects the sincere emotions between them, but also reflects the general emotional life and moral concepts of people in that era, that society.

There are no ups and downs from the beginning to the end. It is precisely because of this gentle narrative rhythm that the film has sufficient time to portray details, better express the protagonist's rich and complex psychology, and increase the lyricism of the film. At the same time, leave the audience with imagination and thinking time. The coordination of the action of the characters in the film and the theme music is perfect. In the soothing three-beat rhythm of the theme music, Su Lizhen walked alone while carrying the lunch box to buy food, Zhou Muyun 's facial movement when eating chaos on the stall, the movement of sitting in the office while smoking and writing, etc., whenever the theme music When it sounded, the character's movement and the music "slap-da-da" three beats moved slowly in rhythm, as elegant and co-coordinated as a dancer dancing in the music, intoxicating. Wang Jiawei used slow-motion to perfectly combine the movements of the characters and the theme music of the movie, and the movements and the music were in the same rhythm. Strongly expressing the character's inner world, listening to the theme music and watching Su Lizhen's slow walking in the dim and long corridor, we can't help but feel her inner loneliness and depression. Seeing Zhou Muyun silently leaving the hotel room, we all felt the pain and helplessness in his heart deeply. There is also a slow shot of the two writing novels together in the hotel room, and also presented in a soothing rhythm under the theme music melody, showing the memorable good time spent by the two together. The director shot these movements in slow motion to match the melody of the music. The soothing rhythm is very strong. Increased the lyricism and artistic appeal of the film. In a gentle rhythm, we feel the emotional thoughts that the film wants to express, and the love process of the two from loneliness to falling in love and then leaving. Whether it is right or wrong is already unclear.

"The Mood for Love" has shaped a novel, refined, rich and ambiguous theme from a new perspective. It shows the "that era", the contradiction between morality and emotion, the conflict between the colonial culture and the traditional culture in the 1960s, and the complex and delicate nature of human nature. Zhou Su's love story of wanting to "love" but not "love" makes people feel the complex relationship between human nature, society, and morality, giving people a touch of regret and helplessness. Wang Jiawei did not position the content of the film only in the love of men and women, but added a period of color, national color and human nature to it through a series of unique expressions. This is the success of this film.

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