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  • In this series, Melis Sezen starred epochally. We can say that her acting carries the whole series. All the other actors are far below her level of acting. The story is well-designed, but somewhere along the way it is partly lost in the nonsense plot that is in the style of bad crime movies. Isn't the story of a young girl with a difficult past struggling in life enough to make a great drama? Still, I liked the final scene because it's different. And we don't really know how the love story between Jasemin and Cem ended. The series is good in principle, although it suffers from the classic childhood diseases of the Turkish series.
  • Great, great, great series!! It's neither too long nor too short! The right measure ... And this is how long the series should last. 16 hours of the series is enough to tell everything and not to make a story with the senseless plot twists that follow one another like on a factory lane. The ending of the series is so beautifully done, the music is too good and reminds me of some French films from the 70's ... Generally, the series is different from the classic Turkish soap operas because we see elements of European cinematography.

    Finally a Turkish series in which everything is finally arranged properly; good triumphs, evil perishes. Although I had some complaints after the first episode, everything has been fixed because the later developments in the series are brilliantly designed... Everyone paid their debt, which in the end is fair. The actors are great, the lead actresses are wonderful... Thank you for this series. 10/10!
  • It's easy to make a good movie with a budget of $ 150 million. This movie is not so bad considering that its budget is $ 500,000. Let me see the critics who will make anything with so little money ...
  • Why is this series great? First of all, I'm tired of mediocre American cinematography, I'm tired of English language and expressions, I'm tired of the same exterior (American cities), I'm tired of American customs. European series, Denmark, European actors, European cities and Danish language are real refreshment! I looked at the first two episodes, the theme of the series is not something particularly original, but it's important that the performance is not American. The lead actress Alba August has played better in the first two episodes than all American actors together. The atmosphere is what makes this series great so far.
  • Quote: "If you can just suspend disbelief enough to accept the idea that after nuclear war people in Kansas will still be using makeup, smiling at each other, and having melodramatic love affairs amid the end of the world you'll love this piece of trite garbage", end of quote.

    In fact I can believe it. As someone who has lived a childhood in a war-torn country, I can say that people do all this during wars. For example, London did not stop living during the bombing in World War II... Despite the war, people continue their lives, being born, dying, falling in love, getting married.

    Humans do not turn into mourned zombies during wars, but go on with their lives. This is exactly what keeps them alive ...

  • I loved this tv show. Solid drama in the background of the nuclear apocalypse. Still, it has a number of illogicalities. For example, not all of Kansas has cold winters; in southern Kansas winters are generally mild and the climate there is very similar to that of California. So it's unclear to me why part of Jericho residents decided to go to Arizona during the winter when southern Kansas is much warmer than north-east or northern Kansas. There was no need to go to Arizona to warm up.

    Another illogicality is the depiction of the nuclear cataclysm in the series. There is no space in America that would not feel the effects of radiation if that country were hit by 20 nuclear bombs as shown in the series. It's almost unrealistic to watch Jericho residents eat food and drink water that would certainly be contaminated with some dose of radiation.

    Still, the series is quite solid... Nevertheless, anyone who wants to watch a real movie about nuclear cataclysm should watch "The Day After", which was shot in 1983. The best movie on this topic ...
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The series could have been made as good psychological drama (like "Leftovers"), but it turned into a merry go round of pointless action scenes with poorly characters like "Walking Dead". "Superman" with the messianic complex Tom Mason is pain in the with his pathetic and always the same boring speeches. The only two characters holding up the entire series are Captain Weaver and, of course, John Pope! Without Pope, the series would be completely bleak and empty. Too bad this character came to the end he experienced. He didn't deserve it. S. Carter (Margaret) is also a great character, her beauty and smile are amazing...