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Believing is not easy
At a certain point in live I realised that everything in this world is made to take away your believes. One day I thought about the bible and that it is build upon old stories and how would such a story look in a modern world. Would it help to easier believe? This is such a story. The story is great and most intelligent build. It is not boring in any way but you have to understand the causalities of modern barbarian deeds, even in the most "democratic" societies, and thus, the way people hide their frustration being weak, behind their brutal actions. It's a pity there are always the wannabe cool ones, the bi-feeling humans that are 0 or 1, and nothing in-between, that have to drag something into the dirt because they can not handle it.

Queen Marie of Romania

A gem for people that grew up being told a fake history
This is not a movie for "cinematography specialists"

It is not easy to put together facts and try to replicate a context that was lied about for so many years. This is all very new to deal with and needed a huge amount of work. From the idea to the screen in a place where many at the top do not care or even do not want to see the true history.

The Big Brain Theory

watching the roadrunner cartoons with very frustrated people
This show is a shame for American engineering.

I can't believe these are the people that will make a better world through better tools for a better life.... the people that will find solutions ... judge what's missing and make the tools.

I have rarely seen a bunch of such frustrated, egocentric corporate-bible-playback behaviour monkeys in my life. This show should be called: fail army engineers.

Mr Penn must be high saying after so many lame ideas and all those huge failures of those very lame ideas, that the last episode will decide who is the next outstanding mind of American engineering.

Oh God, please have mercy of America and all those poor people that will depend on these geniuses.

Toni Erdmann

Are we Humans or are we dancer
I liked this movie a lot. I met "these" people over the last 25 years in Bucharest and in Germany.

In this "new global world", the most of the time everybody is so deep into the details of "knowing how to be" because everybody is already like this, that if you take a step back and watch from a different angle you might wonder if anyone still remembers what it is to be a human. To remember the pleasure of feeling secure and loved by the ones that are guaranteed to be the ones that will do so. And finally if you get the right angle, you have to admit that everyone around you looks ridiculously, trying to find the detail in the detail that would make a difference, even if everybody does everything identically and there is obviously nothing else. The game about being a tough global business-woman/man, up to the most disgusting proofs to be the tougher one, is finally just flat and meaningless.

The whole story is wonderful true. The actors are doing a fantastic job making you feel the frustration and discomfort that should be seen and felt by everyone living in such a world. It is not a slow movie ... it is the shortest version of an never-ending slow life with nothing that would make your heart pound for the true meanings.

This movie brought two points to my mind. Einstein defined madness: - Trying the same thing again and again while expecting a different outcome. - Google was build on the simple idea that everybody is searching for something that everybody is already mentioning... Try to type "Apple" in the Google search field

Designated Survivor

Not for the usual G.I Joe wannabe
All living beings function by pattern recognition. The simpler the being, the simpler the pattern.

So this is definitively not a show, for someone who wants to see, how the punisher unleashes all anger upon all those who have been classified by all sorts of banal anger. And maybe the most disappointing fact is that the expected punisher, which is the most powerful man on earth, does not do as expected. So it's not: Hulk for president.

Instead there are the usual problems to handle without acting radical. Which takes more than some simple pattern like, skin color, religion and gender. And for the tough guy, whom thinking makes sleepy ... it may have not the necessary crash, boom bang...

Above this, it is a great show. It shows the dangers of anarchy. How radicalism makes people jump to radicalism and of course the fact that feeling strong does not mean that you have no vulnerabilities.

We are all clichés. And the ups and downs we go through, are also all clichés. So it's nice to see some thoughts on these, interlaced with the more complicated problems we should think about. Kiefer Sutherland is not stupid. He took this show because he believed in it and he definitively does a great job.

The Young Pope

You have to be crucified eat least once by stupidity to enjoy this show
Many go to church and wait for blessing like they wait for Santa Claus to rain stardust onto them. Many just go because everybody goes and they don't want to miss the show. The most have forgotten that a religion should be guidance and no magic. But finally it comes down to the fact that an institution that runs a religion has become like all other organizations, just a place where people would do anything, any sin, even in the face of God, to force their power upon others by enjoying the lust of the provoked fear. The messages in the stories are incredible right. Finally, cinematography is an art. The science to pass a complex feeling to another person and this show does it in an absolute manner from background story to characters, to each little story that fits the big pictures deliciously. All actors are wonderful and Jude Law has lived in a character maybe more then his personal life will ever let him. I can only say that it's the sum of all geniuses, that has put together such illustration of the truth, that is deep down in each of us since we were born and so many have come to ignore it through life.

The Romanians Are Coming

Another Frustrated NoBody makes a movie to feel "above"
You can make people from any nation look like this.

The Americans are coming. The Europeans are coming. The Russians are coming. The Chinese are coming. So what ? Everybody "is coming the same way" when you search for people at the bottom of any society. How do you people think Nazi propaganda started in Germany ? It's the same with the ethnic Hungarians from Romania. They make these Nazi movies to tare down the country they live in, while at the top of Romanian society. I wonder how live of this "Romanian" director Fechete, looks like... living in Romania at the top of the Romanian Society. So watch this movie and get to know who's coming, through the eyes of a naive and frustrated wannabe something ... who knows what.

The Da Vinci Code

wonderful commercial trick ...
Please go to this movie... You will make your wife or girlfriend happy.

Yes it's all true. The whole story. Finally a man showed Sandra Brown what a real book is. Watch the movie !!! There is Tom Hanks looking like U2 Bono and talking like the usual husband from the kitchen stuff commercials. There is the bad white guy that will scare you with the hidden dark Vatican stuff.

And finally if you liked to play King Quest or any other Sierra Quest when you where 9 years old this is the must Movie of all times.

And the good news is that they will come up with part 2 in 2008. Yes look out for the book. In the next part they will dress Dustin Hoffman in Daredevil and after playing snake on his Nokia he will discover that actually Jesus was just an excuse and that Marry did all the wonders and that Davinci invented the cube ... not Rubik!!!

If you are reading cosmopolitan magazine and unlock all the secrets of a smart life from there this story is "thee" cherry on top... you must love it.

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