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Knives Out

Thoroughly enjoyed watching this! What a stellar all-star cast! Well done all! 😄👏🏻

The Will

Enjoyed it thoroughly!
Haven't read the book from which Passionflix adapted this story, and I still enjoyed the movie immensely. Chris L McKenna and Megan Dodds were strong leads providing all the feels and the supporting cast did a great job!

Gabriel's Inferno: Part One

Everything I could have hoped for...
Tosca Musk and her incredible Passionflix team brought Sylvain Reynard's much beloved book to life. Truly the best book-to-film adaptation I've ever seen. The casting of Giulio Berruti (Gabriel) and Melanie Zanetti (Julia) was magnificent, as was the entire ensemble. Part 1's release has left me wanting more... I can't wait for the 2nd & 3rd parts!!!

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