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The Bitch

"The Stud" is much better.
Joan Collins continues her pleasure-seeking habits in this awful movie. The film is rather confusing at times and even Joan has no idea what is going on. The DISCO soundtrack and lights get on your nerves after a while. "The Bitch" is also based on the trashy novel by Jackie Collins (Joan's sister). This is a really bad career move Joan...

Superman III

In the third entry of the "Superman" movies the director focuses on the comedy in such a way that you get the impression that you're reading a comic book! Yes, Superman is a comic book character, but we didn't get that feeling in the first two. It is still a lot of fun to watch. The opening sequence at the beginning is a tribute to the slapstick era. But, where is Lex Luthor & Lois? The evil characters are fun to watch, especially Annie Ross! Great special effects.

Double Platinum

A must!
Great songs! Heartwarming movie concerning the relationship of a mother (Ross) and her daughter (Brandy). Good acting by all supporting cast. The spotlight is on Diva Diana Ross who does an excellent job , she acts with great feeling & love. Filled with drama and emotion...Not to be missed because Love is All that Matters.

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