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Autumn Dreams

Great movie
I have watched it alot and it enjoyed the story and was done well. It captures a special sparkle

Love by Chance

My ultimate fav hallmark
I have watched it alot. Well written. Love the characters


Best show in the time period
I have watched the entire series so many times I know order for word. Great script great acting

Private Practice

This show is so well done
It's very well acted and well written. It may be in the greys anatomy world but its completely its own story and ery amazing characters

Game of Thrones

Good acting bad show
This show is too brutal and very disturbing. AMD I'm not talking about the sex scenes. Those are fine. I don't think the invest and horror factor is anything I would recommend. Only liked the story lines sort of in the 1st half of the 1st season. Only because of Sean Bean and Jason Momoa. Sorry to offend


A lot of people hates the twilight movies but I think they are wonderful. I have read the books multiple times, and rewatch the movies every year

Evan Almighty

Good job on the movie
I don't think this movie was deserving of the bad reviews that it may have received. It was well done, funny and sweet

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

Good story
Don't understand why a third movie wasn't made. Would have liked to see more

The Golden Compass

Great movie
I don't understand why there was not a second or third movie made. The story was well acted and the concept was brilliant

Alita: Battle Angel

Fantastic movie
A must watch. Graphics are phenomenal. The concept is fresh and original, well done from the comic book. So well acted

Mortal Engines

Great movie
Loved the movie concept very well done. Loved the actors and the action. Dont understand why it got bad reviews. Wish there were future plans for a second movie

Jupiter Ascending

Great movie
I don't understand why critics harshly judge this movie. The concept is fresh and original. The acting is amazing. The visual effects are epic

Sherlock Holmes

Wonderful movie
I love the characters and actors in this movie. Such a great rendition of Holmes. And a fresh take on him. I'm so sick of the pretentious people who pick apart every single thing and have a problem with movies based on books or real people. I think this movie is well done

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

Best movie in its category. So much more than you could ever imagine. Gorgeous scenery and beautiful acting

The Choice

Incredibly good
Say what you will, but this movie steals your heart and shows you what real love looks like it's full of joy AMD love and funny and sweet people

The Vow

I love this movie
I don't care what anyone says, in my opinion it's a beautiful movie that shows real love and patience and a truly wonderful experience. I have watched it so many times and its always been wonderful

The Proposal

So much fun and full of heart and laughter. It's a real good thing. I would recommend it

The Holiday

Great movie
I watch this movie every year. Its funny not and lovely. Full of true connections and kindness and a must watch

Eat Pray Love

I love this movie
This movie makes my heart shine. It's such an epic journey of discovery and love of thy self amd the world. And has amazing characters and friends

Under the Tuscan Sun

A must watch
This movie is something I have watched since it was in the theater. It has magic and love and fun and friendship

Nights in Rodanthe

Good movie
This show makes you see people blossom and love in its purest form. Its romantic and beautiful. A must watch

Autumn in New York

This is great. People should give a chance
I watch this movie every year around the beginning of December or the end of November. It's so full of whimsy and love. The character that here plays is o a spiritual journey. And the character by Ryder is so sweet and magical and full of life and compassion for such a young person. This movie for some reason had bad reviews. But I never listened to amy reviews I just see for myself. It's a beautiful story and it makes you see a person come back to himself and become so much more

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