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Moon Knight

What an Excellent Show
What An Excellent Show, That's all I can say about it. Exceeded my expectations. Has a cool spooky unique vibe different from other marvel stuff. It almost feels like a mystery because of the little secrets he slowly uncovers and finds out about his alter egos life. All in all, I had a great time with the show, and it's one I'd highly recommend.


Introduce a Whole New Character (Peacemaker) To Us
What a brilliant way to start a series and introduce a whole new character (PEACEMAKER) to us. James Gunn really put his all efforts and did an amazing job. This series is worth watching, you wouldn't regret watching this. After seeing Gunn's Suicide Squad I have to admit I was a little puzzled as to why we were getting a peacemaker series and not one based around one of the more well known members of the team like Harley or Bloodsport. One of the other reasons why this is enjoyable is because of the music and John Cena. They go hand in hand and there is never "No time to rock". Verall this is an easy series to watch without thinking to much into it and killing some time until The Boys and Invincible are released. Hopefully HBO Max and Gunn continue this relationship because so far this has been a fun ride collectively!


The Songs are so Funny and Catchy
This movie is so good so beautiful! The songs are so funny and catchy, it breaks so many stereotypes, I love everything! Songs have been stuck in our head since first watch. Colourful, vibrant, heart warming and intelligent exploration of family and what it means to be unique. But at the end, it has a wonderful life message ! "You don't have to have a gift to be part of the family because whoever you are, you are still family" that really teaches people of all ages!

Venom: Let There Be Carnage

Funny and Entertaining Movie
This is a huge improvement over the first film and I had a lot of fun with it! Tom Hardy made sure the film stayed closer to the comics and it really payed off, it was a pleasure to watch. The action is also handled better here! All in all we have got a really funny, entertaining movie that we could very much enjoy watching it, no doubt about it, also there's incredible Tom Hardy too.

Arcane: League of Legends

Animation and Visuals Are Beautiful, From the Cities to the Characters
What I especially enjoyed was how expressive the characters are. Character development is impressive for every single major character. Many of the characters are morally grey in a realistic way. Most shows are lucky to get a few characters that go through good character development arcs- in Arcane we get to see all the main characters develop and it's never forced or unrealistic. Overall, Arcane is a masterclass in world-building and character writing. This puts most other television shows to shame in the intensity and detail of its story, and will be remembered as a staple in the development and adaptation of modern fantasy for years to come. I'm really looking forward to season 2.

Last Night in Soho

The Film Is a Visual and Aural Delight
Anya Taylor-Joy once again is mesmerizing, you just can't keep your eyes off of her, and you just keep wanting more. Thomasin McKenzie does a fantastic job of going through the wide range of emotions that her character must evolve through. Edgar Wright dishes up his usual witty, rapid-fire dialog with a menagerie of everyday characters. At times, the dialogue can be a little too rapid.

Red Notice

Amazing and Pure Entertainment
So this is what Netflix's most expensive film looks like... The characters themselves were great too, The Rock I feel has been playing himself in a lot of movies lately and although this isn't a major change it is a step out in a new direction. Gal Gadot was stunning as always and she brought a lot of humor and banter which I enjoyed immensely. And now for the one and only Ryan Renolds... he was a godsend in this movie, his timing was perfect. The movie was amazing and pure entertainment. The set design is beautiful, including but not limited to the Russian castle, the cars, the costume design. This film is like a strangely entertaining hybrid of Bond, Indiana Jones and Deadpool (thanks, Ryan). If they ever make a sequel, ill be there to enjoy it!

No Time to Die

No Time to Die indeed a great way to end Daniel Craig's tenure as James Bond
The movie wants to do full justice to the emotional thrust of this being Daniel Craig's exit from the series. And it does. It wraps up the plots from previous films while pushing the boundaries of what the character can deliver. Their are also other amazing actors/actresses in this movie for example you have Rami Malek who plays Safin the villain and you also have Léa Seydoux in this movie too who plays Madeleine Swann in the movie and their are also some amazing locations in this movie too and their are references to past Bond movies in this movie too their are quite a few references to the Spectre movie in this movie. Daniel Craig's James Bond maybe gone, but the franchise is going to continue, with future James Bond films to come with new actors and even no signs of slowing down. Overall I would definitely recommend watching this movie because it is amazing.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Marvel's Phase 4 continues to raise the bar!
The first stand-alone film featuring an Asian American superhero, Shang Chi understandably stands out with its close combat sequences. All the actors and especially Simu Liu have undergone extensive martial arts training and it shows, with a sensational sequence on a moving bus in San Francisco and another on a bamboo scaffolding in Macau, the standouts. Another wonderful new addition to the MCU world and hopefully this paves the way for more ethnicities being represented in the universe as time goes on. Highly recommended. A must watch. Overall the movie is great, the soundtrack is spectacular, the fights are amazing and i had fun watching it.

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy

Solid Game Definitely Worth Picking Up
After the Avengers game Square Enix had to pull one out out the bag with this one to save face. Well I personally think this is a corker of a game. Been a fan of both the comics and the moves is was so happy to see all the references to characters an event that have taken place, the history is based more of the comics and dose a good job of giving info of the individual guardians back stories with collectibles to fine during the storie. The designs of the characters of familiar different and don't look quite so jarring as the faces in avengers which in my opinion still need changing.

Dune: Part One

The Setups Came Together Beautifully
Everything just made sense, the setups came together beautifully and the movie did show us more than it told. I have great respect and admiration for everyone who created this movie. This is truly a worthy adaptation for a very complicated and nuanced piece of literature. I was completely blank about what the story is about I did a bit of research but after watching the movie I feel like reading the books too the whole lore is so intriguing, it has so many layers to it. Timothee Chalomet is one of the most talented young actors out there right now and imo the best at the moment he compeletely embodies all the characters he plays as and I loved him in this movie although we got to see only a few intense scenes which seperates the great from the good and he did not let us down. Overall Villeneuve has built a strong base for a trilogy.

Army of Thieves

The Safe Mechanisms are Beautifully Conveyed
The acting was great across the line and kept me engaged. The plot was cliche, but what do you expect, its a recycled idea, but that's what makes it great. I've seen the story told time and time again, yet it still stayed engaging throughout. The cinematography is faultless especially the way the safe mechanisms are beautifully conveyed. I really enjoyed the movie whole time , a bit comical with series of bank heist . The acting and cinematography , background music all spot on.

Far Cry 6

What More Could ya Want?
The game is super solid. Insane graphics, interactive and fairly intelligent NPC's. The plot is very well done and hardly lacks any major factors, similar to its predecessors. Mechanics are amped up a notch, Driving feels entirely new and has weight and physics to it now, Gun play is a fresh breath! Would highly recommend. Beginning is very gritty and eye opening for some, but something that draws you in to fight for what is right! Eye candy views, customizable weapons, and a croc that eats people... what more could ya want?

The Many Saints of Newark

Another Look Into the World of the the Sopranos
This was a great movie and I appreciate that we got another look into the world of the The Sopranos. There were so many pleasant surprises, and the cast was spot-on. Micheal did an excellent job portraying the role that his father made iconic and hopefully us fans will have the opportunity to see him portray the rise of Tony Soprano. I recommend people to watch the series before they see this first. It will make much more sense.


The Story is Unique
The gunplay is satisfying, the mechanics and physics are well-implemented, and the story is told uniquely. If you loved the dishonored series like I did and enjoyed playing any of those then you'll feel right at home here mechanically speaking it's fantastic fun especially on the PS5. I absolutely love the world design, the colors and settings. Whether you fall in love with it or not, it's hard for me to imagine anyone who has been gaming for years would regret taking this trip.


Love Concept of This Movie
This movie shows how our bodies adjust to aging it just happens so quickly in the film you cant take your eyes off the screen for a second. I wasn't expecting to enjoy this film but in fact I loved it, it totally suprised me. I found it emotional and really thought provoking, and I was riveted all the way through.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

You got dark fantasy with a little highschool drama
On one side you got dark fantasy, on the other a little highschool drama; some characters are quite unique while others are pretty generic. The acting and the characters were compelling and fun, so many quirky and curious subplots, very engaging.

Harley Quinn

The cast is great, animation is fantastic and entertaining
One of the greatest animated series ever made. The animation brings back nostalgic memories of my childhood Batman series of which i was obsessed with growing up, but there's more than just a great reminder here. The character of Harley Quinn lends herself perfectly to this adaption and the endless cameo appearances of other mainstream DC characters along with the impeccable voice work and stupendous animation make this the most enjoyable show on television! The cast is great, the animation is fantastic and the writing is funny, action packed and entertaining. Overall, Harley quinn is the best DC animation show ever. I recommend it to everyone, even if you don't really know the DC Universe.

The Suicide Squad

Joyride from start to finish
Similar to the emotional feel of Guardians Of The Galaxy, The Suicide Squad creates a lovable band of a-holes that Gunn gleefully plays with your expectations, and revels in the anarchic narrative he has created and and It's the exact same DC-comics-based concept (a bunch of incarcerated supervillains must undertake a highly deadly black-ops mission). All the cast are great fun to watch on screen with Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn getting the big stand out action sequence. The best fun you'll have in your local cinema emporium this year.

Jungle Cruise

A mix of Tomb Raider , Indiana Jones and The Mummy
It's a movie that if you go into it expecting an adventure movie with a standard generic plot. Absolutely amazing!! Emily and DJ's pairing is perfection!! They're so funny together and when the romance scenes happened it progressed so naturally. Dwayne Johnson never ever dissapointed us in his every movie. That's why he is only one who is highest paid actor.


Nicely connect with the Future MCU Projects of Phase 4
'Loki' is truly a fresh, brilliant, and creative piece of content from Marvel Studios. The Overall story is Super-Intriguing and will nicely connect with the Future MCU Projects of Phase 4. The plot is very good and I was looking forward to what was going to happen almost every time throughout the show. The dialogues were sharp, witty, & has the right amount of comedy and emotion. On par with the uniqueness and mystery of 'WandaVision', along with the visual spectacle of 'Doctor Strange'. This time-travel crime thriller brings a new perspective on Tom Hiddleston's fantastic character of Loki, and the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe with the inclusion of the vast Multiverse.

Gunpowder Milkshake

It's colorful and fun in many ways
It's an action movie about badass women who are just as tough as any male action star. It's colorful and fun in many ways and it doesn't pretend to be something that it's not. Someone might say it gives you Kill Bill vibes with a mix of John Wick lore but who cares? It's Gunpowder Milkshake and it works.


Love the all the actors, what a Amazing Team!
This is seriously one of the best TV shows I've ever watched. Every episode is entertaining, and while the show focuses on one task - solving Jane's tattoos - there are so many plot twists that leave you thinking deeply after each episode. It's one of those shows that you can watch when you're in any kind of mood. This show is a genuinely great show. I am very happy I found this show. Love the all the actors, what a Amazing Team! Thank you for such great entertainment specially during this pandemic.

Sweet Tooth

Very good story, good pacing and very well developed characters
The dynamic between Gus and Big Man and then among Gus, Big Man and Bear is something to behold. Here are three different individuals who are brought together by circumstance and who are becoming inseparable as the story unfolds. Very good story, good pacing, very well developed characters, and world building. I love how every character has their own story, that unknowingly are all connected and Love the unique and rather odd idea and depiction of animal human hybrids. The makeup and effects are done well.

A Quiet Place Part II

Almost as good as the first one
Performances- Emily Blunt is fascinating in this film. She is one of the best aspects of this entire movie. This movie knows how to keep you on the edge of your seat literally and how to make your heart pound non-stop. Nevertheless, it made me satisfied to see these characters get the ending they deserve. Even though they are fictional, the love they have for eachother is very much real to me. Every pain they endured my heart had to endure too. A Quiet Place Part Two is an amazing movie. It's fresh, intense and is a worthy sequel almost as good as the first one. Although the ending seemed a bit rushed up for me, I don't really have that many flaws with this movie. I highly recommend this film to you.

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