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Far Cry 6

What More Could ya Want?
The game is super solid. Insane graphics, interactive and fairly intelligent NPC's. The plot is very well done and hardly lacks any major factors, similar to its predecessors. Mechanics are amped up a notch, Driving feels entirely new and has weight and physics to it now, Gun play is a fresh breath! Would highly recommend. Beginning is very gritty and eye opening for some, but something that draws you in to fight for what is right! Eye candy views, customizable weapons, and a croc that eats people... what more could ya want?

The Many Saints of Newark

Another Look Into the World of the the Sopranos
This was a great movie and I appreciate that we got another look into the world of the The Sopranos. There were so many pleasant surprises, and the cast was spot-on. Micheal did an excellent job portraying the role that his father made iconic and hopefully us fans will have the opportunity to see him portray the rise of Tony Soprano. I recommend people to watch the series before they see this first. It will make much more sense.


The Story is Unique
The gunplay is satisfying, the mechanics and physics are well-implemented, and the story is told uniquely. If you loved the dishonored series like I did and enjoyed playing any of those then you'll feel right at home here mechanically speaking it's fantastic fun especially on the PS5. I absolutely love the world design, the colors and settings. Whether you fall in love with it or not, it's hard for me to imagine anyone who has been gaming for years would regret taking this trip.


Love Concept of This Movie
This movie shows how our bodies adjust to aging it just happens so quickly in the film you cant take your eyes off the screen for a second. I wasn't expecting to enjoy this film but in fact I loved it, it totally suprised me. I found it emotional and really thought provoking, and I was riveted all the way through.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

You got dark fantasy with a little highschool drama
On one side you got dark fantasy, on the other a little highschool drama; some characters are quite unique while others are pretty generic. The acting and the characters were compelling and fun, so many quirky and curious subplots, very engaging.

Harley Quinn

The cast is great, animation is fantastic and entertaining
One of the greatest animated series ever made. The animation brings back nostalgic memories of my childhood Batman series of which i was obsessed with growing up, but there's more than just a great reminder here. The character of Harley Quinn lends herself perfectly to this adaption and the endless cameo appearances of other mainstream DC characters along with the impeccable voice work and stupendous animation make this the most enjoyable show on television! The cast is great, the animation is fantastic and the writing is funny, action packed and entertaining. Overall, Harley quinn is the best DC animation show ever. I recommend it to everyone, even if you don't really know the DC Universe.

The Suicide Squad

Joyride from start to finish
Similar to the emotional feel of Guardians Of The Galaxy, The Suicide Squad creates a lovable band of a-holes that Gunn gleefully plays with your expectations, and revels in the anarchic narrative he has created and and It's the exact same DC-comics-based concept (a bunch of incarcerated supervillains must undertake a highly deadly black-ops mission). All the cast are great fun to watch on screen with Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn getting the big stand out action sequence. The best fun you'll have in your local cinema emporium this year.

Jungle Cruise

A mix of Tomb Raider , Indiana Jones and The Mummy
It's a movie that if you go into it expecting an adventure movie with a standard generic plot. Absolutely amazing!! Emily and DJ's pairing is perfection!! They're so funny together and when the romance scenes happened it progressed so naturally. Dwayne Johnson never ever dissapointed us in his every movie. That's why he is only one who is highest paid actor.


Nicely connect with the Future MCU Projects of Phase 4
'Loki' is truly a fresh, brilliant, and creative piece of content from Marvel Studios. The Overall story is Super-Intriguing and will nicely connect with the Future MCU Projects of Phase 4. The plot is very good and I was looking forward to what was going to happen almost every time throughout the show. The dialogues were sharp, witty, & has the right amount of comedy and emotion. On par with the uniqueness and mystery of 'WandaVision', along with the visual spectacle of 'Doctor Strange'. This time-travel crime thriller brings a new perspective on Tom Hiddleston's fantastic character of Loki, and the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe with the inclusion of the vast Multiverse.

Gunpowder Milkshake

It's colorful and fun in many ways
It's an action movie about badass women who are just as tough as any male action star. It's colorful and fun in many ways and it doesn't pretend to be something that it's not. Someone might say it gives you Kill Bill vibes with a mix of John Wick lore but who cares? It's Gunpowder Milkshake and it works.


Love the all the actors, what a Amazing Team!
This is seriously one of the best TV shows I've ever watched. Every episode is entertaining, and while the show focuses on one task - solving Jane's tattoos - there are so many plot twists that leave you thinking deeply after each episode. It's one of those shows that you can watch when you're in any kind of mood. This show is a genuinely great show. I am very happy I found this show. Love the all the actors, what a Amazing Team! Thank you for such great entertainment specially during this pandemic.

Sweet Tooth

Very good story, good pacing and very well developed characters
The dynamic between Gus and Big Man and then among Gus, Big Man and Bear is something to behold. Here are three different individuals who are brought together by circumstance and who are becoming inseparable as the story unfolds. Very good story, good pacing, very well developed characters, and world building. I love how every character has their own story, that unknowingly are all connected and Love the unique and rather odd idea and depiction of animal human hybrids. The makeup and effects are done well.

A Quiet Place Part II

Almost as good as the first one
Performances- Emily Blunt is fascinating in this film. She is one of the best aspects of this entire movie. This movie knows how to keep you on the edge of your seat literally and how to make your heart pound non-stop. Nevertheless, it made me satisfied to see these characters get the ending they deserve. Even though they are fictional, the love they have for eachother is very much real to me. Every pain they endured my heart had to endure too. A Quiet Place Part Two is an amazing movie. It's fresh, intense and is a worthy sequel almost as good as the first one. Although the ending seemed a bit rushed up for me, I don't really have that many flaws with this movie. I highly recommend this film to you.

Luke Cage

Luke Cage was very impressive
The first season of Luke Cage was very impressive. You already know a little bit about him from the first season of Jessica Jones and you instantly like him. He has this cool swagger and it is awesome to see.

Sons of Anarchy

The actors were brilliant
The characters, the soundtrack, the cast, the symbolic things that appeared were incredible. I was hooked from the first episode and binged watched it all. I cried loads , I laughed. The actors were brilliant, the bikes awesome and Jax and Tara broke my heart. Gemma well what can I say, she just loved her boys. The ending was actually perfect, given Jax's whole family backstory. If you haven't watched it as yet, then I suggest you do.


I'm sure everyone will relate to in some shape or form
It's beautiful, the colors are vibrant, there's a nice stylization, character designs i never got tired of looking at, etc. Pixar movies are always stunning, though. I would suggest watching this as a family. Everyone can be able pick up on things about the other and hopefully, just, help bring in some new realizations. I'm sure everyone will relate to in some shape or form. The ending was nice and I can't wait to see it again! I think it sets the stage for a part 2. Maybe a 2nd movie would have a deeper message or moral theme and go into detail about the characters past a bit more.

Jupiter's Legacy

The Show Has Some Promise
The show tries to balance the significant power of superheroes, the temptation to abuse it, the difficulty in taking the right path and the issues that come with handing over the responsibility. Some really nice elements to the story and at times you are left wanting to keep watching. On first viewing the show certainly holds great promise. For starters, the acting is really inconsistent between the characters. The same character that plays the lead hero is actually terrible in that role yet he is pretty good when he is playing his 1920s counter part. Again, the show actually has some promise but the story arc needs to become tighter and more focused on its purpose and drive.

Spiral: From the Book of Saw

Keep me Entertained and Captured
Keep me entertained and captured throughout the whole movie. The story is interesting and It felt so good returning to the movies after over a year of the pandemic. Saw fans have seen a lot of crazy games but these were new games with even crazier outs. I have never seen Chris Rock in anything like this and he did an excellent job. If you really enjoy the Saw franchise you will really love this movie.

Jessica Jones

The Star Cast Couldn't be Better
Kristen Ritter was absolutely believable as Jessica and the supporting cast captured our imaginations. I was hooked immediately with a character who is broken and trying her best to move on with her life while trying to forget her dark past. Season 01 was excellent as the mental fight between Kilgrave and Jessica was s greatly represented. Overall Season 1 was absolutely amazing. Season 2 was average. Season 3 was definitely better than Season 2, but not as good as Season 1.


I really enjoyed this movie and the plot
The acting was great. The dynamic between Emma Stone (Estella later Cruella) and Emma Thompson (The Baroness) are amazing. The costuming has to win some awards. It was truly a work of art. I'm positive that cruella from this version and the older one are very different but personally i really enjoyed this movie and the plot. Was an absolute pleasure to see so much depth added not only to Cruella but to her original henchmen as well. The end credits are a nice tip of the cap to the original. Great work, I hope Disney continues this type of original work in the future.

The Punisher

Show has so much potential
The Punisher is an outstanding action series that only gets better with every episode. Jon Bernthal truly gives in his best as The Punisher. Whether he's fighting, crying, smiling or simply grunting: I could feel all of that. They say its long and boring, but I wasn't bored for even a second, everything the show is, is exactly how it should be, I mean its an origin story, it should show how he turned up as this ruthless, brutal vigilante as we all knew. Overall, the TV show has so much potential, as we can see there is more to come, more ass-kicking to see.


This one won't disappoint you
The characters, writing, action, cinematography, lighting, plot, etc are all so amazing. Even if you're not a daredevil fan but still a comic book fan you will still love this show. It had an interesting story, an amazing intro, great acting, excellent writing, phenomenal music, and outstanding choreography. The fight scenes were just epic. Daredevil series is different from the ones that we have seen till now and it will remain to be one of the best series that I have ever seen and also I assure you that this one won't disappoint you.

Army of the Dead

It was an absolute blast to watch.
All the performances and characters were great. Zack Snyder did a great job with taking time to explore these characters and making their backstory interesting. Zack Snyder's cinematography was as always beautiful. Every shot was absolutely magnificent. The guy knows how to do excellent camera work. The story was creative and exhilarating. Every action scene I sat up in my seat. It was an absolute blast to watch. I really enjoyed it and hope you would enjoy it too.

The Mitchells vs the Machines

Feel Fresh and Emotionally Satisfying
The Mitchells vs. The Machines is a delightful adventure that manages to feel fresh and emotionally satisfying, even while adhering to a relatively formulaic but otherwise well executed three act narrative. The Mitchells vs. The Machines marks the latest great achievement by Sony Animation.

Resident Evil Village

It's a perfect summation of everything that works about Resident Evil
This game embodies everything a Resident Evil fan like me wants. A great use of survival horror, jumpscares, conservation of items, creepy characters and awesome boss fights. It's a perfect summation of everything that works about Resident Evil as a series. It tweaks and embraces these elements, all packed into one efficient, engrossing and utterly horrifying set of challenges. Resident Evil Village is definitely a huge contender for 2021 Game of the Year.

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