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Trump: An American Dream

Always be suspicious if the whole thing is negative
Donald Trump is an extremely flawed man, there is no argument there. However, liberals over played their hand in this hit piece. They want us to believe they couldn't find one person that said nice things about him? Then you have the ultra liberal Barbara Res saying "she" built the tower? Oh really, was it bought and paid for by you? Were you the only worker out there? You were hired to do a job. A job that you wouldn't have if Trump didn't use his funds, his connections, etc. Should Trump acknowledge her and construction companies? Yes. She overplayed her hand and revealed an ugly side of herself while ironically trying to say something ugly about Trump. Reminded me of when Obama said people didn't build their companies. My Dad and mom busted their butts and built a highly successful company that all of us kids worked long hours helping. Don't recall ever seeing Obama at our dinner table after a long day of work. Barbara's bio says Engineer, Attorney, Mediator, Author Construction Manager, Former Trump EVP. She worked for him for years but says he's a monster and she's now using his name in her bio to charge $7,000 and up for speaking fees. I guess she could say Trump built her. Oh the irony.

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