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If you're expecting something from Austen, MOVE ON!
What you will find in one of the first impressions of "Jane Austen's" characters here however, is one of "Austen's" young "Ladies" performing a sexual act outside for all to see. Need I go on?

If you feel the need to make, yet another, movie like that, fine. But why be so aggressively offensive as to attach Jane Austen's name to it? When will these fools realize that romance takes place in the heart and the mind, NOT the pants.

Spotlight on Christmas

Good Acting But Pretty Boring
There is a cute story here but it's buried under a ton of meandering dialogue. I love Tori Anderson's character, and She and Victor Zinck Jr do a great job and have good chemistry together. To me it just seems like the story is underdeveloped without interesting subplots, so I found myself multitasking during the movie, and that's never a good sign. I still think it's worth watching and if you have a fast forward button, even more so.

Cross Country Christmas

Not a great effort here
This is a recycled script that we've seen many times and there is nothing special about it. Rachael Leigh Cook and Greyston Holt do a good job, and there is some cute and funny banter between them, but there is not a lot of chemistry. I wouldn't say it's one to avoid, but it's just not that great

Project Christmas Wish

A Sweet, Feel-Good Christmas Romance
Amanda Schull, Travis Van Winkle, and the daughter, played by the adorable Averie Peters do an excellent job, they have great chemistry together. It's a well written, funny and interesting Christmas romance that's well worth watching

The Stand

Skip this one if you've seen the old one
If you watched and enjoyed the miniseries from 1994, watching this 2020 remake will just make you angry.

A Christmas Carousel

Did Hallmark cut the tiny budget on this movie in half?
This was poorly done. The acting was actually good but Bledsoe's fake accent was AWFUL, good thing it wasn't in 95% of the scenes......Oh wait. The sets were cheap and it showed, and the some of the wardrobe is ridiculous, and I'm not just talking about Bledsoe wearing children's size clothing. The dialogue was confused as if it was written by 2 different people, one of them terrible at it. When these little annoyances are nearly every single scene, it just becomes too much

Picture Perfect Royal Christmas

Is there no original thought left?
The acting in this predictably predictable royal romance is good and the story is interesting, although the pace is a little slow because you know whats coming. The leads do a good job and they have great chemistry, plus there are some pretty funny moments, so enjoy the movie.......again

Love, Lights, Hanukkah!

What a great story
This is a heartwarming tale of a sweet and gentle woman (played by Mia Kirshner) who you fall in love with immediately, finding a loving family she didn't know she had, during an emotionally trying time in her life. The story is very interesting and the casting is great. Your religion is irrelevant here, this is a must see movie.

Christmas on the Menu

Good Acting, Boring Story
Kim Shaw, Cynthia Gibb and Clayton James do a good job with what they were given. The rest of the cast did a good job as well, but do to the writing (or lack of), they just seemed to drift through the story. There are no interesting subplots, and the story is very surfaced and one dimensional, so some characters just seemed to have no reason for being there and it showed. The characters lack of purpose leads to a lot of empty, pretentious dialogue which leaves you searching for the fast forward button.

Modern Persuasion

An insult to Austen
Clearly the idea in "Modern" Persuasion is to replace the cast with vacuous degenerates and expect it to be successful. The contrast only serves as a sad commentary on modern society.

Lonestar Christmas

One awkward scene after another
This movie was painful to watch. The actors have a forced, fake, awkward smiles on their faces in nearly every scene they do, making the whole movie a cringe-fest. Clearly they were "directed" to do this because even the young girls do it. When every person in the room is smiling ear to ear with no clear reason why, it's just creepy.

A California Christmas

If you can make it past the first 1/3, it gets good
The first 1/3 of this movie is terrible so be forewarned. If you can stick it out however, it gets much much better. It may not top any lists but it has heart in the second half. Not much Christmas though

Unlocking Christmas

An Entertaining Christmas Movie
Taylor Cole and Steve Lund do a great job with what they are given, but the writers have really let them down on this one, The leads have good chemistry together but the story is weak, there aren't any interesting subplots, which makes the makes the pace seem slow, and the script doesn't really allow for any romantic connection to grow. You can see the possibility for romance in many scenes, and you're thinking any second now, but due to the writing, it just never happens. Lund's character remains aloof for nearly the entire movie. Luckily Cole and Lund are entertaining and fun to watch, so it's worth watching just to see these two work.

Starting Up Love

The one bright star is Anna Hutchison
It is hard to really appreciate things like cinematography, directing, sound and lighting, until you've seen it done wrong. The quality of this movie's, finished product, will give you that opportunity.

Fortunately, it stars Anna Hutchison, her performance, and an interesting story, is good enough to keep you watching until the end. This movie is a good one to watch, if for no other reason, to give you an appreciation for when the overall production of a movie is done right.

Christmas Ever After

A Funny & Entertaining Christmas Movie
Ali Stroker is wonderful! She's a talented actress and a great singer. This year there is an obvious, and sometimes controversial, agenda of casting in the name of diversity, and they've struck gold here. That is NOT to suggest that the ONLY reason she was cast is tokenism, because she completely makes this movie. She's beautiful, energetic, funny and even with some weaknesses in some of the other cast, she makes this a movie worth watching. Well done!

Christmas in Evergreen: Bells Are Ringing

It appears the subplots plotted to steal the production
I'm not really sure what I just watched. Whatever it was, it was disappointing. It reminded me of that old commercial with the line, Where's The Beef? All the Christmas in Evergreen installments have had a main "love story" and this group of great actors have provided interesting subplots throughout the series, without the main plot we've come to expect, the story is just meandering subplots. Is this how Christmas in Evergreen dies? Not with a bang, but with a subplot whimper?

Let's Meet Again on Christmas Eve

Good Acting, Terrible Script
The actors do a good job with what they were given here, unfortunately for them, the story has more holes than Swiss cheese. I find it hard to invest in a story about reconnecting with a past love while repeatedly asking myself "well then, why didn't they just....." during the entire movie. The story's premise is so far-fetched in an age of constant communication that it takes away from the performances.

Time for Us to Come Home for Christmas

An Interesting Christmas Mystery
This is and interesting and fun little story although it seems like it may have been written in a hurry or unfinished. It's a Christmas buffet of (sometimes eye-rolling) connections and coincidences where the Characters are mysteriously brought together for Christmas at a cozy little Inn. The acting by Chabert and Huszar, along with a strong cast, still manage to make the movie enjoyable to watch

A Little Christmas Charm

A Fun Christmas Mystery
This is an interesting Christmas mystery story. We follow Ashley Greene and Brendan Penny on their journey to track down the owner of a detailed charm bracelet. Greene and Penny have have great chemistry together and they're fun to watch as their relationship grows stronger along the way. There are some interesting subplots and a strong supporting cast making it well worth watching

Christmas She Wrote

This was recycled, awful writing
Let me start by saying the acting here was good, and it should be, because most of these actors have probably done these same scenes over and over. It played like a checklist of predictable, rushed scenes, that all seemed forced, especially with the reappearing ex. Not only was the chemistry bad between the leads it bordered being creepy. Recycling scripts is expected with Hallmark movies, even still they can still be enjoyable, this one was not for me

Christmas Together

Soooo close to being a really good movie
This is a cute and interesting story and really could have been good. Anna Marie Dobbins does a great job here and is entertaining to watch along with the adorable Rylie Coe, as the Daughter, and Vivica Fox, the neighbor. These 3 alone make this at least watchable. The role of the father however was very poorly cast with Marc Herrmann, who seems like a nice enough guy, but certainly no father of an 11yr old, he's not at all believable. Herrmann just seems in over his head in the role, his lines are simply spoken, monotone, without any emotion or feeling. Had a different actor been cast in this role, it would have made the movie much much better.

Too Close for Christmas

Jessica Lowndes Makes This One
Lowndes does a great job here and that's a good thing, because Chad Michael Murray's overacting is pretty hard to stomach in this one. If you can get by his ridiculously over processed hair style (clearly provided by a taxidermist) you'll find his, or his Character's arrogance a little off-putting. Despite this however, the leads have chemistry in this movie, largely due to Lowndes. The story is interesting enough to hold your attention until the end and is worth watching.

Once Upon a Main Street

This "Christmas" movie is 75% bickering. How romantic
This movie is the equivalent of being forced to watch your neighbors, constantly squabbling children on your day off.

The acting is good, but then again, anyone can act like a spoiled 8yr old. By the time the leads inevitably get together, you really couldn't care less.

If I Only Had Christmas

CCB haters are out in force but it's not that bad
This movie is a huge hat tip to the Wizard of OZ and catching the similarities and nods to the film is fun. You can tell the writers and actors had fun with the OZ aspect of the script with clever references but it may have weakened the rest of the plot. It's an interesting story and it holds your interest through the movie but plays sort of one dimensional. The acting is very good and there is chemistry between the leads but the romance part of the story is a little weak. I think it's well worth watching once though it may not be one you'll watch repeatedly.

A Christmas Break

A Fun Christmas Romance Worth Watching!
This isn't a big budget movie, and the pace is a little slow, but the story is interesting, and the acting is very good. Cindy Sampson and Steve Byers do a good job as the leads, they have good chemistry together, and it's fun to watch them as they rekindle their old flame. The supporting cast does a good job and there are several cute subplots that hold your interest throughout the movie. It's overall a good Christmas movie that's well worth watching.

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